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I write, it hasn’t been looked for…

wordpress – what about wordpress… what have I got to say about word press. Some other time. for now, I Rosette, write. I have  been writing and you do I think like criminal crazy on this one. Who the hek is – don’t pursue publishing. It’s that. And still seek to pretend to have read … Continue reading

some blog and personal thoughts

You don’t get it.I don’t really see that now. But I would have (i wouldn’t) and never will and you never want me to. that’s the best part.\ I need another writing. Rosette I’m not dumb. They made this discovery in the fall of 2010. I was 29. In fact, they decided I was smart. … Continue reading

Parking space -jewelry

Parking space – lime green jacket – for on hood and I don’t prefer the scar – no, the scarf.I . Why would anyone like these garment pieces. I feel like some soup will be like a lime green color with a border chef scarf preparation? You don’t get it.I don’t really see that now. … Continue reading

straw box yellow

Straw, box yellow. gotta write a 2nd . 4rd second or third for publishing. Strawed box – brown box – white straw. Shreen – trean – glitter box – sequence straw a diamond box rhinestone straw in crystal. Zirconix whine – cry about a box stone. Straw shiney – heavy -metal Box Plastic straw paper … Continue reading

what thing does that

12.20.14 WHAT THING does that? Nuissance role designed to keep you sad and poor. They don’t do it anyway aspiring to be rich, not doing that anyway for setting seeking monies. What purpose I unwilling being compelled to make up. While I call you for coming up with the victimization thinkink I didn’t…. How am … Continue reading

another high price

12.19.14 But starbucks is selling a thirty dollar cup. They may not refer the dollar discount store for one dollar equivalently the lowest price found at Target and K-mart for 1 to 2 dollar coffee cup mugs and tumblers. Clearance sales… ten fifteen and twenty sometimes less at the grocery store tom thumb, bookstore – … Continue reading

building note-ation piece

Real estate appears to suck and while I am not interested in writing about it, I need to type another article.  So, buildings build and are built and well people build them, a building manufactures parts to use to build but maybe it isn’t alive to build. In business, they build a building and sell … Continue reading

But these are notes. This is topic.

what’s on your mind – it is cold somewhat – in texas this december – the wind is out and things are going. with a different engagement information technology – of customer intelligence – business engagement information technology of customer interchange inter – relationed – transaction involvement in the business intelligence has gone to survey … Continue reading

six sigma studies

I have been thinking about six sigma strategies. Its not a strategy. Six sigma is a strategy or method  The idea is exploitation of talent of individuals who can make or save an organization exponential monies – and not offer equivalent compensation while needing these demands wishing for more promotion and monies declining less responsibility … Continue reading

jewelry visions (2 of 2

12.15.14 Light bulb jewelry – I just made up. Light switch – plug in – that’s not jewelry – That’s a halloween costume – Beyond cheesy – looks ridiculous – the thoughts potential. I’m working on one. It’s white ovals. My colorful outfits – you try to put that in jewelry lights – your a … Continue reading


12.15.2014 A magnetic warrior bead bracelet bronze or steel, an antique type metal faceted designed stones shaped Pearl or sphere – elastic – think believe hear cheap – like you made it – You can re-fix, I suppose uh – But it’s real – Why would you want that? So, – see something else for … Continue reading

ebay comments

ebay- not ebay – people appear to buy on ebay but if you try selling on ebay besides garage sell but to make money – it is a different outcome. auctions or end list available with full counterprice offers and they don’t buy it or appear interest if it isn’t the perfect product they seek … Continue reading

two articles to write – one daily – I gotta keep publishing

12.15.14 two articles to write – one daily – I gotta keep publishing – today there was doughnuts – left over coffee… there’s been a lot of exercise walking – miles today – a little more than usual by 3 p.m. attractive male came in a moment ago – I needed to run some errands … Continue reading

that’s good – wordpress doesn’t think it.

What I write – did you read it? I might. You won’t buy a michael kohrs purse or loius voitton, not tommy hill figer or coach. you don’t go to starbucks. Yo buy it. – no instead you’ve been buying something else about your victimization. You buy to be put out of pain. It’s stolen … Continue reading

A writing to publish for viewing

What to write about for a viewing of reading for me to schedule in the future for website reading. I am publishing about a topic for readers. To meet my efforts to attempt publishing something each day. I am also making efforts to have a new 100 words each day about something. It isn’t much … Continue reading

— value declaration

Write – wrote crap and I wrote my list to be part of motivating a goal setting. A positive list in the pursuing of get rich last years ago. So I became aware of my values and posted them where I could see them daily even packed them to home owning. Aware of declaration of … Continue reading

values beliefs – convictions – thinking

The author has been so wrong recently. That there are values. There are beliefs. There are convictions. Declaring a relationship between values and beliefs doesn’t mean that it is there. And when it is, it doesn’t mean as fact that the relationship is one thing. Is value more important than convictoins of such values in critical … Continue reading

part 2 I think I feel

People don’t emphasize feeling – it is not what they are saying. The word they use might be this. But the impact has meaning. And purpose and wrong to say it does not. Much especially beyond expressing itself for deciding to use the phrase or thinking. They are writing meaning of feeling to impact purposes … Continue reading

massive culture

massive communications – not popculture – not pop communications or by pop culture or effects of media assault communications – [ assault – ex: not it wrong category WRONG. This is instructed as social media reconfigure So, facebook youtube . my space twitter isn’t culture communication of feel good to pretend. you know what your … Continue reading

hours in the classroom

11,000 — 1,600 age 16 — 1,600 times ten is 16,000 notes above… So I am writing in response to an inaccurate disagreed upon comment about teenagers in the classroom – time spent read was less than entertainment – no… homework/studies more this isn’t allowed truancy possible age 16 is 16,000 hours in homework studies … Continue reading

I think I feel

no, these words are not used interchangeably. I am studying and came across a leisure reading – non – requisite and I disagreed with the comment – I think isn’t interchangeable – people know what they mean when asked a question. Stated as fact. No they don’t. Oh. well they say they don’t. The understanding … Continue reading

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