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Athlete Drill Practice an Exercise a Into Game

01.19.2015 Athlete Drill Practice an Exercise a Into Game Basketball… in folder (loose sheet) soccorball, kickball, baseball, tennis, golf, racing, dancing. Sports play a game,  exercise a day – no daily, a daily active involved sport and help you lose weight in game participate. Sport a game in hopeful fun with definite productive activity of … Continue reading

jump the rope… skip the hop….sound the noise….

01.20.2015 Jump the rope,  skip the hop, walk the step, sound the noise. Bring movement bout. Dance the music. Sing the instrument. Listen the lyric! Speak to hear it. I take off jogging. Not what I was going for. Look at the really cool thing. Can I do it better? The basic complaint nothings. Phenomenal … Continue reading

Texas Ski Resort not occurring

03.05.2015 An indoor ski resort response to news in Texas. On February 25, 2015 USA Today reported that in north Texas, the city of Grand Prairie: “A $215 million indoor ski resort is no longer coming here. WFAA – TV reported. The grand Alps Resort and Hard Rock Hotel says it wasn’t able to reach … Continue reading

Sports sociology aspect

Recently my exposure to sports sociology is more but different than my usual sports sociology. The television is on low or with captions for the customers. So customer sociology is going on. Will I hear them comment about a recent player death? There’s so much coverage while I’m doing  coursework for different programs that I … Continue reading

01.10.15 random game commentary

01.10.15 Weeks ago, NBC football is on satrday afternoon. Baltimore and Nebraska play 2nd quarter less than 10 minutes left. Still fourth down, /Coach’s challenge occurs. Must have been in an earlier quarter. Whatever about. In  playoffs it looks like coach’s challenge occurs more. And Not my local team. Taunting called penalty. The assault should … Continue reading

01.11.15 Playoffs announcement beginnings…

01.11.2015 The Dallas Morning News this Sunday has a college football playoff section as well as the sports pages. The additional section looks good for those interested in the College football pages. Playoffs in the NFL are going on . Basketball players in the NBA have a Mavericks commercial supporting the Dallas Cowboys cheering. But … Continue reading

How about Environmental Sociology part 2

winter 2014 The study of environmental sociology. The technology of sound going into the atmosphere environment of entertainment meant for the crowds loudness. The acoustics, sounds. the decision of technology sounds doing an atmospheric decision to sociological behavior alone and mixed going on in this example of technology to wrestling over and over. The sounds … Continue reading

How about Environmental Sociology

How abut the Environmental Sociology of a sport. I cannot stand wrestling. I don’t like the W. I first think of the environment nature outside. So, wrestling sociology  has the environment to fight. Spectations of people watching in a crowd or broadcast. What did some of my chapters focus on? Nature – that’s environment [money … Continue reading

Steve Nash out for the season

I saw the headline. I am in the dallas area. Whatever  and wherever his career began. But here in dallas the fans saw  nash.  – they were on the – Anyway, I’d seen a headline in 2003 or 2004 – they’d had a season not losing their first 28 games. And wow,! I thought, I … Continue reading

what ya gonna do when they come for you

bad boys cowboys what ya gonna do what ya gonna do when they come for you. they got the ball and they coming fast, them cowboys are surely gonna last here they come in the cloud of dust, them cowboys are surely a must bad boys cowboys what you gonna do what ya gonna do … Continue reading

Snowboarder stunt

1.29.14 I’d want to practice longer than I needed to, in order to begin some of these stunt jumps – confined to keeping legs straight on the snow board. Surfing it looks like they can move their feet. though snowboarding jumps – their flying through the air. Watching back flips on is really impressive. I … Continue reading

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