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Dashboard – what’s on my mind…

What’s on my mind? education, personal finance, plans, torture weather of too cold in Texas – winds called and referred to ice. What’s on my mind? Quick Draft! no – what’s on my mind? I care. – so I go on and speak in speaking – but this is supposed to be a quick draft … Continue reading

PGA Golf response to ESPN and academic talk

PGA president of the Golf association makes a comment. What is it? Let”s change the comment again in social media. A tweet – have ya’ll gotten on twitter. You like it at me like its face book. These platforms show potential. Put sports media and tweet games twitter sports, the professional golf association is golfing … Continue reading

Terrorisms becoming or no?

The evolution of terrorism What are some of the concepts in what the authors call a ‘deeper level of understanding’People are reactive to what things occur to them. Be things are working out, whether they deserve the more or less. Things aren’t but effecting goes in politics and they exaggerate anarchy and activists to insult … Continue reading

solution Reasoning – reasonings

reasoning. solution reasoning is an idea if there is an issue to solve. Solutions and reasons = reasoning a solution- reasoning a thing or solution. They are discussing sports on ESPN and reason in their discussions of players when an NBA Television analyst speaks about the Cavaliers vs the Jazz and references their history playing … Continue reading

globalization transparency comment

Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative The claims of transparency isn’t the word transparency assault. Ethics politics. In academic business discipline ethics, discusses but then it is a different discipline . The historical governmental politic area. How do you fulfill the claims people state they are at me? they say they are righteous. Then in non- assaults … Continue reading

Big information and Social Physics at MIT – part 2 of response

response to “can be predicted by the use of deterministic equations based on data” response to ‘one general…equation…[deriving]’ response to ‘determined based on a set of data’ Part 2 of response of equations based on data No such thing as a one equation really seeking the and all answers . Specifically looking to find the … Continue reading

Honda response to motorcycle – eeeww

Honda makes a motorcycle, I think yuck if I am some vehicle bad *ss- So, dorks by a different brand. I was like, “Take the label off and re-label it with a fake printed out off the printer am matching their font and logo” – It wouldn’t really be that – but if they money … Continue reading

Response to nugenix advertisemt

True story. Nugenix. Oh I missed it again. The commercial for some weight loss pill. I know. I am going to write it down and check the website. It said, Nugenix dot com. That’s nugenix.com and see what kind of weight loss vitamin it is. How potent? is it really effective or really high costing? … Continue reading

artistic comment-

I’m righteous and come correct. _ I Rosette, lady am perfect-y  – people as fantastic astonishingly making efforts for their deserving everythings but look suddenly shockingly I could care less whether you live that’s not as like me I’m loving – I’m better beyond perfect beyond- those aren’t words bringing you sound… That’s not like you … Continue reading

school guns for teachers

It’s a hot topic but I don’t think it’s a controversy. I don’t think every teacher should have a gun. On my news rss blog feed, I’d write that after a school shooting as a headline to remark on the situation response. Likewise, there are extreme headlines to obtain a reader. Every teacher might consider … Continue reading


Now quarantine is a controversial topic.  People have lives to return to that might be affected by such an emergency. It may be found unnecessary, overboard exaggerated and offensive. Others might describe it as cruel and not protecting the individual being quarantined. In fact, I don’t see it as always seeking protecting me while exposure … Continue reading

emergency research disaster perspective

Originally posted on Rosetteismyname's Blog:
This week I have focused on assigning responses in a list of things I took one part of one focus and one part of another – (this for me will focus on preparing and planning recovery post disaster studies) – i structured this posting and how I use it…

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