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Federal communications commissions issue equal fair neutral rules response

you hook your internet cord into the wall. you hook your internet cord into the wall. it can touch the internet. It is a connections. It’s FCC – Federal communications commission. It’s doesn’t need to be charged rates. Something they skip buying by getting customer purchase then on a forty five dollar revenue buy a … Continue reading

Write Something (1 of 2)

01.18.2015 Write Something (1 of 2) 200 pages and 100 sheets, rulered. Royalty? Well write a story, a creative writing, or report. Some words written closer to 100. Keep going. Gotta write another something. Writing this subject/blog/category article for my need of a daily writing. Writing this topic/article for goal quantity writing. The point: 365 … Continue reading

Study. Learn. Knowledge.

What will you study. Study. Learn. Continue to grow onto other better things for yourself. Work or occupied in societal contributions has great attributes. I write to accomplish something one day. Busy with studies or educations in learnings for knowledge of one’s minds, in one one mind. Having many brilliances  to stating several things towards conduct … Continue reading

Education/Values final part

Education/Values final part There are values. There are beliefs. There are convictions. Declaring a relationship between values and beliefs doesn’t mean that it is there. And hen it is, it doesn’t mean as fact that the relationship is one thing. Is value more important than convictions of such values in critical thinking. How dare I … Continue reading

Education/Values part 3

Education/Values part 3 Where do values originate? Oh come on. Values. Feelings. Values originate from intentional inflictions of emotional distress? No. All right. I’m looking for one origination, finding it in its in the betterment? Maybe. Value. Good thing. Sorry. The origination of values. I’m going to look for it. In the trash. Nope. Unless … Continue reading

Education/Values part 2

Education/Values part 2 Education acquisitions’ of quantities change update or alter a persons values, to specifics or broadens of enlightenments to that of awareness and realizations through education. No, a person is not a stupid idiot to me. So, they have no real character and want to be understood in person or of good person … Continue reading


Education/Values It is still a good write.Its not how you formulate it. Value need – education doesn’t hide behind bad or good person in the name of value and attack the question. What are you studying? Value? Or Value origination? Your behind? No. You called yourself better looking for something hoping it could be found … Continue reading

Promoting women in current Day? Money or Rests 11.21.14

Women might want there paychecks sent to the new introduction of the Federal Express Ship and get system service locker, open for use 24/7  (how often) women would like their paycheck. Not hired for in their thinking as high as roles, they go pursue seek for. [they may seek interest in higher positions. Women deserving … Continue reading

Response to nugenix advertisemt

True story. Nugenix. Oh I missed it again. The commercial for some weight loss pill. I know. I am going to write it down and check the website. It said, Nugenix dot com. That’s nugenix.com and see what kind of weight loss vitamin it is. How potent? is it really effective or really high costing? … Continue reading

Certified Ethics Specialist Associate

Today I became a certified ethics specialist and earned a testing certification, I have been studying for, for a year. I completed college courses in business ethics study courses. And now posting an article on abortion, which I originally drafted days ago. It needs to get out. I hope you like yesterdays news response posting … Continue reading

Sociology 2 … academic series… is the familiar strange preliminary response?

According to the materials presented in this week, what does it mean to say that sociology makes the familiar strange? – asked by wellesley professor The professors discussion of biography and history of sociology and the larger public issues… – social media, and death and politics… (globally in sociology ) was  a focus I almost … Continue reading

My Developing an Abstract Goal

I am calling an abstract goal, one which you couldn’t measure concretely or tell. Such as eating better to healthier. Measuring healthier and measuring system operational movements. Isn’t measure active mileage walks or the smaller size measurements which scientific studies correlate to them looking more slender directly with a instant diet nutrition amended to healthy … Continue reading

Dell old buyout response…

8.1.13 Dell is looking at a buyout (back in August 2013). I remember years ago commercial affordable computers at just under $100.00 And dell changed the consumers and merchandiser avail-abilities at mostly from $400 – $500 before online or phone mail in computer orders of $100. or specialty wholesalers for $100.00. Dell was saying ‘Dude’ … Continue reading

I – believer

 I already know about it. Studied, learned, – I study it – (What they said about?) I have I learned it – No I developed it. I founded created, preachers, saying. I don’t think they saying stuff about atheist. Preachers saying. I bought4 notebooks looking at ones for sale, one says God will always open … Continue reading

ya’ll read 2000 word blogs? political

Over 2000 words on them topic of speech…on word press, a good article not what is expected from the title but 2000 words and ongoing. It is freshly pressed and about another topic. Looks like written in one of my developing writing styles recently. Hopefully, not an assignment. By the way, those styles are not … Continue reading

– I ran into a girl in the mornng and she worked in construction management. Nor garbage waste but recycling. They recycle everything from the regular known plastics, papers to make-up, stuff people throw in the trash. Gets sorted crushed and compacted. One  thing she saw to be destroyed was a leather purse.  Why did that … Continue reading

broke vehicle

This Sunday morning a girl outside. Starbucks, a vehicle didn’t  start. Maybe a ford I heard it is about 15 years old. A  1990’s vehicleand some cute hot shirtless guy came to repair it after an appeared phone call to shirtless hot. White dice over a visor. Anyway I like my snippet, still Sunday I … Continue reading

News: thing such as decorative concrete.

News: thing such as decorative concrete.   blog – what I think of it…   Fire hydrine, Box down the sewer…storm drains. Storm sewer – decorative concrete supply incorporated. “Coats of chemical stain apply 1-2 coats of chemical stain” to clean, dry concrete… use a sprayer designed for corrosive liquids.   536 commercial drive, Duda, … Continue reading

Stainless steel watch

Haltom’s TagHuer…         Watch the stones. Looks all right. Normal expectation. Beautiful watch. In an advertisement. What it says about it, “commitment to benefit…women” [un] A watch benefitting and committing to woman silver looking or platinum or a golden gray…the who picture and diamond or cubic is going. Do you all really now just suddenly change … Continue reading


8/1/13 I used to look at acupuncture, not as a therapy draining tensions or remedy. Look at acupuncture. It looks like it hurts. A lot of needles sticking into the human body. Needles hurt. I don’t want a flu shot. Will wear a lap top hat to search for needles which don’t hurt. Creating a … Continue reading

Dart cookie…

Dart. It’s 2013. August. Nothing like getting a thank you. Dart cookie on $300 – $500 million per year as prior (dallas morning news reports and my original responses to dart updates) As a customer. Are they out of the office?! It says (thank you) cookie. Neat. Thank you for the Dart cookie. I’m a … Continue reading


7.24.13 Exactly.      Legal Expertise. So when I am hired for my legal expertise. What? Exactly. My hand hurts. I hope not from writing. Responsibility for what shouldn’t be my responsibility. I utilize my expertise. I hope. Anxious?! A challenge – anxious about occupation, employment, career – About? – No – Exactly. 46 words . … Continue reading

Solar Vehicles

7.22.13 Plano Solar Advocates group (there is one) At Texas motor  speedway their dynamics tested and qualifying a vehicle in the process by driving around obstacles. In the 2013 Solar Car challenge they will drive 844 miles from dallas thru el paso through Phoenix to Las Angeles, California. Solar Car race starts out in Texas … Continue reading

Apartment complex…

I don’t want to write about an apartment complex. $99 ninety nine dollar move in. Like they are offering something…. ).00 – zero dollar mmover in… – Everyone is doing that… $696.58 a month for the other 12 months… 1 month free rent last month after paying $7,392.33 – 1 month! you pre- paid the … Continue reading

city purchased a jail for $50

In 1882 the city purchased a jail for $50. The population of Plano alone most likely would head closer to half a million by 2050 and over. As projections over the years have risen. Plano, Texas is a city within the dallas, ft.worth metroplex. From a population of 155 in 1871 where the victim of … Continue reading

triangular pastry

Blog: Arby’s apple turnover’s are okay. They make a good bread. More enjoyable, the plain than the apple or sweetened interior of the triangular pastry. Decadent, delectable… – No, even better for $1.29 just wonderful. They recently began selling coffee maybe with their lower priced value meal. Iced water and an apple turnover sounds nice. … Continue reading

television -…boring – entertaining

News: Televisions wanting them and stuff on to channel change to. New shows come on. Old shows broadcasting. So what’s new in needing or wanting to have the television as a form of entertainment. Internet users have many outlets. I suppose there is internet Television broadcasting the shows available when you watch television shows. Netflix … Continue reading

Cut grass, mowers, and companies in news

Today is Tuesday – the 8.6.13 Blog boring part:Wow –look at that – thank you. Posting many articles from days of writing specifically. News reports about Snowden. A local celebrity radio, death.  The national celebrity dead. Selena’s birthday around the end of last month. Tax free weekend again soon. News worthy. I was out and … Continue reading

Sale or No sale?!

Stuff for sale on sale or no sales! Please go out of business conducting illegal things such as what attracts customer… the government always makes decisions based on unfair or unethical gaining customer practices. Such as attempting to attract you with a sale of 29% after mark ups of 55% . The for no reason … Continue reading

Microsoft windows suites…

7.21.13 – Microsoft windows has a neat program Microsoft office suites and student suites are neat to utilize. Microsoft at Costco wholesale might be, available for consumer purchases. Update for every under 100.00 or $99.99 or less spent. Taxes on things over $100 even school supplies needed like laptops, but not backpacks, many clothing outfits … Continue reading

stay off the grass…

It was on ET! Literally infotainment. A main character from Glee leaves in a way not like actors leave a show. He passed away. Resting in a sleep, they’ve said. Never murdering. Murderings never allowed. One of the main male leads passed away and moved on towards a sleep. They said his real life girlfriend … Continue reading

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