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I – believer

 I already know about it. Studied, learned, – I study it – (What they said about?) I have I learned it – No I developed it. I founded created, preachers, saying. I don’t think they saying stuff about atheist. Preachers saying. I bought4 notebooks looking at ones for sale, one says God will always open … Continue reading

the insult joke to freshly pressed

One of the worst pieces I’ve published Most likely won’t keep going like this or do this often… – one writer wrote in response to someone, “what 100 articles and 8 years and no fresh presses” – a comment response on a fresh press page – so, I published another piece of crap, sounds like … Continue reading

internship low pay response

unpaid internships are rape and they are not popular across industry. but low and unacceptable compensation is usually what is paid to a short term internship, 3 months to a year. (24 hours a day) There is ridiculous things. In entertainment, entertaining pursurers have been exploited to an internship of some stipends, for a potential career. Oh! … Continue reading

ABC news van out

            Why does the abc news van local channel varies have to work so hard and be out in some news broadcasting van? They have the resources and it doesn’t look comfortable. This morning, abc news van is out and looking for whatever they were looking for. Parking and then backing out. Ridiculous, crazy, news … Continue reading

response to advice, writing

the writer’s at freshly pressed are sure to offend you, a good writer in this topic. – it is titled – Bad writing advice and made freshly pressed. I don’t think that these are bad writing advices – a topic advice except for talent of writing was number 3 suggesting either outline first or just … Continue reading

ya’ll read 2000 word blogs? political

Over 2000 words on them topic of speech…on word press, a good article not what is expected from the title but 2000 words and ongoing. It is freshly pressed and about another topic. Looks like written in one of my developing writing styles recently. Hopefully, not an assignment. By the way, those styles are not … Continue reading

– I ran into a girl in the mornng and she worked in construction management. Nor garbage waste but recycling. They recycle everything from the regular known plastics, papers to make-up, stuff people throw in the trash. Gets sorted crushed and compacted. One  thing she saw to be destroyed was a leather purse.  Why did that … Continue reading

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