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Payment applications

03.05.2015 USA today reported on February 24, 2015 – ” google’s attempt to jump-start wallet like deja vu… and The staks could be huge if Google, Apple, Alipay, PayPal or someone else develops a reliable, profitable electronic system”shinal, john. Mobile payments they don’t appear to be preferred. Just a tool available in the event of … Continue reading

Texas Ski Resort not occurring

03.05.2015 An indoor ski resort response to news in Texas. On February 25, 2015 USA Today reported that in north Texas, the city of Grand Prairie: “A $215 million indoor ski resort is no longer coming here. WFAA – TV reported. The grand Alps Resort and Hard Rock Hotel says it wasn’t able to reach … Continue reading

People might think of this as a violation

“States keeping an eye on drones” “thousands of civilian drones are expected in Us skies within oa few years ad concerns they could be used to spy on Americans are fueling legislative regulation efforts” People might think of this as a violation , others disregard it. What it’d be against us? Concerns they are for … Continue reading

the dead donated money

  The dead have been reported to sign petitions, file taxes, vote, run for office, and now are reported to donate over half a million to campaigns since 2009.   Federal election records, have dead donors donation reports not including the republican national committee’s donations, even higher and closer to a million dollars. –   … Continue reading

Racism? Or not?

 Racism? Or not? no kidding – I learned this years ago in sociologly, I’d be sarcastic to say people weren’t racist in convictions but it also took the arrest statistics in the north east texas area, dallas.. current events in 2000 – reports from 2003 – showed obvious arrest and conviction reports from black males … Continue reading

NSA… Snowden…(asylum seeked)

NSA… Snowden…(asylum seeked) That’s crazy. What?! No way?!  No… I was thinking he’s caught. Done! In whatever crazy thing he’s done. They wouldn’t report specifics. Ever in calling him a traitor. So they don’t but obtaining asylum from the United states of America.?! Crazy?! What! No! I was like he’s not winnng asylum from the … Continue reading

Police- USA- Military (My boring blab at 6:05…)

beginning  short and/or or or/and longer blab about to my fellow natural cuts. Born and raised united America states of American citizens. They are not protectors whatsoever when they agree to the systematic requirement of your protection. As I rosette, have said, in what I wrote previously of which God stole from me. You don’t … Continue reading

news about what?!?! what! say definings eh..

Proofread – ‘whatever so moving forward with the news writing whihc is why I originally began writing wor press. Report! News and as I have done and conducted on such – well, it has a different tone – News and news is – news – It is simply utilized as forer reports and such. I … Continue reading

Response to USA Today’s Report on EPA Clean up

“1.26 million” is currently being spent “to replace” mineral enriched “soil” of lead. A different light for me to look at in however with the Environmental Protection Agencies rules and regulation inspections and so forth, the EPA does not look at Lead as the mineral as it is when it deals with factory pollution and … Continue reading

USA Today reports a clip on itself – response…

You want some original brand new reporting! A NEWS story! Something to take a note of…A bit of ‘wow’ factor, little or the lot. Something to take you aback? Maybe it won’t, it might or might not since it would or wouldn’t. Maybe it doesn’t at all take you aback that a company. Since it … Continue reading

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