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Mercedes Benz – the Best

11.18.2014 The touch-pad sounds phenomenal like I’d ask does it type out my handwriting to read it. That’s a good technology. Or does it speak my handwriting for me to type? Sounds like suspensions of floating fun in the airmatic portions when an interactive screen to control climate while deciding your driving stress spectrum adjustments … Continue reading

A lake escape

12.07.13 Look at the ice You could skate with shoes on Ice on the cement Slip don’t fall – now   Ice on the beneath Ice on the ground – slip don’t fall now Ice on the bench Ice on the leaves Ice on the trees Build a snowman for HIM, melting trees Afloat on … Continue reading

porcelain. vase

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12.26.13 porcelain. iron. pretty fine poignant. I bet it’s sculpture clay-never min. The ivory. weaponic. silver. create silver. ivory. sounds eloquence. eloquence. eloquent. ribbon. pretty. transparency. metal. getting interesting. begin to be good for starting to reading. ceramic. porcelain. BY: Rosette Antoinette Zacie – j snippit artistic published 12.29.13

overpriced computer tablets%#!]

Tablet’s. I hate tablets. I bought my first tablet today – a week ago. Prices range from 42 dollar special all the under one hundred and forty two dollars and then unrealistic pricing begins to go higher and higher. New and unused computer tablets and electronic internet devices begin at $39.99. And laptops begin at … Continue reading

Question: Statement About?

  I have this piece I wrote about. I was really glad how it turned out. – by: Rosette Antoinette Zacie <j>   What am I supposed to write about?         I can start it that way. Gotta write a story or article a day to keep up with goal of once a day. It’s … Continue reading

8 articles/ 8 stories/ 8 postings…

8 articles/ 8 stories/ 8 postings… What am I going to do about 8 stories? Trying to publish 1 article a day before the hospital,god commits rape of prevention of my writing. 2 articles after the hospital to publish each day, since I wrote about 99 articles (at least) at the hospital. Daily 3-15 articles … Continue reading

News: thing such as decorative concrete.

News: thing such as decorative concrete.   blog – what I think of it…   Fire hydrine, Box down the sewer…storm drains. Storm sewer – decorative concrete supply incorporated. “Coats of chemical stain apply 1-2 coats of chemical stain” to clean, dry concrete… use a sprayer designed for corrosive liquids.   536 commercial drive, Duda, … Continue reading

who’s a good mind reader

Who’s a good mind reader? empathetics Conditional Love conditionally loving If they do something they might not like them or love them. ie They way they committed murder may get another you to stop loving them since there are boundaries if they bought harm…(they bought it, harm) – if they brought harm to the wrong … Continue reading

Trinity River Design Challenge

Trinity River Design Challenge… 3 teams competing in finals to receive a chance at designing the They are going to present the competing pieces at the Nasher Sculpture Center.                 The one whose design is selected will win $50,000. The nasher sculpture center sounds high but maybe it is. An event. $5,000 to develop plans … Continue reading

National Park – Apollo 7

7.12.13 National Park on the moon for the US due to Apollo 7 artificats?! The flag. – I heard about it on the news but thought – making it a national paeek? Really, it deals with taking items – not seeking something under national park stances – creating and saying – it is against the … Continue reading

Sale or No sale?!

Stuff for sale on sale or no sales! Please go out of business conducting illegal things such as what attracts customer… the government always makes decisions based on unfair or unethical gaining customer practices. Such as attempting to attract you with a sale of 29% after mark ups of 55% . The for no reason … Continue reading

stay off the grass…

It was on ET! Literally infotainment. A main character from Glee leaves in a way not like actors leave a show. He passed away. Resting in a sleep, they’ve said. Never murdering. Murderings never allowed. One of the main male leads passed away and moved on towards a sleep. They said his real life girlfriend … Continue reading

People might think of this as a violation

“States keeping an eye on drones” “thousands of civilian drones are expected in Us skies within oa few years ad concerns they could be used to spy on Americans are fueling legislative regulation efforts” People might think of this as a violation , others disregard it. What it’d be against us? Concerns they are for … Continue reading

Waterproof Phone. – Samsung

7.19.13 Samsung Galaxy s4 commercial it’s water proof. I don’t prefer the look of those phones but it can still work after being thrown into water. Water-resistant. Phone sprinklers in the fish tank pulled out, in some batter cooking in the kitchen, sprinklers went off in the lawn. Maybe its an event this summer – … Continue reading

Michelle – 1st lady in her outfit…

Michele’s look in Vogue fall fashion issue. They want them to do these magazine news things for publishing’s, and broadcast airings. The comment is in Vogue magazine’s Fall Issue. “While we Americans elected her husband to run our country, we did not elect her to tell us what to eat or how much to exercise.” … Continue reading

movie review of what you’ve already seen

7/16/31 Men In Black – I’ve seen it before – a dozen times… I just thought to blog a review about a film which came out years ago. Part II Men in black came on and so a review on a movie most likely already seen. They have this whole thing going on in a … Continue reading

lamps – motel 6

  ashton kutcher is a lamp… He lights up on punk*d and makes funny jokes – but I talking about the lights in my room. Switches. There aren’t any lamps. There are really neat stuff. the lights  are dim though, a remodeled recently suite. Motel 6 website, says, check out our recently updated rooms. Hard … Continue reading

5 million stolen from USA beauty queen to donald trump!

Evil… she might have 5 million…Just, they are going to sue, a millionaire is going to sue someone else with less money for a reaction from ranging in $5.00 to $5,000… So, hopefully she would have much more and it isn’t most or well I hope she is a thousand aire then – and she … Continue reading

Police- USA- Military (My boring blab at 6:05…)

beginning  short and/or or or/and longer blab about to my fellow natural cuts. Born and raised united America states of American citizens. They are not protectors whatsoever when they agree to the systematic requirement of your protection. As I rosette, have said, in what I wrote previously of which God stole from me. You don’t … Continue reading

they burned puppies

one of the killers said, it was “like cremation” – I was skipping around reading articles in a section of the paper of the dallas morning news and I came across their referenc of a broadcast airing about it. They are in jail for 2 to 8 week puppies. Burining them. there burning them and … Continue reading

Junk blog article for ya’ll : Garbage… not this one. (part 2)

I mean – it was llike  – look at this ford focues in a restauraunt parking lot in the the Dallas ft. worth metroplex. A cue, ford , focus. Focused on – Dallas Ft. Worth area(s) – beign red, 2 door.  Beign? Being red.  (a Styrofoam cup on the ground next to it). Such a … Continue reading

It’s a lifestyle blog…purchase . – publishing . – practice . – snippits 2 of 3

I am not sure I am publishing this one. It’s not my intent. Enough practice. Written by: Rosette Zacisice   My boring blog….!!! Letters to the editor. Once they have the ones they selected for the paper publishing, toss the rest? New ones come in? Oh do you get what happened at word press. They … Continue reading

Some star at a memorial event — bored?

She doesn’t look bored to me. What event might have been going on. She looks excited. I typed in boring. Looking for bored but  found someone who was at some memorial event not looking bored. Anyway, this celebrity looks celebrating in pictures found seeking a search for, ‘boring’. This is definitely a focus for internet … Continue reading

this sucks…get it?!

this sucks, the first fresh press page report that is work reading an inkling of and I read, ” ‘are you sure u want to [finishing]  [the] previous typed word and embark on another”? Something, specific, I’d state in my sarcastic nature… Continued, something to state specifically or pre- notation…to me stating something… Anyway. It’s … Continue reading

Honda Accord, 2 of 2 – Response, NY times magazine

Response, New York Times Magazine 2 of 2 The Accord, “Like” They’ve been doing this on facebook. Honda Accord. Do you like the advertisement. One can ad sometimes it looks away they replace a pretty people think in thousands of dollars and costs when it comes to the vehichles. and sense as an assault came … Continue reading

Disaster – Where do they go to hurt for Assistance?

The official asked, something to let’s get them out of here, something  of insincerity – “where for them to go to hurt for assistance?” Stating it a different way, while they seek shelter, or food. Where do they go to for hurt assistance of food or shelter? They are not asking about an heirloom but something … Continue reading

Disaster – Practice – Development (1 of 2]–

The reason, I choose this current emphasis in emergency management disaster on research &    practice is sometimes with research and development fulfilling success to impact emergent matters between the actual portions of practice, research and development appears worthy of further examination. Such examination may not necessarily be done in depth in a one page … Continue reading

Emergency Management: Disaster Concepted—

By: – Rosette Median mode range mean… Basic terms, (discipline- mathematics_) (Another discipline_) – I came across this University of Texas student enrolled in Urban Economics.  Monday Massachusetts bombing In a hospital –  Blast in a Texas Plant in 2013, yesterday And between these storms of disaster, the nature of earth and the … Continue reading

Disaster: – Poor people? Classified to.or categorized?

  “poor area wouldn’t be able to pay for the equipment or personnel needed, often times depending on volunteers”  (Smith, 1999, pg 25).    ‘Evil greed, theft, lie’ Poor people pay just like rich ones do. Where are the rich after Katrina?!?! Rita?!?! They come in and rebuild the city with their monies or poor monies … Continue reading

Housing Credits – Politics 1 of 2

Today the Dallas Morning News reports potential credits to go to housing in the downtown Dallas area (most likely to the DFW locals – in 2013 – ) the reasons for include getting rid of negative impacts & effecting the area more positively. While in Dallas, one could already rent a 4 bedroom  house for … Continue reading

Sophisticated One – Fashion —

  Sophisticated one – – – – – –  Coach brand Lunch bag? No purse So thiese tans, maroon, darker red – burgundy like, silver, sheen – blues, and teals, light blues, not pastels, not to bold colors on the coach bag – then this purse – No lunch bag Colorfoul – yet striking and … Continue reading

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