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rest your stress – sarcastic humour another stress write…

11.27.14 Rest your stress. That’s their responsibility. Sale buying success for less. Responsibility now for the moment. And that tasks too! Disasters are nsuch a mess. It’s an emergency, I need to be alloweed to go leaving to discharged from the hospital. It’s thanks giving and it is important that I participate in pre and … Continue reading

writing strategy stuff

02.01.15 The sun came up and it is cold windy-(ing). I am looking at… Be consistent. Talkin and yackin or talking and yacking. But why make the intentional decision to do talkin and yacking or doin and talking, instead of doing and talking or doin and yackin. If it fits. Words like windy cannot do … Continue reading

I scored a 94% six sigma online

white belt certification. I earned it again. 2.5.2015. To display, I keep up and so on, I re-earn this certification. I have one in the fall/winter of 2014 I earned a  Lean white Belt six sigma, officially through msicertified.com. This one is sixsigmaonline, and a different format presented to receive award at completion. Six sigma is … Continue reading

Education/Values final part

Education/Values final part There are values. There are beliefs. There are convictions. Declaring a relationship between values and beliefs doesn’t mean that it is there. And hen it is, it doesn’t mean as fact that the relationship is one thing. Is value more important than convictions of such values in critical thinking. How dare I … Continue reading

Education/Values part 3

Education/Values part 3 Where do values originate? Oh come on. Values. Feelings. Values originate from intentional inflictions of emotional distress? No. All right. I’m looking for one origination, finding it in its in the betterment? Maybe. Value. Good thing. Sorry. The origination of values. I’m going to look for it. In the trash. Nope. Unless … Continue reading

Education/Values part 2

Education/Values part 2 Education acquisitions’ of quantities change update or alter a persons values, to specifics or broadens of enlightenments to that of awareness and realizations through education. No, a person is not a stupid idiot to me. So, they have no real character and want to be understood in person or of good person … Continue reading


Education/Values It is still a good write.Its not how you formulate it. Value need – education doesn’t hide behind bad or good person in the name of value and attack the question. What are you studying? Value? Or Value origination? Your behind? No. You called yourself better looking for something hoping it could be found … Continue reading

Stress Assistance? no? part 2 of 2

Take time out for activities, resting and/or a hobby. Schedule a rest, an unstress. Make sure you live something healthy that you can remove your some of stresses. By taking time out for things unstress, less pain, and carrying less responsibility but to one’s mental health. Carrying the responsibility stress is throughout one’s body and … Continue reading

Stress Assistance? no? part 1 of 2

dentifying stressors – Identifying strssors would let one ignites knowledge management doubt about what causes or begins their persons stress. Also what halts the stress when stressors are identified one can prevent the harmful of stress and the negative aspects of each separate stress. Build regular exercise in  healthy matters of lose weight lose and/or … Continue reading

turkey day 11.27.14 ridiculouos?!

11.27.14 Turkey day is ridiculous. It’s thanksgiving and you don’t have to be thankful for things are not and never would be thankful for. Turkey day is today. Thanksfiving? When is thankgsgiving. today is thrusday and toward the end of the month with a late date of Thursday. I’m in the hospital and for two … Continue reading

Claim you write a Blog in interest, genuine?

11.24.14 Claim you write a Blog in interest, genuine? Are ya’ll wanting to read an original news story? Interested. I’m not  interesting. No one is and definitely not writing one interesting one this time. How many they say – write extra hard such work to run a blog with ecommerce success. No Are ya’ll wanting … Continue reading

Tablet Doesn’t Replace Current Computer Needs

01.10.15 The tablet which won’t replace your laptop. The commercial keeps saying the tablet which replaces your laptop. The Microsoft Surface pro. It isn’t a two in one tablet/laptop. Those can fulfill both needs, but I wouldn’t complete necessarily desktop hardware programmed system user/needs. They are different. So I need a laptop and a strong … Continue reading

02.01.15 about a bracelet

02.01.2015 My bracelet is less than twenty dollars but cost me less than five dollars. They want me to charge thousands for the same bracelet. Looks like a sentimental craft project.  Pink and clear – white glass crystals faceted. Really, fancy shaped transparent pieces to purchase at Michaels Craft Store. Elastic stretchable and wearable. Modest … Continue reading

writing hurts

Winter 2014 From writing, my thumb still hurts. Healthy. Gotta publish tomorrow. What am I to type? Will it be this? This write. It is Friday night. Its not November. It Is not the fourteenth.  I was murdered. Intentionally. I by a vehicle pursuing military assault. I will be declined unless I get better. I … Continue reading

Rant Like Winter 2014

Winter 2014 I have enough victimizations I don’t have to include what victimizations you don’t like. I have enough disciplines practiced, lived and intentional prep discipline. You don’t have to include the ones you don’t like. You never did the same thing or lived it, me knowing the harm in the name of my attempts … Continue reading

Sound the round down, a green cold

The temperature getting warmer. It’s winter. It’s November. Not colder. Talking about the weather I got some bricks. I got some kicks. Check out the thing. It’s abench. Painted green. Don’t be mean. Painted green with a sheen of shine. Gleam the scene of autumns fall before winter. Temperature getting warmer, not colder in November. … Continue reading

01.10.15 random game commentary

01.10.15 Weeks ago, NBC football is on satrday afternoon. Baltimore and Nebraska play 2nd quarter less than 10 minutes left. Still fourth down, /Coach’s challenge occurs. Must have been in an earlier quarter. Whatever about. In  playoffs it looks like coach’s challenge occurs more. And Not my local team. Taunting called penalty. The assault should … Continue reading

high fashion comment talk

Winter 2014 You won’t buy a Michael Kohrs purse or Louis Voitton but Tommy Hillfiger or Coach – you don’t go to Starbucks. You buy it – No instead you’ve been buying something else about your victimization. You buy to be put out of pain It’s stolen. Unless you decided on that, decided to be … Continue reading

anger isn’t agitation nor jeer

11.26.14 Ya’ll should learn anger. In my frustrations, my agitations, I’f be and I am right. But anger. Ya’ll could not and can’t begin should stop.  But anger? Ya’ll cannot and begin should stop. Ya’ll do onot know what anger is and should never name call again. Such an ug title wen they state at … Continue reading

01.11.15 Playoffs announcement beginnings…

01.11.2015 The Dallas Morning News this Sunday has a college football playoff section as well as the sports pages. The additional section looks good for those interested in the College football pages. Playoffs in the NFL are going on . Basketball players in the NBA have a Mavericks commercial supporting the Dallas Cowboys cheering. But … Continue reading

12.30.14 aspiring – much to do writing blog

12.30.14 The sun came up and it is cold windy-(ing). I am looking at  16 minutes pass by seeking to write another thing for my blog whether its read is good set or this stuff. Something are they going to waste their time on boring and continue reading? Afternoon. This is blue ink. Tuesday special. … Continue reading

controversy of developer sale

11.20.14 Developer doesn’t want theft/sale of property to a school district in north texas area. Healthy learning social programs like the high school diploma program won’t be. No highland park school district needs to spend more as they receive government funding. They didn’t match the number amount of what the developer paid. For what the … Continue reading

Ongoing Anything 11.20.14

11.20.14 Rectangle diamond standing outside meaning anything being existing  the things, the living, the doings. The ongoings. What ongoings? The fallen leafs remaining. The nailed down benches grounding. The forming concrete dry dried and adjusting. The burning cigarettes unlit littering. And everythings gonna be another great sad big small thing. Rectangle diamond. The porch light … Continue reading

I love Denny’s restauraunt

what will I write about today, Tuesday the third 2015 of a new year? I relax at a restauraunt I haven’t been to in a long time. At least I try to make efforts to relax and enjoy me as though prices were something else here, as they may be if they were the same … Continue reading

Local north texas museum in plano honors volunteers

11.20.14/11.23.14 The plano conservancy for historic preservation might not pay their volunteers but they have a small choice to be awarded out of all the volunteers. This year two did work on the children’s programming of the museum. the non profit also awarded a historic preservation award. Unsure if they are volunteers. The volunteers might … Continue reading

Back up transit creative rhyme – original

01.31.15 -By: Rosette Antoinette Jones (zacie) I’m talking about Fare ticket costs too much Bench stop new location Fare inspector checking rounds bang bang Cigarette buds on the ground I got my ticket yack whackin yacked Play the train station Ride your car pool through directions skateboard your bicycle through vacations Dallas Area Rapid Transit, … Continue reading

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