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energy Technology part 2

energy Technology part 2 Sometimes they can include a lot of energy efficient social environmental carbon dioxide energy capables but basic ones don’t always include all the aspects of people’s decisions and preferences and classified for different buyers and energy efficient purchase concerns. And one might need downloading for cell phones or application in social … Continue reading

energy technology

By : rosette antoinette -zacxieey – j -Winter 2014   Carbon dioxide energy potential like vehicles running on a solar power or carbon dioxide trapped in a greenhouse in the form of light, not heat. It doesn’t have to be some energy. One could utilize technology to obtain energy through machine mechanistic updates and radiate, … Continue reading

How about Environmental Sociology part 2

winter 2014 The study of environmental sociology. The technology of sound going into the atmosphere environment of entertainment meant for the crowds loudness. The acoustics, sounds. the decision of technology sounds doing an atmospheric decision to sociological behavior alone and mixed going on in this example of technology to wrestling over and over. The sounds … Continue reading

How about Environmental Sociology

How abut the Environmental Sociology of a sport. I cannot stand wrestling. I don’t like the W. I first think of the environment nature outside. So, wrestling sociology ┬áhas the environment to fight. Spectations of people watching in a crowd or broadcast. What did some of my chapters focus on? Nature – that’s environment [money … Continue reading

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