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Tuesday. today – what do you do fighting for unrighteousness?!

12.30.13 Tuesday. today – what do you do fighting for unrighteousness?! what do you do in church end. Written by: rosette Antoinette Zacie I got 3 reports due. Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Oh I wrote one yesterday in church. Sit about.  Rest about. Think about. Oh. Look at that, – I started writing. What do you … Continue reading

A blog kind about the next day available

12.26.13 Thursday. The day after Christmas. Oh lately. 9:08 am . national geographic. Someone has a kind of doctorz appointment. The December 2013 issue of National Geographic looks good. Something about a cougar. ghost cats. Apple pies. A break. nothing broken. a rest. Write down to print, maybe publish 22 people subscribing might look at it. Blog. next … Continue reading

porcelain. vase

12.26.13 porcelain. iron. pretty fine poignant. I bet it’s sculpture clay-never min. The ivory. weaponic. silver. create silver. ivory. sounds eloquence. eloquence. eloquent. ribbon. pretty. transparency. metal. getting interesting. begin to be good for starting to reading. ceramic. porcelain. BY: Rosette Antoinette Zacie – j snippit artistic published 12.29.13

I’m 31 years old

12.25.13 Am I middle aged? I want to call myself 31. I am a year older than that. The new year approaches. I’ll turn 33. It’s Christmas. Active, I’ll remain walking a mile at least a day, 365 miles at least a year.. I walk a lot. Brisk strengthened. I am a healthy young 31. … Continue reading

A blog I blogged, Something to read

A blog I blogged, Something to read 12.25.13 Vanilla, caramel in my coffee this morning, 1 packet of sugar. Merry Christmas. It’s Christmas today. The coffee doesn’t taste flavored vanilla or caramel. Posted an article on wordpress earlier not about coffee. Something about what to write about is it’s about something. No kids around. No … Continue reading

Something Good I wrote for Written

Something Good I wrote for Written 12.24.13      I’m at my Grandmother ‘s in San Antonio. What? It’s Christmas Eve. I’m at a restaurant and Christmas is here. Some kid not in classes since the holiday is going around. I’m at a whataburger where he sits, I am across from him while the dining … Continue reading

overpriced computer tablets%#!]

Tablet’s. I hate tablets. I bought my first tablet today – a week ago. Prices range from 42 dollar special all the under one hundred and forty two dollars and then unrealistic pricing begins to go higher and higher. New and unused computer tablets and electronic internet devices begin at $39.99. And laptops begin at … Continue reading

Question: Statement About?

  I have this piece I wrote about. I was really glad how it turned out. – by: Rosette Antoinette Zacie <j>   What am I supposed to write about?         I can start it that way. Gotta write a story or article a day to keep up with goal of once a day. It’s … Continue reading

response to healthcare.gov

      The news about health care.gov still speaks of technical updates and visitor ratio’s – reporting over 849,357 people on the healthcare.gov website. And less than 1 per 200 visitor error ratio. Speaking of health insurance enrollment extensions past healthcare updates and dates extended in December for the new year and other enrollment extensions between … Continue reading

I am too pretty! afterall…

     A blog.        I did my hair and it looks well, great. My elderly mother’s mom did my hair the night before. It turned out fantastic. I wasn’t looking forward to it coming down. There’s rollers, (yellow, in my hair for curls tomorrow) – Braided style in the front. Straight – end curled … Continue reading

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