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Would you like a pillow

Would you like a pillow. I’d sleep without a blanket if I had to That’s none of their business _I’ll write that down too. Look at the mess She’s vacuming – Ford vehicles… Miley giong crafty god today – God speaks seek I’t didn’t look like this. Was it orange blue pink gray? Silver… It … Continue reading

See, have you ever, well – see

See you choose less see See you call beauty ugly at the pretty see See asking and demanding lovely see See, attacking the fighting, still saying thinking losing in the spectrum I’d said so see See green blue red black on my ink pen write it down – got em all, see. See, taking from … Continue reading

Response to Joel Osteen Feb 16 television

He said, ” go through difficulties” “Come out in abundance” “Increased” Victoria was there and even she was in the sermon sounds like the assault…. My Rosette original response by –by Rosette Antoinette He’s talking about let God bring you out in abundance. He gave an example where he used an attorney to build his … Continue reading

happy valentines day

Dear God: God, happy valentines day remember in 2011 when God and I saw balloons walking – it was hot – I had a new used car at the time, i think anyway I just saw a bracelet that one buys by purchasing other stuff totaling over one hundred dollars to express behaving. 48 words] … Continue reading

Let me clean some of this up here

She’s evil messy evil bucket container from water leaking under the cabinet bathroom counter let me me some of this stuff cleaned up here God said, write that down. He’s real. Fake God is fake real god clean evil. She’s cleany. Real God is here dirty messy – cleaned up here. God goes does let … Continue reading

Invitation only: God Assignment

Would be a splendor but great to is scripture and the holy word Bible… Would be a splendor cast idols Sam and Dean winchester – not a smite – not a shun but ceremonial vanquishings per se – a splendor to take on the cause of assignment 1. Sam does em… He is a law student. Go Dean. … Continue reading

worse than apology sorry before fake apologetic gratitude

Look just like you want me to. I’m perfect. being perfect. Human beings pushing(attacking) pedophiles toward me. could call theirselfs one when they do…  [commit pedophile] Assaulting me putting your human strength on those at me saying worse than apology sorry saying I don’t do that doing pedophile commission – You don’t get in trouble – (afraid … Continue reading

do you have your Christian knowledge be

God – does Says God goes God God awareness of your ongoings and who one ongoing attaining Does god believe in God? And how can I talk to God? No, I came across it. Sure, I can find the other answer. I believe in the bible and with God it could be both. God doesn’t AND God … Continue reading

God gets excited about

Excited he is – excited he be Excited god, excited you will see God gets excited about you and the decisions you make when to him he likes it either way but prefers his preference and celebrates not like misbehavings but like the child that grows up or the athlete practiced to acquire new skill. … Continue reading

Reblog: Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills

Originally posted on The Advocate Online:
By Megan Fitzsimons – Columns Editor E!’s newest reality show, “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills,” documents the lives of Dorothy Wang and Morgan Stewart, who can’t go a minute without updating their Instagram feeds and get their daily cardio from power shopping. This show is about a few overly…

Reblog: Short response to Khloe Kardashian…

wow! congratulations on your really good wordpress blog HOLLY WOOD LIFE… i  WAS LIKE – WHY AM I ON wordpress?!…wow this is a word press blog/ This is really good. Rap song rumors heard? what? I just came across this on tmz – I was reacting to something… just real quick.  Short reblog. rumors about … Continue reading

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