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rest your stress – sarcastic humour another stress write…

11.27.14 Rest your stress. That’s their responsibility. Sale buying success for less. Responsibility now for the moment. And that tasks too! Disasters are nsuch a mess. It’s an emergency, I need to be alloweed to go leaving to discharged from the hospital. It’s thanks giving and it is important that I participate in pre and … Continue reading

Response to nugenix advertisemt

True story. Nugenix. Oh I missed it again. The commercial for some weight loss pill. I know. I am going to write it down and check the website. It said, Nugenix dot com. That’s nugenix.com and see what kind of weight loss vitamin it is. How potent? is it really effective or really high costing? … Continue reading

artistic comment-

I’m righteous and come correct. _ I Rosette, lady am perfect-y  – people as fantastic astonishingly making efforts for their deserving everythings but look suddenly shockingly I could care less whether you live that’s not as like me I’m loving – I’m better beyond perfect beyond- those aren’t words bringing you sound… That’s not like you … Continue reading

satirical theoretical philisophical entertaining academic emergency management topic

Research competition disasters. The arrival annual quickest cell phone text messenger of nationals wins $48,000. Disaster. No. I thought of conceptual disaster in regards to research management as opposed to researching a non-disaster or irony. Disaster management research I first wrote on research perspective presenting in essential concepts to disaster management. Now a non-disaster from managing … Continue reading

Snowboarder stunt

1.29.14 I’d want to practice longer than I needed to, in order to begin some of these stunt jumps – confined to keeping legs straight on the snow board. Surfing it looks like they can move their feet. though snowboarding jumps – their flying through the air. Watching back flips on is really impressive. I … Continue reading

A lake escape

12.07.13 Look at the ice You could skate with shoes on Ice on the cement Slip don’t fall – now   Ice on the beneath Ice on the ground – slip don’t fall now Ice on the bench Ice on the leaves Ice on the trees Build a snowman for HIM, melting trees Afloat on … Continue reading

porcelain. vase

12.26.13 porcelain. iron. pretty fine poignant. I bet it’s sculpture clay-never min. The ivory. weaponic. silver. create silver. ivory. sounds eloquence. eloquence. eloquent. ribbon. pretty. transparency. metal. getting interesting. begin to be good for starting to reading. ceramic. porcelain. BY: Rosette Antoinette Zacie – j snippit artistic published 12.29.13

I am too pretty! afterall…

     A blog.        I did my hair and it looks well, great. My elderly mother’s mom did my hair the night before. It turned out fantastic. I wasn’t looking forward to it coming down. There’s rollers, (yellow, in my hair for curls tomorrow) – Braided style in the front. Straight – end curled … Continue reading

weird october quantity writings

first post of the month towards the end. So it’s the end of october and i haven’t got out my articles I;ve intended to. Someone liked an article of mine talking about how they preach to write well to be fresh pressed and the percentage of great writing I come across from those pressed there….yeah … Continue reading

Trinity River Design Challenge

Trinity River Design Challenge… 3 teams competing in finals to receive a chance at designing the They are going to present the competing pieces at the Nasher Sculpture Center.                 The one whose design is selected will win $50,000. The nasher sculpture center sounds high but maybe it is. An event. $5,000 to develop plans … Continue reading

National Park – Apollo 7

7.12.13 National Park on the moon for the US due to Apollo 7 artificats?! The flag. – I heard about it on the news but thought – making it a national paeek? Really, it deals with taking items – not seeking something under national park stances – creating and saying – it is against the … Continue reading

Six flags death…

7.21.13 A woman was killed on a roller coaster in the last 72 hours at a local amusement park in North Texas, dallas area. Six flags at Arlington comments or not. Inspectors of the ride come in as well. It is a crazy thing. Heat in July – They regularly have local program discounts – … Continue reading

Sale or No sale?!

Stuff for sale on sale or no sales! Please go out of business conducting illegal things such as what attracts customer… the government always makes decisions based on unfair or unethical gaining customer practices. Such as attempting to attract you with a sale of 29% after mark ups of 55% . The for no reason … Continue reading

stay off the grass…

It was on ET! Literally infotainment. A main character from Glee leaves in a way not like actors leave a show. He passed away. Resting in a sleep, they’ve said. Never murdering. Murderings never allowed. One of the main male leads passed away and moved on towards a sleep. They said his real life girlfriend … Continue reading

Waterproof Phone. – Samsung

7.19.13 Samsung Galaxy s4 commercial it’s water proof. I don’t prefer the look of those phones but it can still work after being thrown into water. Water-resistant. Phone sprinklers in the fish tank pulled out, in some batter cooking in the kitchen, sprinklers went off in the lawn. Maybe its an event this summer – … Continue reading

lamps – motel 6

  ashton kutcher is a lamp… He lights up on punk*d and makes funny jokes – but I talking about the lights in my room. Switches. There aren’t any lamps. There are really neat stuff. the lights  are dim though, a remodeled recently suite. Motel 6 website, says, check out our recently updated rooms. Hard … Continue reading

this sucks…get it?!

this sucks, the first fresh press page report that is work reading an inkling of and I read, ” ‘are you sure u want to [finishing]  [the] previous typed word and embark on another”? Something, specific, I’d state in my sarcastic nature… Continued, something to state specifically or pre- notation…to me stating something… Anyway. It’s … Continue reading

Reblog ~

Reblog, about published …. I don’t think I liked the idea that publishing to word press didn’t have a separate submission for wordpress freshly press. After over 100 within less than 12 months of original postings, I wrote in addition to a really bad attack…surely! The title is offensive. People press. They publish. What makes … Continue reading

Starbucks: No espresso this morning – just hot fresh steamed milk [optional sweetened flavorings]

So one could flavor steamed milk as a kids hot chocolate/ or vanilla milk, toffee, hazel, caramel brulee, caramel drizzle, variation a little amongst caramel, coconut, raspberry, classic, Steamed milk with no flavor – espresso shot optional. – STARBUCKS! I was younger, not starbucks – some shop at my local College before moving forward to … Continue reading

Housing Credits – Politics 1 of 2

Today the Dallas Morning News reports potential credits to go to housing in the downtown Dallas area (most likely to the DFW locals – in 2013 – ) the reasons for include getting rid of negative impacts & effecting the area more positively. While in Dallas, one could already rent a 4 bedroom  house for … Continue reading

Sophisticated One – Fashion —

  Sophisticated one – – – – – –  Coach brand Lunch bag? No purse So thiese tans, maroon, darker red – burgundy like, silver, sheen – blues, and teals, light blues, not pastels, not to bold colors on the coach bag – then this purse – No lunch bag Colorfoul – yet striking and … Continue reading

Disaster Babble… part 2 of ____

my continued babble of part 1… some fire in California – in 2007… bringing houses away through burnings…I am a caring person – See the rich mansion burn down….05 – they ignore some other effecting thousands of people disaster – and uh – Hurricane Katrina… Look at those houses, Saying feel sorry for the really … Continue reading


– Plain wardrobe…? – RHYMES! – 2 OF 2! Boring stuff U 2 read! [or not] Is that personal? Let me think bout the closet wardrobe for a minute? I don’t say stuff like that and since it reports viewers and my odds of viewer ship amounts to a maximum of 2 – 4 people … Continue reading


– FASHION RAMBLING – Plain wardrobe…? “Maybe if I act like that wardrobe” – “that guy will call me back” ~ Girl… ~P!nk Then, professional Then I’m homeless – ooohhh let me mamke sure about my wardrobe for a minute… Naw! – the future one…. I used to have a black and white up to … Continue reading

Starbucks – Drinkware or Mug?

They have this new cup design which shows the oz an the tall, venti, or grande cup size and the fluid oz associated with the number of oz. A sandy hurricane went through and a president election went on. The cups are resembling the mug size they a white and look breakable. Drinkware is what … Continue reading

Starbucks~ Vanilla Blonde (part 1)

Starbucks at a Jupiter Location  located at the … They placed The female Barista at a local Starbucks brought out samples of one of the New coffees. They are calling it, the New Vanilla Blonde in January 2013. They have in the past put up artistically drawn pictures with chalk on a board which they … Continue reading

Academic Literary Notationals

http://sociologification.wordpress.com/2012/12/12/hail-to-hegels-dialectical-explosive-synthesis/ In response to a blog on a title, “Sociologification” – Hail to Hegel’s Dialectical Explosive Synthesis – out in early December….A blogging individual – No! not any student of mine whatsoever in any of these academic capacities had a topic which sparked additional interest. 1 “””The next sentence is false. The previous sentence is true. … Continue reading

Malice as…not righteousness but falsehood…

The thing about Voltaire is just as… Voltaire and others and not commentary as false, but statements; not statements as falsehoods or wrongings, but commented about. Not viewable to all as false hoods or evils are – or even of the matter of one’s intent to claim abilities making what isn’t to be viewed. With … Continue reading

You published 48 posts! (part 2 to a response)

Easy reading is Damn hard writing – Nathaniel Hawthorne I written on this quote recently. Congratulations 44 posts! this one [same quote] shown Congratulations 48 posts! and man I remember, the talent behind pieces which are either difficult or more simple to write and the entertaiment or when it comes to just reading a news … Continue reading

You published 46 posts! (part 1…)

you have made this letter longer, because I have not had the time to make it shorter – Blaise Pascal Sincerely, Written by: Rosette this letter longer without time to shorten it. what this piece is really been about and what it stating to the reader of a quote simple. Letter referenced as how it … Continue reading

short post, truck passes by… just about the advertisement, notations for boring the reader….

Notations for boring the reader…It is just me talking about stuff here and there for CNN, Fox, or CNBC or the news paper. (WB/CW). My stuff is original with reference and credit to the reference author & publisher. Anyway, auto painting silver line windows, design at work in millions of houses, a home. A manufacturer … Continue reading

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