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Declare or Use Truth

01.21.2015 Did we use something as true and then declare it truth? Or did we first declare something true, then use the truth of what it is? The truth is utilized as I flush a toilet for instance. The truth is, I might not need a plunger or plumber, but that it works. The truth … Continue reading

View of Truth

View of Truth  –categorical critical thinking The most reasonable view of truth is when at least one set of agreed laws/rules/methods or theories concept background rules correspond to or theories background corresponds to what we use as truth in at least one accepted set of 2 people or more or groups. But jumping to argument … Continue reading

Athlete Drill Practice an Exercise a Into Game

01.19.2015 Athlete Drill Practice an Exercise a Into Game Basketball… in folder (loose sheet) soccorball, kickball, baseball, tennis, golf, racing, dancing. Sports play a game,  exercise a day – no daily, a daily active involved sport and help you lose weight in game participate. Sport a game in hopeful fun with definite productive activity of … Continue reading

jump the rope… skip the hop….sound the noise….

01.20.2015 Jump the rope,  skip the hop, walk the step, sound the noise. Bring movement bout. Dance the music. Sing the instrument. Listen the lyric! Speak to hear it. I take off jogging. Not what I was going for. Look at the really cool thing. Can I do it better? The basic complaint nothings. Phenomenal … Continue reading

my righteous paths and righteous ways

01.18.2015 Continuation of my righteous paths and righteous ways. So those which pray the actual action doing of prayer forth as prayer is an action thereby in not doing of prayer. Got the transparent sprinklers watefied. Cement up below my feet, ground I’d led. Lightening See stuff rainbow, view the rainbow. Lightening as it shows … Continue reading

Payment applications

03.05.2015 USA today reported on February 24, 2015 – ” google’s attempt to jump-start wallet like deja vu… and The staks could be huge if Google, Apple, Alipay, PayPal or someone else develops a reliable, profitable electronic system”shinal, john. Mobile payments they don’t appear to be preferred. Just a tool available in the event of … Continue reading

Texas Ski Resort not occurring

03.05.2015 An indoor ski resort response to news in Texas. On February 25, 2015 USA Today reported that in north Texas, the city of Grand Prairie: “A $215 million indoor ski resort is no longer coming here. WFAA – TV reported. The grand Alps Resort and Hard Rock Hotel says it wasn’t able to reach … Continue reading

Federal communications commissions issue equal fair neutral rules response

you hook your internet cord into the wall. you hook your internet cord into the wall. it can touch the internet. It is a connections. It’s FCC – Federal communications commission. It’s doesn’t need to be charged rates. Something they skip buying by getting customer purchase then on a forty five dollar revenue buy a … Continue reading

Write Something {2 of 2}

01.18.2015 Write Something {2 of 2} Keep going. World Wide Web online. I plan to charge one day for  historical publish access. I said this before within recent weeks. But it is taking money, time and effort, unexpectedly. I find a topic sometimes, writing on these topics. Like keep going. Keep effort-ing, keep goal-ing. Keep … Continue reading

Write Something (1 of 2)

01.18.2015 Write Something (1 of 2) 200 pages and 100 sheets, rulered. Royalty? Well write a story, a creative writing, or report. Some words written closer to 100. Keep going. Gotta write another something. Writing this subject/blog/category article for my need of a daily writing. Writing this topic/article for goal quantity writing. The point: 365 … Continue reading

tacky khacki

01.17.201 I grabbed my wacky khacki’s lacking tacky. Back to the card deck. Packing magician hat complain about stack on rack. Yack! Clean vacume, gackly smack tacky. youtube By: Rosette Antoinette Jones – No snack sometimes.

Christian original article response

01.17.2015 Revelation 22:1 “then the angel showed me the river of water of live, bright as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the lamb” Solid white diamonds melted to a drink out through crowns of rhinestones near green emeralds and around pink sapphires sitting amongst other crowns flowing bronze from a facet … Continue reading

Mavericks sports commentary

01.17.15 Last night the Mavericks Dallas played the nuggets (denver). Mavericks led the whole game, ending each quarter in the lead, baskets away. They both have good seson win/loss ratio records at that point, now about 24, – 3 for Mavericks. Mavericks fans must have liked the points ahead for lower negative stress by  keeping … Continue reading

inspired news responses irs and health care premiums.

What you going to write about today? I am going to write on  a newspaper, I plan to read. Affordable Care Act news about affordable healthcare is one topic. I say just have your check or deposit you prepay your health insurance premiums out of are not free. Stop thinking your health insurance isn’t paid, not … Continue reading

what you writing about

01.17.2015 They say what you writing about … What you writing about Say I am writing about… Say I am writing about Response to news, art, magazine, advertisement, my own thing See, I am writing about creatively…So many things. Topic category/Genre for my own book scene Organize my book placement… Take it to a publish … Continue reading

A book. A composition book.

Saturday 01.17.2015 This is a book. A composition book. I’m writing a book. ’99 random article writings about various things’ I hope to publish it and sell copies. Responses. Original response. Original topics and pieces and original creative paragraphs. This can become books, publishing inspired by my own publishings and blogs to goal ½ a … Continue reading

Portable Heater

01.16.15 800 watt Halogen Electric Portable Heater with flat panel design.   Oscillation for even heat distribution. $40.00 before 10 dollar savings of $29.99, a heater, portable. In painful winter, deprived in painful winter from stronger heats, a portable heater is a good necessity. Portable heaters on outdoor spectators activities, like watching an outside soccer game … Continue reading


01.16.2015 Vera bradely. Back pack, Holly has a copy of one it is spectacular highlighter flower colors bordered with a fuscia like hot pink. Doesn’t appear to carry much. But I might try to save up for one. The back pack spacing volume of what I saw as an example is smaller than other backpacks. … Continue reading

Victoria secret’s pink

01.15.2015 A lady in Victoria’s Pink – a sweater with her blonde hair. Medicated on medicinal lotion on a counter. I cleaned my mouth tongue and teeth with fluoride. Something to write about, keep going. Wash hands with anti bacterial liquid soap – not solid dissolve – water drains – folded towels. Make a bed. … Continue reading

NOWVISKI – however you spell the maverick player

01.14.2015 Oh my gosh. Look at him. He said his name is Larry. I met him at the hospital. This patient thing it goes – Wait a minute. Medicine – make medication work please. Walk about and he introduces him to me. – Larry. Oh my gosh. Look at him. He said his name is … Continue reading

Study. Learn. Knowledge.

What will you study. Study. Learn. Continue to grow onto other better things for yourself. Work or occupied in societal contributions has great attributes. I write to accomplish something one day. Busy with studies or educations in learnings for knowledge of one’s minds, in one one mind. Having many brilliances  to stating several things towards conduct … Continue reading

Daily article to write AGAIN.

01.14.2015 Now I don’t have to worry about my daily article to write. I am busy contemplating what I will write about. I have been trying to publish daily for reader viewing of my blogs/news and/or creative writings. My notations of scholarly efforts and so on. So far I’ve published several original categories and written … Continue reading

Sit. Stand. Think.

01.13.2015 Sitting on the ground. Sitting on a bench , sitting in a chair – sitting in the air. Where will you sit today? Standing over here standing over there, standing next to where. Standing in the air. Where shall one stand here? Think. What do you think of what you think? Do you sit … Continue reading

Ultra lights – I don’t smoke

01.13.2015 These are mine, cigarette ultra lights. They are 305 silver for those who don’t smoke. Lights which can hardly be there, disappearing cigarettes,  reappearing cigarettes. So light, they didn’t notice they quit smoking. Silver royalty. Silver kings. Gold royalty. The feminine 305 gold queens lights. At least lights transparent, floating in the air appearing … Continue reading

What do you like about the idea of a 2 in 1 tablet/laptop?

What do you like about the idea of a 2 in 1 tablet/laptop? 2 in 1 laptops. And its real. A laptop and tablet for less than $500.00 for two. In fact at office depot/office max Sunday advertisement of less than $300.00 for an HP Pavilliion X2 laptop with intel processor has up to 11 … Continue reading

They gonna make you love them

They gonna make you love them, that’s assault so No, I won’t – No I don’t Got me saying, I could try to make you love me (but assault so) So, no I wont. No I don’tt. My lines, hit ons, pick up lines, come ons and flirtations Tryin, Makin you love to me. Will … Continue reading

Next part, Best part

01.11.2015 No  it’s the next part…No it’s the best part It isn’t how good it be…Or how bad it is either. No it’s the next part The way the thing that do, it goes You gotta see how they do sing about…You gotta see how the thing do’s, it goes You gotta buy this part…No … Continue reading

American express pre-paid

02.26.15 American Express card pre-paid. Now, even though, typically associated with credit cards, you can get an american express card pre-paid. they are at Target as well as Wal-mart. You can register your card at serve.com and pre-pay and upload funds. After buying the card, you go on the internet with it or purchase items … Continue reading

Challenges in Environmental Sustainable Sociology

written in winter 2014 by Rosette -list of threats to environmental sociology -some dangers stated exaggerations -the  unexaggerated dangers due to controversy of exaggeration Bumper stickers (political  for the  environment on high priced vehicles. social bumper stickers I don’t want on my vehicle since it costs to replace. Someone doesn’t want to buy  fashionable stickers … Continue reading

Write. Accomplish. Come up with something.

Write. Fill out this form. Come up with something. Something to write about, something to speak about on topic, a subject. I write for I want to do something like this but better than this. (in a complimenting way) for I’d liked what they written. Type or format may have something I’d say. I’d write … Continue reading

Sports sociology aspect

Recently my exposure to sports sociology is more but different than my usual sports sociology. The television is on low or with captions for the customers. So customer sociology is going on. Will I hear them comment about a recent player death? There’s so much coverage while I’m doing  coursework for different programs that I … Continue reading

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