Emergency Management

I would love to impact and not be insignificant. Impacting the practice field of emergency management to such aspriationals. And even rich stardom of the science, of the science. But it is only research – thy might not act on even and especially when all the bad is dissolved to all destruction eliminated. All insurance paid out in full. From business, no insurance, overpaid. While paid in full. No industry or insurance layoffs, business operations still profit at lower available costs (as usual)- ideally. As though my research could do something like no disaster reaction, but just things… If so, would they put my research in place? My own research of significant capability of research. I am capable of of many wonderful informational.  Well, an impact, a new way of doing things and causing higher expectations. I doubt this from research alone, but convincing one to do the actions I’d want to impact emergency management in the way of after of the emergency. Local infrastructures of housing and businesses. They think the word is action or when something is done or what I say. But their doing, I can write but until I place my research into success for the closer to goals of beneficial impact. Benefitting. But when I do a project speech event is closer to the beginning of potential impact.

By: Rosette Antoinette J – zacie



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