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I will do what today….

It is Tuesday the 15th and I am writing to make sure I have something for the 19th to publish. What will I write about. I went to a store today. I am checking something. I walked 2 miles today. I sang a song. I will do other stuff today. I applied for financial assistance … Continue reading

Declare or Use Truth

01.21.2015 Did we use something as true and then declare it truth? Or did we first declare something true, then use the truth of what it is? The truth is utilized as I flush a toilet for instance. The truth is, I might not need a plunger or plumber, but that it works. The truth … Continue reading

quick press: much about nothing….

what’s on your mind? The question in the quick draft section in the WP Admin user tools of publishing in wordpress.. Scheduled? Do I have enough articles scheduled for publishing. It is the 30th of January and Friday and the sun is up warmly as the spring approaches. Coming up with something to write about … Continue reading

But these are notes. This is topic.

what’s on your mind – it is cold somewhat – in texas this december – the wind is out and things are going. with a different engagement information technology – of customer intelligence – business engagement information technology of customer interchange inter – relationed – transaction involvement in the business intelligence has gone to survey … Continue reading

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