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Response to current Events…new healthier choice option

I’ve seen it! People can continue to monitor their healthier or other dietary habitual with the open availability of the caloric numeric amounts. People won’t gain weight choosing their choices with the incorporation into their diet plan. Other typically considered healthier serving outlets, some more costly began years ago as well as when immediately opened, … Continue reading

Response to USA Today’s Report on EPA Clean up

“1.26 million” is currently being spent “to replace” mineral enriched “soil” of lead. A different light for me to look at in however with the Environmental Protection Agencies rules and regulation inspections and so forth, the EPA does not look at Lead as the mineral as it is when it deals with factory pollution and … Continue reading

Response: Glamour Magazine, title page….

So, Emma Watson currently has this piece out with Glamour Magazine. Front Page, big deal for Watson maybe. There is this thing about an interview and her recent role and her past role as an actress with the Harry Potter films as Herminoe Granger. She had a hair style which was of one of the … Continue reading

Reblog: ….Near in Far

Cheri Lucas two days ago released a weekly photo challenge of near and far and I especially liked the Gray choice for this piece. In particularly, the bright lighting, looks as though it hits the water or in this case SAND. The placement of the sand of the water rescendings appears a scenic left of … Continue reading

Reblog~ Political Correctness

Originally posted on American Age:
Freedom of speech demands Political Correctness..? Mayor Peter Swiderski addressed a letter to the entire village of Hastings on Hudson, New York, making clear his conviction that facts which offend the sensibilities of the left must be condemned as “deplorable, hateful and morally repugnant” as they do not “reflect the…

Labor Day! tomorrow~ Monday*

So, Labor Day is typically celebrated tomorrow when many laborers are given it a company holiday, off. They are not required to work or of the sort or come in – So, tis the season with The Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year around the corner. Labor Day, rest or not. relax maybe… something I’d enjoy doing.  … Continue reading

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