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red light running

assault – you made the light, something went on and now they want to hit you with a fine ticket, might or might not run up insurance. Might not… but potential accident and it was green for a short time and yellow really long and you actually really would have made that light. It doesn’t … Continue reading

internship low pay response

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unpaid internships are rape and they are not popular across industry. but low and unacceptable¬†compensation is usually what is paid to a short term internship, 3 months to a year. (24 hours a day)¬†There is ridiculous things. In entertainment, entertaining pursurers have been exploited to an internship of some…

weird october quantity writings

first post of the month towards the end. So it’s the end of october and i haven’t got out my articles I;ve intended to. Someone liked an article of mine talking about how they preach to write well to be fresh pressed and the percentage of great writing I come across from those pressed there….yeah … Continue reading

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