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Sports sociology aspect

Recently my exposure to sports sociology is more but different than my usual sports sociology. The television is on low or with captions for the customers. So customer sociology is going on. Will I hear them comment about a recent player death? There’s so much coverage while I’m doing  coursework for different programs that I … Continue reading

How about Environmental Sociology

How abut the Environmental Sociology of a sport. I cannot stand wrestling. I don’t like the W. I first think of the environment nature outside. So, wrestling sociology  has the environment to fight. Spectations of people watching in a crowd or broadcast. What did some of my chapters focus on? Nature – that’s environment [money … Continue reading

Sociology week 7 – 1st initial reaction response

Professor Collins shares an incident from college where another student borrowed a quarter from her and did not pay her back. She cites this as an incident that opened her eyes to thinking about class inequality. It challenged her “race-only” frame. Have you had a social interaction or moment that made you feel your own … Continue reading

Sociology –

Which of the three student pieces resonated most with you and why? Can you think of a “personal trouble” that you could analyze as a “public issue?” – response short or longer answers… 3 students spoke on different topics of summary to be stated – 1. social media, 2. funeral proceedings, Kara 3. and issues … Continue reading

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