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Reblog: wax candles

the photography posted on morfes site looks really good. .. any way theactively hot burning wax is something that just what hot things are and hurt is – the active hot wax and burnng fire. I am not paying attention to the danger of the models large hair throughout the pictures and so forth – … Continue reading

Reblog: Baroque Painting-Inspired Photography

Originally posted on e MORFES:
German fashion photographer Helen Sobiralski won several awards for her original series titled Cockaignesque. Inspired by Baroque still-life paintings, Cockaignesque explores the theme of opulence and oblivious abundance. Related articles Still Life Photography by Kevin Best Epic Train Photography by Steve McCurry Photography by Kasia Derwinska – Building a Bridge…

Freshly Pegged: When Freshly Pressed Gets Stale

I don’t like the fresh pressed page. It used to look like a news paper. Now it looks, well… I don’t like just switching recently to the reccommended blogs section. I like a good story. I like a good title. I’ll repeat what I meant and what I said and how of what I stated. … Continue reading

they burned puppies

one of the killers said, it was “like cremation” – I was skipping around reading articles in a section of the paper of the dallas morning news and I came across their referenc of a broadcast airing about it. They are in jail for 2 to 8 week puppies. Burining them. there burning them and … Continue reading


offering drinks, a full range of construction and management services. That’s what that’s written stuff, down for. My stuff written down for to type out but I don’t want to do it. save what is this..and I started to save it cause they were giving me attitude way out in never. anyway, can’t write like … Continue reading

Junk blog article for ya’ll : Garbage… not this one. (part 2)

I mean – it was llike  – look at this ford focues in a restauraunt parking lot in the the Dallas ft. worth metroplex. A cue, ford , focus. Focused on – Dallas Ft. Worth area(s) – beign red, 2 door.  Beign? Being red.  (a Styrofoam cup on the ground next to it). Such a … Continue reading

Junk blog article for ya’ll : Garbage… not this one.

  A good title – I expect about stories, events, plannings, news, something good.  – like this might be and look/ a good story! 4th issue of Dallas voice on the front page. The Dallas Voice . This sounds like it would be abut thing reporting. To typing speak about said an issue something of … Continue reading

It’s a lifestyle blog…purchase . – publishing . – practice . – snippits 3 of 3

  How many words is this. I need little snippits on the side Where’s my blog section…?   All of Rosetteismyname blogs written and typed by: Rosette Z. – [j.] BIT – ABOUT TO WRITE AN ORIGINAL NEWS STORY – ANOTHER? IS IT NEWS? … – (all rosetteismyname blogs original writing by Rosette_)   News … Continue reading

It’s a lifestyle blog…purchase . – publishing . – practice . – snippits 2 of 3

I am not sure I am publishing this one. It’s not my intent. Enough practice. Written by: Rosette Zacisice   My boring blog….!!! Letters to the editor. Once they have the ones they selected for the paper publishing, toss the rest? New ones come in? Oh do you get what happened at word press. They … Continue reading

It’s a lifestyle blog…purchase . – publishing . – practice . – snippits 1 of 3

It says a lifestyle blog… I want to write – decade about an original news story. Another one. I’ll write about another news story real quick. 300 hundred million per year. 3 billion in sales and Dart cannot afford to charge less in ticket sales with their company runnings. They post potential wage/salary earnings in … Continue reading

Anyway, Legalizing pot?

marajuaina moms – legalized pot – things they spoke about on CNN around 8:00 p.m. Central Standard time before anderson cooper. – the other channel across the room right now is The Fox News network with Hannity – C-SPAN has also been popular. Anyway, Legalizing pot? They always said medicinal on plant – but not … Continue reading

Some star at a memorial event — bored?

She doesn’t look bored to me. What event might have been going on. She looks excited. I typed in boring. Looking for bored but  found someone who was at some memorial event not looking bored. Anyway, this celebrity looks celebrating in pictures found seeking a search for, ‘boring’. This is definitely a focus for internet … Continue reading

Acoustics, Purpose, meaning, life…

Acoustics,  sound good flooring nice and sounds spacious for a small hole or smaller than small space. It is neat. Quick Press: – It’s 10:00 and new shows began-   People say what they mean maybe just not said how they wanted them to hear it.   Purpose and things and things of purpose   Life … Continue reading

this sucks…get it?!

this sucks, the first fresh press page report that is work reading an inkling of and I read, ” ‘are you sure u want to [finishing]  [the] previous typed word and embark on another”? Something, specific, I’d state in my sarcastic nature… Continued, something to state specifically or pre- notation…to me stating something… Anyway. It’s … Continue reading

Reblog ~

Reblog, about published …. I don’t think I liked the idea that publishing to word press didn’t have a separate submission for wordpress freshly press. After over 100 within less than 12 months of original postings, I wrote in addition to a really bad attack…surely! The title is offensive. People press. They publish. What makes … Continue reading

Honda Accord, 2 of 2 – Response, NY times magazine

Response, New York Times Magazine 2 of 2 The Accord, “Like” They’ve been doing this on facebook. Honda Accord. Do you like the advertisement. One can ad sometimes it looks away they replace a pretty people think in thousands of dollars and costs when it comes to the vehichles. and sense as an assault came … Continue reading

Responded, NY times … to Honda Accord, 1 of 2

  Response, New York Times Magazine 1 of 2 Sunday issue of 6.16.13 of the New York Times Magazine has a Honda advertisement on the back of “THE ALL NEW ACCORD HAS EARNED A LOT OF RECOGNITION” Then it lists a bunch of awards in 1. KBB.com 2013 2. Car and Driver 2013 top 10 … Continue reading

Android Smart Phone promotions

Android Smart phone – messing up – placing round – Loyalty rewards programs, one could buy the LG Smart Phone Android – Expired 2 month offer special promotion of a FREE PHONE – 2 year monthly Wyndham hotels rewards program through the Android phone. They still have this promotion around some hotels. The flat screen … Continue reading

Response: Question about lap top use in the Spring

I use my laptops for my collegiate university coursework, watched dramatic films, played games, filled out scholarships, taken part of extra curriculars and website building and productions. Into summer, I have my laptop and I seek to purchase more. They are costly. My lap tops and computers and desktops are important for my collegiate university … Continue reading

7 things: Starbucks…

Write about my cinnamon dolce latte 3 in one day – morning… I miss the dulce de leche, caramel  – it was great. The cinnamon is – it isn’t like caramel or milk and cinnamon egg nog has this fall a – (the/an) about but milk and/or mixed with water. Cinnamon Dolce Latte – is … Continue reading

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