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what ya gonna do when they come for you

bad boys cowboys what ya gonna do what ya gonna do when they come for you. they got the ball and they coming fast, them cowboys are surely gonna last here they come in the cloud of dust, them cowboys are surely a must bad boys cowboys what you gonna do what ya gonna do … Continue reading

zapper iced over

Originally posted on Rosetteismyname's Blog:
12.07.13 Look at the ice You could skate with shoes on Ice on the cement Slip don’t fall – now   Ice on the beneath Ice on the ground – slip don’t fall now Ice on the bench Ice on the leaves Ice on the trees Build a snowman…

can i write about christianity

2:03 can I write about Christianity till 2:10 or 5 minutes or something. Take Gods stuff that you threw thrash on No! not from him You threw garbage and disgust. Set it on him, not good, nor correct, when right does wrong. (when you don’t do right) [[[called it either right or wrong and harmed…]]]] … Continue reading

birds-flap 1 flap 2 fly

birds  flying circling like one had died  floating so pretty birds looks like a plane glide flap 1 flap 2 fly moving fast away from me cross to see circling where’d they go? gloating -floating over there now must be under 20. go oh just to hear something 12.20.13 by: Rosette antoinette – published 2014

cuzzly wuzzly cold (artistic write)

a little cold, a little cuzzy wuzzly – cold outside. A smaller breeze makes the hurt of extremes at ease type Not so much hurt cold – just a little cold cold. Got your jacket or slippers , mittens or your sweaters. It’s cuzzly cold buzzing sound out in the cold. Buzzing light orange not … Continue reading

next assault step music

turn on your radio next step listen their wrongs going right at you called going at you what you gonna do see star out their hand em $10.00 then that’s not what their thinkin suffern where’s their superstardom then if you don’t have a radio in your car install it then – don’t have a … Continue reading

Response to Joel Osteen March 16 television

“You  do not need  approval from others to become what God [wants for you]” He said well of good things.  He said abundance…favor… I respond God seeks to approve your becoming something great and more maybe when what is seeked is great and/or more. What God wants for you is to be found – not … Continue reading


What do you know about what do you hear about what do you speak about What do you Go about what do you sound about And then when you jealous entertaining crap can be good – NO- ! CRAP IS BAD good is good TALENT IS GOOD TALENT CRAP IS GOOD GOOD CRAP IS GOOD BY … Continue reading

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