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How do you decide which six sigma process to use

04.06.2015 How do you decide what six sigma process to use? Look at the situation and analyze the situation and analyze the situation. Before you bring in measurements, did the analysis (business operations) [of the situation] decide this as part of the actional planned process or another control. I need to study control more. You … Continue reading

six sigma – commentary notation

04.06.2015 Has the new six sigma met or exceeded its goal? As a supply chain specialist was the goal six sigma? Or was it profit and lets use six sigma? But the business skip is they decided they what stuff is about and concluded their expertise they needed whether it is a match or not … Continue reading

Concept of Six Sigma from a certified white belt 2015 – – – 04.06.2015

Concept of Six Sigma from a certified white belt 2015 – – – 04.06.2015 The six sigma of an 80 calorie plain sundae [no cone] or it is more calories, 170. In lean six sigma I eliminate waste by not ordering the cone, but cup and remove wasteful categories. In efficiencies and quality, I don’t … Continue reading

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