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Listen Hear (also on youtube)

04.10.2015 A silver car just drove by and I saw it. I will whup you with my freestyle like the words of a sentence And sit in a vehicle like I got the thing saying it. Skills – Slam to the dunk. I got the words of a sentence. Lookin at my cell phone photographs … Continue reading

There’s your redeemer Is it the book?

Come on God be my blanket The wire that didn’t make it Survive sounds – It’s time to sing the holy bible. Old Testament. New Testament March glory along. Fight a little hard (slice ‘nd bend a sword) Redeem your reward –  Is it God – It’s wish you had a brain of common sense. … Continue reading

American Airline I_pad rant

They had to learn to fly without the I-pad originally. American Airlines pilots have an I-pad that unfortunately was described as crucial.To send flight plans to. Flight plans have been in other formats. Pilots should buy their own personal i-pad but seriously! A company issued ipad,  for flight plans, come on. The plane might crash … Continue reading

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