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Sit. Stand. Think.

01.13.2015 Sitting on the ground. Sitting on a bench , sitting in a chair – sitting in the air. Where will you sit today? Standing over here standing over there, standing next to where. Standing in the air. Where shall one stand here? Think. What do you think of what you think? Do you sit … Continue reading

What is truth? Part 4 01/.04.15

What is truth? Part 4 01/.04.15 But content is used. My napkin is white or brown usually is a truth but relative or subjective to what a napkin is. And questioning truth of simple usage is ridiculous and declaration of beige or off white or light brown is also in ridicule of relative beliefs or … Continue reading

What is truth part 3 – 01.4.15

What is truth part 3 – 01.4.15 And then the truth as function does the sentence. Truth as more commonly not explained when they askd what they don’t know at times. More simple sentences than availbale content of a more academic thing. But if it is believed what I say is true then it is … Continue reading

What is truth? part 2 01.04.2015

  What is truth? part 2 01.04.2015 What is truth? Truth is the car alarm system going off. It’s noisy isn’t it. No one likes the noisy car alarms. They want the quiet ones but they don’t deter the thief as much. Responses could develop articles/books. What is fashionable to believe the truth is relative … Continue reading

What is truth?

01.04.2015 I called this book true. Seeking truth. Is it true? I read a book and this is called a book. Then the book is called a true book. Then it is called truth. Seeking true. Rejected, in ability to find or know goodness. Goodness is truth. Truth is goodness. Argue later. Summationed. No, before … Continue reading

writing my own directions

How did you find your own way> By: Rosette Antoinette zacie-j I found my way writing my own directions. Write my own initiatives – They remove and attack my instructions- Can provide just don’t take wrong – mistaken for directions – instruct proper lessons – This isn’t all the time, but attacking success (lobster crabs) … Continue reading

Dashboard – what’s on my mind…

What’s on my mind? education, personal finance, plans, torture weather of too cold in Texas – winds called and referred to ice. What’s on my mind? Quick Draft! no – what’s on my mind? I care. – so I go on and speak in speaking – but this is supposed to be a quick draft … Continue reading

solution Reasoning – reasonings

reasoning. solution reasoning is an idea if there is an issue to solve. Solutions and reasons = reasoning a solution- reasoning a thing or solution. They are discussing sports on ESPN and reason in their discussions of players when an NBA Television analyst speaks about the Cavaliers vs the Jazz and references their history playing … Continue reading

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