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Honda Accord, 2 of 2 – Response, NY times magazine

Response, New York Times Magazine 2 of 2 The Accord, “Like” They’ve been doing this on facebook. Honda Accord. Do you like the advertisement. One can ad sometimes it looks away they replace a pretty people think in thousands of dollars and costs when it comes to the vehichles. and sense as an assault came … Continue reading

Responded, NY times … to Honda Accord, 1 of 2

  Response, New York Times Magazine 1 of 2 Sunday issue of 6.16.13 of the New York Times Magazine has a Honda advertisement on the back of “THE ALL NEW ACCORD HAS EARNED A LOT OF RECOGNITION” Then it lists a bunch of awards in 1. KBB.com 2013 2. Car and Driver 2013 top 10 … Continue reading

Fires continue to burn after Venezuala refinery explosion!

An Explosion of a Bakery killed 39 and blasts cooked the bread, some of which, “still sits on cooling racks” “Walls and ceilings collapsed” reactions with a gas leak…something to be said of…tragic, indeed, but still…. Awkard, or weird, a bakery explosion with a fire still burining? It just seems not like where one might … Continue reading

National New York Times Reports: Alabama: Court Gives Mixed Rulings on Checks of Immigration Status

Reports – “Part of Alabama’s immigration law that ordered public schools to check the citizenship status of new students was ruled unconstitutional on Monday by a federal appeals court that also said the police in that state and Georgia can demand papers from criminal suspects they have detained. ” Comment response to this first part … Continue reading

Foolish ingrates at the school administration

  The only wrong doing criminal act here comes from the school, and definitely not the exemplary student they all would just be claiming they want to frown down at. They need self-esteem classes or something. One earns a diploma, handing what they earned, the  symbol or item of a typical 13 year accomplishment from … Continue reading

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