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NOWVISKI – however you spell the maverick player

01.14.2015 Oh my gosh. Look at him. He said his name is Larry. I met him at the hospital. This patient thing it goes – Wait a minute. Medicine – make medication work please. Walk about and he introduces him to me. – Larry. Oh my gosh. Look at him. He said his name is … Continue reading

Education/Values final part

Education/Values final part There are values. There are beliefs. There are convictions. Declaring a relationship between values and beliefs doesn’t mean that it is there. And hen it is, it doesn’t mean as fact that the relationship is one thing. Is value more important than convictions of such values in critical thinking. How dare I … Continue reading

Education/Values part 3

Education/Values part 3 Where do values originate? Oh come on. Values. Feelings. Values originate from intentional inflictions of emotional distress? No. All right. I’m looking for one origination, finding it in its in the betterment? Maybe. Value. Good thing. Sorry. The origination of values. I’m going to look for it. In the trash. Nope. Unless … Continue reading

Education/Values part 2

Education/Values part 2 Education acquisitions’ of quantities change update or alter a persons values, to specifics or broadens of enlightenments to that of awareness and realizations through education. No, a person is not a stupid idiot to me. So, they have no real character and want to be understood in person or of good person … Continue reading


Education/Values It is still a good write.Its not how you formulate it. Value need – education doesn’t hide behind bad or good person in the name of value and attack the question. What are you studying? Value? Or Value origination? Your behind? No. You called yourself better looking for something hoping it could be found … Continue reading

Promoting women in current Day? Money or Rests 11.21.14

Women might want there paychecks sent to the new introduction of the Federal Express Ship and get system service locker, open for use 24/7  (how often) women would like their paycheck. Not hired for in their thinking as high as roles, they go pursue seek for. [they may seek interest in higher positions. Women deserving … Continue reading

energy technology

By : rosette antoinette -zacxieey – j -Winter 2014   Carbon dioxide energy potential like vehicles running on a solar power or carbon dioxide trapped in a greenhouse in the form of light, not heat. It doesn’t have to be some energy. One could utilize technology to obtain energy through machine mechanistic updates and radiate, … Continue reading

I think I feel

no, these words are not used interchangeably. I am studying and came across a leisure reading – non – requisite and I disagreed with the comment – I think isn’t interchangeable – people know what they mean when asked a question. Stated as fact. No they don’t. Oh. well they say they don’t. The understanding … Continue reading

PGA Golf response to ESPN and academic talk

PGA president of the Golf association makes a comment. What is it? Let”s change the comment again in social media. A tweet – have ya’ll gotten on twitter. You like it at me like its face book. These platforms show potential. Put sports media and tweet games twitter sports, the professional golf association is golfing … Continue reading

red light running

assault – you made the light, something went on and now they want to hit you with a fine ticket, might or might not run up insurance. Might not… but potential accident and it was green for a short time and yellow really long and you actually really would have made that light. It doesn’t … Continue reading

ya’ll read 2000 word blogs? political

Over 2000 words on them topic of speech…on word press, a good article not what is expected from the title but 2000 words and ongoing. It is freshly pressed and about another topic. Looks like written in one of my developing writing styles recently. Hopefully, not an assignment. By the way, those styles are not … Continue reading

Solar Vehicles

7.22.13 Plano Solar Advocates group (there is one) At Texas motor  speedway their dynamics tested and qualifying a vehicle in the process by driving around obstacles. In the 2013 Solar Car challenge they will drive 844 miles from dallas thru el paso through Phoenix to Las Angeles, California. Solar Car race starts out in Texas … Continue reading

Radio Shak, CiCi’s – Michaels Craft Store…

  700 million bond at Michaels craft store   RadioShak Layoff a dozen in the Dallas area   CiCi’s pizza – new CEO tomorrow– Aug 12th –700 million, layoffs, A new CEO -Layoffs not liking when you might already be at a lower compensation than accurate to duties and roles to the organization. Radio Shak … Continue reading

triangular pastry

Blog: Arby’s apple turnover’s are okay. They make a good bread. More enjoyable, the plain than the apple or sweetened interior of the triangular pastry. Decadent, delectable… – No, even better for $1.29 just wonderful. They recently began selling coffee maybe with their lower priced value meal. Iced water and an apple turnover sounds nice. … Continue reading

stay off the grass…

It was on ET! Literally infotainment. A main character from Glee leaves in a way not like actors leave a show. He passed away. Resting in a sleep, they’ve said. Never murdering. Murderings never allowed. One of the main male leads passed away and moved on towards a sleep. They said his real life girlfriend … Continue reading

People might think of this as a violation

“States keeping an eye on drones” “thousands of civilian drones are expected in Us skies within oa few years ad concerns they could be used to spy on Americans are fueling legislative regulation efforts” People might think of this as a violation , others disregard it. What it’d be against us? Concerns they are for … Continue reading

Michelle – 1st lady in her outfit…

Michele’s look in Vogue fall fashion issue. They want them to do these magazine news things for publishing’s, and broadcast airings. The comment is in Vogue magazine’s Fall Issue. “While we Americans elected her husband to run our country, we did not elect her to tell us what to eat or how much to exercise.” … Continue reading


Dreams – ways to accomplish these dreams… Not really a dream but after 135 to 199 blog postings or so, I seeked at one point a 30 day continuing feed for about 90 days at least in Emergency Disaster and Management. So a goal there would be for me to get that going again – … Continue reading

quick press: Pricings – Politics – Cars/ vehicles

A fiat today in the parking lot. Small – not a smart car but reminded me of the Chrysler. Anyway? Trouble – ?! A Fiat? Smart Car? Chrysler Is bigger. Like I might, as a lady, like I might have said. – It is regardless! Mercedes and Honda designing a – well anyway The fiat … Continue reading

Police- USA- Military (My boring blab at 6:05…)

beginning  short and/or or or/and longer blab about to my fellow natural cuts. Born and raised united America states of American citizens. They are not protectors whatsoever when they agree to the systematic requirement of your protection. As I rosette, have said, in what I wrote previously of which God stole from me. You don’t … Continue reading

they burned puppies

one of the killers said, it was “like cremation” – I was skipping around reading articles in a section of the paper of the dallas morning news and I came across their referenc of a broadcast airing about it. They are in jail for 2 to 8 week puppies. Burining them. there burning them and … Continue reading

It’s a lifestyle blog…purchase . – publishing . – practice . – snippits 3 of 3

  How many words is this. I need little snippits on the side Where’s my blog section…?   All of Rosetteismyname blogs written and typed by: Rosette Z. – [j.] BIT – ABOUT TO WRITE AN ORIGINAL NEWS STORY – ANOTHER? IS IT NEWS? … – (all rosetteismyname blogs original writing by Rosette_)   News … Continue reading

It’s a lifestyle blog…purchase . – publishing . – practice . – snippits 2 of 3

I am not sure I am publishing this one. It’s not my intent. Enough practice. Written by: Rosette Zacisice   My boring blog….!!! Letters to the editor. Once they have the ones they selected for the paper publishing, toss the rest? New ones come in? Oh do you get what happened at word press. They … Continue reading

It’s a lifestyle blog…purchase . – publishing . – practice . – snippits 1 of 3

It says a lifestyle blog… I want to write – decade about an original news story. Another one. I’ll write about another news story real quick. 300 hundred million per year. 3 billion in sales and Dart cannot afford to charge less in ticket sales with their company runnings. They post potential wage/salary earnings in … Continue reading

this sucks…get it?!

this sucks, the first fresh press page report that is work reading an inkling of and I read, ” ‘are you sure u want to [finishing]  [the] previous typed word and embark on another”? Something, specific, I’d state in my sarcastic nature… Continued, something to state specifically or pre- notation…to me stating something… Anyway. It’s … Continue reading

SMU library… stuff…

I’d seen this on the smu.edu website. Local to the Dallas Ft worth area in texas where a recent 9+ tornadoes hit in less than a week ago. North Texas Southern Methodist University has a spectacular campus. In visiting some campuses to a lot and I haven’t seen very many in my opinion, just, it … Continue reading

The section (category) – I write about…

It looked nice tonight, I had an original story. No, not a piece other papers or broadcast really pick up. Something I caught like I met someone not the most interesting attending an overpriced post high school program at the local sky rocket tuition rate inflated from around 325 to times 5 or times 9 … Continue reading

Emergency Management: Disaster Concepted—

By: – Rosette Median mode range mean… Basic terms, (discipline- mathematics_) (Another discipline_) – I came across this University of Texas student enrolled in Urban Economics.  Monday Massachusetts bombing In a hospital –  Blast in a Texas Plant in 2013, yesterday And between these storms of disaster, the nature of earth and the … Continue reading

Housing Credits 2 of 2

Magazine, Modern Luxury Interiors Texas, Winter 2013 – Modern Dallas Classic – the magazine covers under the title page – Interiors. Positive impacts aren’t meant for negative things, however tax credits for penthouses which valued reported at about $3467 monthly and said to offer at a 50% discount of monthly rent in part due to … Continue reading

Housing Credits – Politics 1 of 2

Today the Dallas Morning News reports potential credits to go to housing in the downtown Dallas area (most likely to the DFW locals – in 2013 – ) the reasons for include getting rid of negative impacts & effecting the area more positively. While in Dallas, one could already rent a 4 bedroom  house for … Continue reading

Quick Press! Azera – maserati –

Quick Press! Azera – a hyndai – just looked like a cool name yet plain but boring vehicle – I am not in class – This i a hobby since I am a writer – a reporter – a sent out you readers some boring thing topic about nothing – Quick Press! a Subaru – … Continue reading

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