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How about Environmental Sociology

How abut the Environmental Sociology of a sport. I cannot stand wrestling. I don’t like the W. I first think of the environment nature outside. So, wrestling sociology  has the environment to fight. Spectations of people watching in a crowd or broadcast. What did some of my chapters focus on? Nature – that’s environment [money – that’s sociology]

But how about technology environment. There is a wrestling social study technology decisions. They have to deal in camera, lights , programming broadcast – medicine safety technology and set up mechanisms for these things. Social technology of entertainment and people ratings and decisions made in the designing technology of costumes from graphic design logo – trademark staging plan decisions and social interaction technology musics and so on. Its a good example why I can continue to write on, so.

The environment is the topic I focus on and technology of the sociological environment, a sport is an example, in this case, wrestling. So, the sociology environment topic effected to technology and for understanding purposes, a sport-(wrestling).

I do not understand this sport fully and it isn’t my favorite, it is just what occurred when I wrote this. One of more understanding is a good idea for future reference. Light usage in an outdoor football stadium focuses additional responsibilities during night or day games for the night lights. But that is the popular NFL, like I’d want to play football. No I don’t. The inventions of props in a sport of tennis or ping/pong (table tennis) has a formed tool to use to hit a ball. The social reaction to involvement of these activities besides just watching them, (basketball appears a popular activity excercise at my local recreation centers, so does racket ball). Back to the environment of these games, they are quiet like golf games, but golf clubs can be heavy. The sports entertainment of tennis on television and the microphones on crowds clapping for a good point or winner, the glamour conducted behind the trophy design could utilize computer technology for social group reaction of the athlete or viewer or combination of how it will be seen in social group the broadcast environment of viewers.

Pre-maturely that is another topic and I might come back to later. Also, prematurely werestlis is a part of the study(ies ) of interior design. The architectural exterior and interior design of the stadium for viewer of peformers before I ever mention their staging. Let-s talk about where their entrance is. From my angles, their entrance and artistic screen designs, locations of their comment table, the designs of their back drop, the ring stage, the scripts matching the interior designs and the designs matching the scripts, the colors matchning or mis matching the ropes on the stage, the color of the ropes – when they update any of these colors, so the colors and shades of the designs. Lighting design. (program stage light peformance. ) Wrestling is a part of many disciplines.

The social environment of interior design aspects as it relates to our culture may be highly responsive dependent upon design decisions, options choices, suits, military costumes, dress costumes, bikini, hat options, colors, prints, and so on. Reactions to events in pop culture after 9.11.2001, the American flag costumes of peformers in television entertainment in other areas were seen on entertainers. Technology helped fulfill these red white and blue product orders. But that is social environment; technology allows for quicker response times of orders and/or adjustments in interior design decisions.

By: rosette Antoinette Zacier



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