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50 subscribers

4 days ago, I received 50 subscribers and to some partial excitement for future earnings in writings as I write diligently and informed studying and research developments and practice and as such have a lot more to offer and plan to charge hopefully soon for my site as I will publish much more often and … Continue reading

quick press: much about nothing….

what’s on your mind? The question in the quick draft section in the WP Admin user tools of publishing in wordpress.. Scheduled? Do I have enough articles scheduled for publishing. It is the 30th of January and Friday and the sun is up warmly as the spring approaches. Coming up with something to write about … Continue reading

Pre-paid cards… finance business cash –

11.19.2014 Credit card offers. Why are they calling debt and blue bird credit cards? not bought on acquiring debt. Credit card offers always could be better financing – according to reports and trying to jip me Pre – approved offers and bonus offers to pay people cash if they spend enough initially. According to other … Continue reading

Lower prices in longer run

response to lower fuel prices unlikely to cut fares – untrue – money back in their pockets can assist the economics of saves and spends when I view from over or near $4.00 a gallon, now going closer to $1.50 a gallon. Wow….By:rosette antoinette 11.19.14 The airlines are seeking profit and to stay in business. … Continue reading

Lexus – strosphere , crust, mantle, mesosphere

11.18.14 Sounds funny. Lexus isn’t catostophic but mesopherically high or crust high = rather very mantle high, rather very core high. In 2009 Lexus released, ” a crazy carbon fiber confection. But at $375,000 it was “stratospherically expensive and it went almost unheard of” as at the same time of the release was a 9 … Continue reading

360 camera rotational

11.18.14 november 2014 Page 14 response A spherical 360 degree camera filming all surround visibility and sounds and not rowing a boat. Rowing a bicycle boat. Row by biycycling across the waters. Both devices are costly. Bublecam.com for $579.00 and schillerbikes.com for nearly 39 times the cost of many new bikes, at $6495. Two neat … Continue reading

dishwasher invention

11.19.14 There’s a dishwasher working and still at times, washes are done by hand. The others have dirty dishes and will. It only takes one wash. So it is rejected and a washing machine is introduced and looks like it offers 40 a strong anti assault device or sale attached to the dishwashing product, the … Continue reading

Promoting women in current Day? Money or Rests 11.21.14

Women might want there paychecks sent to the new introduction of the Federal Express Ship and get system service locker, open for use 24/7  (how often) women would like their paycheck. Not hired for in their thinking as high as roles, they go pursue seek for. [they may seek interest in higher positions. Women deserving … Continue reading

Mercedes Benz – the Best

11.18.2014 The touch-pad sounds phenomenal like I’d ask does it type out my handwriting to read it. That’s a good technology. Or does it speak my handwriting for me to type? Sounds like suspensions of floating fun in the airmatic portions when an interactive screen to control climate while deciding your driving stress spectrum adjustments … Continue reading

energy Technology part 2

energy Technology part 2 Sometimes they can include a lot of energy efficient social environmental carbon dioxide energy capables but basic ones don’t always include all the aspects of people’s decisions and preferences and classified for different buyers and energy efficient purchase concerns. And one might need downloading for cell phones or application in social … Continue reading

energy technology

By : rosette antoinette -zacxieey – j -Winter 2014   Carbon dioxide energy potential like vehicles running on a solar power or carbon dioxide trapped in a greenhouse in the form of light, not heat. It doesn’t have to be some energy. One could utilize technology to obtain energy through machine mechanistic updates and radiate, … Continue reading

What is truth? Part 4 01/.04.15

What is truth? Part 4 01/.04.15 But content is used. My napkin is white or brown usually is a truth but relative or subjective to what a napkin is. And questioning truth of simple usage is ridiculous and declaration of beige or off white or light brown is also in ridicule of relative beliefs or … Continue reading

Light on Write

11.17.2014 So there are only 36 sheets in my notebook. 72 on front and back of this new one. I used to really like writing in pencil preference. It’s closer to thanksgiving on November 17th, 2014 and the cold says it is winter as well. The sun is up warmly and shoots at the unwanted … Continue reading

What is truth part 3 – 01.4.15

What is truth part 3 – 01.4.15 And then the truth as function does the sentence. Truth as more commonly not explained when they askd what they don’t know at times. More simple sentences than availbale content of a more academic thing. But if it is believed what I say is true then it is … Continue reading

What is truth? part 2 01.04.2015

  What is truth? part 2 01.04.2015 What is truth? Truth is the car alarm system going off. It’s noisy isn’t it. No one likes the noisy car alarms. They want the quiet ones but they don’t deter the thief as much. Responses could develop articles/books. What is fashionable to believe the truth is relative … Continue reading

What is truth?

01.04.2015 I called this book true. Seeking truth. Is it true? I read a book and this is called a book. Then the book is called a true book. Then it is called truth. Seeking true. Rejected, in ability to find or know goodness. Goodness is truth. Truth is goodness. Argue later. Summationed. No, before … Continue reading

writing my own directions

How did you find your own way> By: Rosette Antoinette zacie-j I found my way writing my own directions. Write my own initiatives – They remove and attack my instructions- Can provide just don’t take wrong – mistaken for directions – instruct proper lessons – This isn’t all the time, but attacking success (lobster crabs) … Continue reading

How about Environmental Sociology part 2

winter 2014 The study of environmental sociology. The technology of sound going into the atmosphere environment of entertainment meant for the crowds loudness. The acoustics, sounds. the decision of technology sounds doing an atmospheric decision to sociological behavior alone and mixed going on in this example of technology to wrestling over and over. The sounds … Continue reading

How about Environmental Sociology

How abut the Environmental Sociology of a sport. I cannot stand wrestling. I don’t like the W. I first think of the environment nature outside. So, wrestling sociology  has the environment to fight. Spectations of people watching in a crowd or broadcast. What did some of my chapters focus on? Nature – that’s environment [money … Continue reading

seeing – believing – second one?

today I read a comment about believing and seeing…. I think we believe in what I see a woman in white headphones. cellphone. Feels akward fine accessories, [necklace/watch] so does her bracelet and fine accessories not matching the plainess of the bracelet I think our culture matches to a child and their attentive care toward … Continue reading

this isn’t the frequently asked question?!

how to invite readerss or how to invite viewers….. they are looking to charge for subscription rates. I really don’t like this presentation as wordpress would be contacted over this over and over aain. Seeking rates for book publishing pursuits and so on. To mention. I have been writing since before my childhood actively and … Continue reading

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