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random blog talk trophy

Does anyone know where it went or where it is at. I looked at it sometimes. I was waiting to speak to the help desk people but the link didn’t come up. Please comment. This has been going on. I would have liked my  for when I received. They still issue these but I cannot find … Continue reading

Happy Sunday midday.

03.08.2015 Sunday- Church – people go to church. Read the bible. Listen to a sermon. Believe in God – preach to theirself and study the teachings and learnings in post and pre-church in bible studies – Christian and theist learnings. Time for to celebrate God on Sunday. Happy Sunday midday. Follow the almighty Godly preached … Continue reading

speak start known….

Gotta write something down studied today, read a book on business strategics and programs called six sigma. I’m tired,  my appointment got post poned till Monday. it was talking. This is writing. Up. Learning memorizing my stuff and instructing me yesterday and tomorrow listening to film off of personal unmethodical randomness or incomplete notations called … Continue reading

I will do what today….

It is Tuesday the 15th and I am writing to make sure I have something for the 19th to publish. What will I write about. I went to a store today. I am checking something. I walked 2 miles today. I sang a song. I will do other stuff today. I applied for financial assistance … Continue reading

A book. A composition book.

Saturday 01.17.2015 This is a book. A composition book. I’m writing a book. ’99 random article writings about various things’ I hope to publish it and sell copies. Responses. Original response. Original topics and pieces and original creative paragraphs. This can become books, publishing inspired by my own publishings and blogs to goal ½ a … Continue reading

Daily article to write AGAIN.

01.14.2015 Now I don’t have to worry about my daily article to write. I am busy contemplating what I will write about. I have been trying to publish daily for reader viewing of my blogs/news and/or creative writings. My notations of scholarly efforts and so on. So far I’ve published several original categories and written … Continue reading

I scored a 94% six sigma online

white belt certification. I earned it again. 2.5.2015. To display, I keep up and so on, I re-earn this certification. I have one in the fall/winter of 2014 I earned a  Lean white Belt six sigma, officially through msicertified.com. This one is sixsigmaonline, and a different format presented to receive award at completion. Six sigma is … Continue reading

Claim you write a Blog in interest, genuine?

11.24.14 Claim you write a Blog in interest, genuine? Are ya’ll wanting to read an original news story? Interested. I’m not  interesting. No one is and definitely not writing one interesting one this time. How many they say – write extra hard such work to run a blog with ecommerce success. No Are ya’ll wanting … Continue reading

02.01.15 about a bracelet

02.01.2015 My bracelet is less than twenty dollars but cost me less than five dollars. They want me to charge thousands for the same bracelet. Looks like a sentimental craft project.  Pink and clear – white glass crystals faceted. Really, fancy shaped transparent pieces to purchase at Michaels Craft Store. Elastic stretchable and wearable. Modest … Continue reading

anger isn’t agitation nor jeer

11.26.14 Ya’ll should learn anger. In my frustrations, my agitations, I’f be and I am right. But anger. Ya’ll could not and can’t begin should stop.  But anger? Ya’ll cannot and begin should stop. Ya’ll do onot know what anger is and should never name call again. Such an ug title wen they state at … Continue reading

I love Denny’s restauraunt

what will I write about today, Tuesday the third 2015 of a new year? I relax at a restauraunt I haven’t been to in a long time. At least I try to make efforts to relax and enjoy me as though prices were something else here, as they may be if they were the same … Continue reading

50 subscribers

4 days ago, I received 50 subscribers and to some partial excitement for future earnings in writings as I write diligently and informed studying and research developments and practice and as such have a lot more to offer and plan to charge hopefully soon for my site as I will publish much more often and … Continue reading

writing my own directions

How did you find your own way> By: Rosette Antoinette zacie-j I found my way writing my own directions. Write my own initiatives – They remove and attack my instructions- Can provide just don’t take wrong – mistaken for directions – instruct proper lessons – This isn’t all the time, but attacking success (lobster crabs) … Continue reading

some blog and personal thoughts

You don’t get it.I don’t really see that now. But I would have (i wouldn’t) and never will and you never want me to. that’s the best part.\ I need another writing. Rosette I’m not dumb. They made this discovery in the fall of 2010. I was 29. In fact, they decided I was smart. … Continue reading

Parking space -jewelry

Parking space – lime green jacket – for on hood and I don’t prefer the scar – no, the scarf.I . Why would anyone like these garment pieces. I feel like some soup will be like a lime green color with a border chef scarf preparation? You don’t get it.I don’t really see that now. … Continue reading

what thing does that

12.20.14 WHAT THING does that? Nuissance role designed to keep you sad and poor. They don’t do it anyway aspiring to be rich, not doing that anyway for setting seeking monies. What purpose I unwilling being compelled to make up. While I call you for coming up with the victimization thinkink I didn’t…. How am … Continue reading

two articles to write – one daily – I gotta keep publishing

12.15.14 two articles to write – one daily – I gotta keep publishing – today there was doughnuts – left over coffee… there’s been a lot of exercise walking – miles today – a little more than usual by 3 p.m. attractive male came in a moment ago – I needed to run some errands … Continue reading

that’s good – wordpress doesn’t think it.

What I write – did you read it? I might. You won’t buy a michael kohrs purse or loius voitton, not tommy hill figer or coach. you don’t go to starbucks. Yo buy it. – no instead you’ve been buying something else about your victimization. You buy to be put out of pain. It’s stolen … Continue reading

artistic comment-

I’m righteous and come correct. _ I Rosette, lady am perfect-y  – people as fantastic astonishingly making efforts for their deserving everythings but look suddenly shockingly I could care less whether you live that’s not as like me I’m loving – I’m better beyond perfect beyond- those aren’t words bringing you sound… That’s not like you … Continue reading

Certified Ethics Specialist Associate

Today I became a certified ethics specialist and earned a testing certification, I have been studying for, for a year. I completed college courses in business ethics study courses. And now posting an article on abortion, which I originally drafted days ago. It needs to get out. I hope you like yesterdays news response posting … Continue reading

Sociology 2 … academic series… is the familiar strange preliminary response?

According to the materials presented in this week, what does it mean to say that sociology makes the familiar strange? – asked by wellesley professor The professors discussion of biography and history of sociology and the larger public issues… – social media, and death and politics… (globally in sociology ) was  a focus I almost … Continue reading

can i write about christianity

2:03 can I write about Christianity till 2:10 or 5 minutes or something. Take Gods stuff that you threw thrash on No! not from him You threw garbage and disgust. Set it on him, not good, nor correct, when right does wrong. (when you don’t do right) [[[called it either right or wrong and harmed…]]]] … Continue reading

birds-flap 1 flap 2 fly

birds  flying circling like one had died  floating so pretty birds looks like a plane glide flap 1 flap 2 fly moving fast away from me cross to see circling where’d they go? gloating -floating over there now must be under 20. go oh just to hear something 12.20.13 by: Rosette antoinette – published 2014


What do you know about what do you hear about what do you speak about What do you Go about what do you sound about And then when you jealous entertaining crap can be good – NO- ! CRAP IS BAD good is good TALENT IS GOOD TALENT CRAP IS GOOD GOOD CRAP IS GOOD BY … Continue reading

Would you like a pillow

Would you like a pillow. I’d sleep without a blanket if I had to That’s none of their business _I’ll write that down too. Look at the mess She’s vacuming – Ford vehicles… Miley giong crafty god today – God speaks seek I’t didn’t look like this. Was it orange blue pink gray? Silver… It … Continue reading

See, have you ever, well – see

See you choose less see See you call beauty ugly at the pretty see See asking and demanding lovely see See, attacking the fighting, still saying thinking losing in the spectrum I’d said so see See green blue red black on my ink pen write it down – got em all, see. See, taking from … Continue reading

worse than apology sorry before fake apologetic gratitude

Look just like you want me to. I’m perfect. being perfect. Human beings pushing(attacking) pedophiles toward me. could call theirselfs one when they do…  [commit pedophile] Assaulting me putting your human strength on those at me saying worse than apology sorry saying I don’t do that doing pedophile commission – You don’t get in trouble – (afraid … Continue reading

Reblog: Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills

Originally posted on The Advocate Online:
By Megan Fitzsimons – Columns Editor E!’s newest reality show, “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills,” documents the lives of Dorothy Wang and Morgan Stewart, who can’t go a minute without updating their Instagram feeds and get their daily cardio from power shopping. This show is about a few overly…

Reblog: Short response to Khloe Kardashian…

wow! congratulations on your really good wordpress blog HOLLY WOOD LIFE… i  WAS LIKE – WHY AM I ON wordpress?!…wow this is a word press blog/ This is really good. Rap song rumors heard? what? I just came across this on tmz – I was reacting to something… just real quick.  Short reblog. rumors about … Continue reading

Blog:What to write?

12.05.13 9:59 and others are out on a smoke break. Breakfast was nutrition healthy cereal and vegetable. A therapist came by. She talked to others. What to write? I sit at a desk near some human being doctor, white, older, blue or grey eyed –handsome. I sit to write, well. They sometimes turn music on. … Continue reading

dream of a tree house story

watch the life story a tree house – climb a tree – wood nailed – story of a tree climb – story of climbing – watch the life of climbing a story about climbing a story about climbing of a story about  tree  climb – I just hear the lifetime saying – watch the life … Continue reading

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