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energy technology

By : rosette antoinette -zacxieey – j -Winter 2014


Carbon dioxide energy potential like vehicles running on a solar power or carbon dioxide trapped in a greenhouse in the form of light, not heat. It doesn’t have to be some energy. One could utilize technology to obtain energy through machine mechanistic updates and radiate, convert emit, etc.

Energy out or through controlled safety or other already in place methods too optimize efficiency complaints such as extreme colds or heats.

In television programming, the social program of entertainment to viewers to participate in – with enjoyment for purposes of designed for financial monies. Program other educational deeper meaning programs: churches PBS, sesame street, Barney are available. Besides profitable organizations like wrestlings still at times might to expirational mission statements or updated current months. 

Entertainment technology programming in television or cell phone applications, popular marketing with environmental energy programs of enrgy efficiency deices created not to consume or harm the environment commonly found infridge and washers and dryers. Also, solar powered maximal optimization efficiencies with software programs already uploaded to the cell phone or television.

By: rosette antoinette zacie – j




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