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Company computer presentation – business

01.26.15 Company desktops or laptops are expected to be at running a successful organization now since these decisions were most likely made years ago before the employee got to the organization. Games, time utilization, organizer,, term papers, and telecommunications function better with a needed computing device. Finance is organized. Business are launched online websites and … Continue reading

Texas Ski Resort not occurring

03.05.2015 An indoor ski resort response to news in Texas. On February 25, 2015 USA Today reported that in north Texas, the city of Grand Prairie: “A $215 million indoor ski resort is no longer coming here. WFAA – TV reported. The grand Alps Resort and Hard Rock Hotel says it wasn’t able to reach … Continue reading

Federal communications commissions issue equal fair neutral rules response

you hook your internet cord into the wall. you hook your internet cord into the wall. it can touch the internet. It is a connections. It’s FCC – Federal communications commission. It’s doesn’t need to be charged rates. Something they skip buying by getting customer purchase then on a forty five dollar revenue buy a … Continue reading

What do you like about the idea of a 2 in 1 tablet/laptop?

What do you like about the idea of a 2 in 1 tablet/laptop? 2 in 1 laptops. And its real. A laptop and tablet for less than $500.00 for two. In fact at office depot/office max Sunday advertisement of less than $300.00 for an HP Pavilliion X2 laptop with intel processor has up to 11 … Continue reading

Tablet Doesn’t Replace Current Computer Needs

01.10.15 The tablet which won’t replace your laptop. The commercial keeps saying the tablet which replaces your laptop. The Microsoft Surface pro. It isn’t a two in one tablet/laptop. Those can fulfill both needs, but I wouldn’t complete necessarily desktop hardware programmed system user/needs. They are different. So I need a laptop and a strong … Continue reading

360 camera rotational

11.18.14 november 2014 Page 14 response A spherical 360 degree camera filming all surround visibility and sounds and not rowing a boat. Rowing a bicycle boat. Row by biycycling across the waters. Both devices are costly. Bublecam.com for $579.00 and schillerbikes.com for nearly 39 times the cost of many new bikes, at $6495. Two neat … Continue reading

Mercedes Benz – the Best

11.18.2014 The touch-pad sounds phenomenal like I’d ask does it type out my handwriting to read it. That’s a good technology. Or does it speak my handwriting for me to type? Sounds like suspensions of floating fun in the airmatic portions when an interactive screen to control climate while deciding your driving stress spectrum adjustments … Continue reading

energy Technology part 2

energy Technology part 2 Sometimes they can include a lot of energy efficient social environmental carbon dioxide energy capables but basic ones don’t always include all the aspects of people’s decisions and preferences and classified for different buyers and energy efficient purchase concerns. And one might need downloading for cell phones or application in social … Continue reading

energy technology

By : rosette antoinette -zacxieey – j -Winter 2014   Carbon dioxide energy potential like vehicles running on a solar power or carbon dioxide trapped in a greenhouse in the form of light, not heat. It doesn’t have to be some energy. One could utilize technology to obtain energy through machine mechanistic updates and radiate, … Continue reading

How about Environmental Sociology part 2

winter 2014 The study of environmental sociology. The technology of sound going into the atmosphere environment of entertainment meant for the crowds loudness. The acoustics, sounds. the decision of technology sounds doing an atmospheric decision to sociological behavior alone and mixed going on in this example of technology to wrestling over and over. The sounds … Continue reading

How about Environmental Sociology

How abut the Environmental Sociology of a sport. I cannot stand wrestling. I don’t like the W. I first think of the environment nature outside. So, wrestling sociology  has the environment to fight. Spectations of people watching in a crowd or broadcast. What did some of my chapters focus on? Nature – that’s environment [money … Continue reading

But these are notes. This is topic.

what’s on your mind – it is cold somewhat – in texas this december – the wind is out and things are going. with a different engagement information technology – of customer intelligence – business engagement information technology of customer interchange inter – relationed – transaction involvement in the business intelligence has gone to survey … Continue reading

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