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controversy of developer sale

11.20.14 Developer doesn’t want theft/sale of property to a school district in north texas area. Healthy learning social programs like the high school diploma program won’t be. No highland park school district needs to spend more as they receive government funding. They didn’t match the number amount of what the developer paid. For what the … Continue reading

Local north texas museum in plano honors volunteers

11.20.14/11.23.14 The plano conservancy for historic preservation might not pay their volunteers but they have a small choice to be awarded out of all the volunteers. This year two did work on the children’s programming of the museum. the non profit also awarded a historic preservation award. Unsure if they are volunteers. The volunteers might … Continue reading

Pre-paid cards… finance business cash –

11.19.2014 Credit card offers. Why are they calling debt and blue bird credit cards? not bought on acquiring debt. Credit card offers always could be better financing – according to reports and trying to jip me Pre – approved offers and bonus offers to pay people cash if they spend enough initially. According to other … Continue reading

Lower prices in longer run

response to lower fuel prices unlikely to cut fares – untrue – money back in their pockets can assist the economics of saves and spends when I view from over or near $4.00 a gallon, now going closer to $1.50 a gallon. Wow….By:rosette antoinette 11.19.14 The airlines are seeking profit and to stay in business. … Continue reading

Promoting women in current Day? Money or Rests 11.21.14

Women might want there paychecks sent to the new introduction of the Federal Express Ship and get system service locker, open for use 24/7  (how often) women would like their paycheck. Not hired for in their thinking as high as roles, they go pursue seek for. [they may seek interest in higher positions. Women deserving … Continue reading

Abortion Clinics Open

Abortion Clinics currently open in the billions and trillions of abortion clinics throughout various states. New abortion clinics will most likely build in Texas in nuisance extra cost surgical equipment regulations to a claim of standard. Standard. this appears to ask how much it cost. A you think of what their facility. It isn’t this … Continue reading

Radio Shak, CiCi’s – Michaels Craft Store…

  700 million bond at Michaels craft store   RadioShak Layoff a dozen in the Dallas area   CiCi’s pizza – new CEO tomorrow– Aug 12th –700 million, layoffs, A new CEO -Layoffs not liking when you might already be at a lower compensation than accurate to duties and roles to the organization. Radio Shak … Continue reading

Trinity River Design Challenge

Trinity River Design Challenge… 3 teams competing in finals to receive a chance at designing the They are going to present the competing pieces at the Nasher Sculpture Center.                 The one whose design is selected will win $50,000. The nasher sculpture center sounds high but maybe it is. An event. $5,000 to develop plans … Continue reading

recycle gold

7.18.13 Asiana airline crash from Korea to California, USA could recycle some  electronics, – gold, copper, aluminum – other reference of scrap metal. Ft. Worth business – Reports in recycling industry increasing over a decade from millions to over 19.8 billions. There calling it a recycling boom – ad extra chances at profit. Scrap Industry, … Continue reading

politics, congress acting on….

OOOh! I like this title headline in the newspaper, “Wake me when Congress Acts” I love the title on the same opening page, Letters to the editor and editorial appears. Sit but when they do act, congress, – when congress acts tell me what happened, what congress did or will be doing for people not … Continue reading

water contaminations…

Gas sites tied to contaminated water… Water contaminated with gas or fuel sounds like drinking or not? Gasoline water Fuel water… they have those sayings, fuel your system with Gatorade or powerade drinks. Flavored waters. The sites of which the environmental writer speaks about a study at the University of Texas at Arlington came across … Continue reading

NSA… Snowden…(asylum seeked)

NSA… Snowden…(asylum seeked) That’s crazy. What?! No way?!  No… I was thinking he’s caught. Done! In whatever crazy thing he’s done. They wouldn’t report specifics. Ever in calling him a traitor. So they don’t but obtaining asylum from the United states of America.?! Crazy?! What! No! I was like he’s not winnng asylum from the … Continue reading

Plans! Energy! Democrats! Republicans! Injuries, 19! A seawall! Crash – plane.!.!

Rick Perry, another president from Texas for the United states? Or re-election as governor? Plans announced in the Dallas Morning News cover – Rick “Perry’s plans” also announces  US citizens and other international citizens on a flight crash hitting a sea wall in California.   An international flight from Korea to San Fransico crash 19 … Continue reading

they burned puppies

one of the killers said, it was “like cremation” – I was skipping around reading articles in a section of the paper of the dallas morning news and I came across their referenc of a broadcast airing about it. They are in jail for 2 to 8 week puppies. Burining them. there burning them and … Continue reading

Disaster – Where do they go to hurt for Assistance?

The official asked, something to let’s get them out of here, something  of insincerity – “where for them to go to hurt for assistance?” Stating it a different way, while they seek shelter, or food. Where do they go to for hurt assistance of food or shelter? They are not asking about an heirloom but something … Continue reading

Housing Credits 2 of 2

Magazine, Modern Luxury Interiors Texas, Winter 2013 – Modern Dallas Classic – the magazine covers under the title page – Interiors. Positive impacts aren’t meant for negative things, however tax credits for penthouses which valued reported at about $3467 monthly and said to offer at a 50% discount of monthly rent in part due to … Continue reading

Housing Credits – Politics 1 of 2

Today the Dallas Morning News reports potential credits to go to housing in the downtown Dallas area (most likely to the DFW locals – in 2013 – ) the reasons for include getting rid of negative impacts & effecting the area more positively. While in Dallas, one could already rent a 4 bedroom  house for … Continue reading

news about what?!?! what! say definings eh..

Proofread – ‘whatever so moving forward with the news writing whihc is why I originally began writing wor press. Report! News and as I have done and conducted on such – well, it has a different tone – News and news is – news – It is simply utilized as forer reports and such. I … Continue reading

Response to current Events…new healthier choice option

I’ve seen it! People can continue to monitor their healthier or other dietary habitual with the open availability of the caloric numeric amounts. People won’t gain weight choosing their choices with the incorporation into their diet plan. Other typically considered healthier serving outlets, some more costly began years ago as well as when immediately opened, … Continue reading

Fires continue to burn after Venezuala refinery explosion!

An Explosion of a Bakery killed 39 and blasts cooked the bread, some of which, “still sits on cooling racks” “Walls and ceilings collapsed” reactions with a gas leak…something to be said of…tragic, indeed, but still…. Awkard, or weird, a bakery explosion with a fire still burining? It just seems not like where one might … Continue reading

Dallas Morning News reports….Ruling a boost to Texas Coal Plants

This blog is about two side “key points listed with the EPA” 1. The court’s decision spares two Texas coal-fired power plants slated for closure. 2. The EPA says the rule would have prevented 30,000 premature deaths and hundreds of thousands of diseases This is the front page of Dallas Morning Newspaper 8.22.12, also reference … Continue reading

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