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Mavericks sports commentary

01.17.15 Last night the Mavericks Dallas played the nuggets (denver). Mavericks led the whole game, ending each quarter in the lead, baskets away. They both have good seson win/loss ratio records at that point, now about 24, – 3 for Mavericks. Mavericks fans must have liked the points ahead for lower negative stress by  keeping … Continue reading

01.10.15 random game commentary

01.10.15 Weeks ago, NBC football is on satrday afternoon. Baltimore and Nebraska play 2nd quarter less than 10 minutes left. Still fourth down, /Coach’s challenge occurs. Must have been in an earlier quarter. Whatever about. In  playoffs it looks like coach’s challenge occurs more. And Not my local team. Taunting called penalty. The assault should … Continue reading

01.11.15 Playoffs announcement beginnings…

01.11.2015 The Dallas Morning News this Sunday has a college football playoff section as well as the sports pages. The additional section looks good for those interested in the College football pages. Playoffs in the NFL are going on . Basketball players in the NBA have a Mavericks commercial supporting the Dallas Cowboys cheering. But … Continue reading

PGA Golf response to ESPN and academic talk

PGA president of the Golf association makes a comment. What is it? Let”s change the comment again in social media. A tweet – have ya’ll gotten on twitter. You like it at me like its face book. These platforms show potential. Put sports media and tweet games twitter sports, the professional golf association is golfing … Continue reading


Footballs to slow. Basketball is the same thing. Mainstream sports entertainment not always the same as it was – something about a player comments of choking. Gestures big famous event, called a “game changer” – the interception (my younger sister calling create assault an interception)  I hate interceptions in football if I’m really into the game acting … Continue reading

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