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quick press: Pricings – Politics – Cars/ vehicles

A fiat today in the parking lot. Small – not a smart car but reminded me of the Chrysler. Anyway? Trouble – ?! A Fiat? Smart Car? Chrysler Is bigger. Like I might, as a lady, like I might have said. – It is regardless! Mercedes and Honda designing a – well anyway The fiat … Continue reading

Starbucks~~ Where’s my tiny type.?

starbucks survey Ah come on! Where’s my tiny type! You know how it is. Star bucks has a pop up survey! I won! My price is $0.00 So! Where’s  my tiny type after my survey? Luminent skin Luminentskin.com This is a woman’s product and they women for it.       Reduction in fine lines       Reduction … Continue reading

Where did the Water go? NY Times Reports, Drought in Midwest

Where did the water go? 100 people complaining about Well failure in area dependent on wells doesn’t exactly scream drought, or does it? with water levels  reported  dropping, and complaints of something sounding disgusting, that is ‘MILKY WATER’ as in “more complaints of water [going] milky, to spotty, to nothing” – yuck – milky water? … Continue reading

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