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SMU library… stuff…

I’d seen this on the smu.edu website. Local to the Dallas Ft worth area in texas where a recent 9+ tornadoes hit in less than a week ago. North Texas Southern Methodist University has a spectacular campus. In visiting some campuses to a lot and I haven’t seen very many in my opinion, just, it … Continue reading

Quick Press: Do you think God is embarassed?

  I don’t think so. I hope. news News?! no news just God right now. And do you think he can be ?emabarassed by anything or at all? Really? all the things embarassable of embarssing you. So… No, I don’t think God is easily embarassed- A superiority complex? No. Superior is superior. God curseth – … Continue reading

The section (category) – I write about…

It looked nice tonight, I had an original story. No, not a piece other papers or broadcast really pick up. Something I caught like I met someone not the most interesting attending an overpriced post high school program at the local sky rocket tuition rate inflated from around 325 to times 5 or times 9 … Continue reading

Disaster – Where do they go to hurt for Assistance?

The official asked, something to let’s get them out of here, something  of insincerity – “where for them to go to hurt for assistance?” Stating it a different way, while they seek shelter, or food. Where do they go to for hurt assistance of food or shelter? They are not asking about an heirloom but something … Continue reading

Disaster practice preparedness

        The practice in the emergency matters: the field to make their roles fulfilled be more effective to those to recover from injury when the research is implemented regarding research practice and so forth. Investigations and inquiries for preparedness and warnings to stop and allot for the environment and society to benefit … Continue reading

Disaster – Practice – Development (2 of 2]–

3 days ago over 9 tornadoes damaged the north Texas area… – from CNN to yahoo news reports… This chosen area to research in disaster and emergency was as the causes of better developments to prevent such property damages. The practice of just another tornado, recently in north Texas and people left homeless and what … Continue reading

Disaster – Practice – Development (1 of 2]–

The reason, I choose this current emphasis in emergency management disaster on research &    practice is sometimes with research and development fulfilling success to impact emergent matters between the actual portions of practice, research and development appears worthy of further examination. Such examination may not necessarily be done in depth in a one page … Continue reading

Quick Press: – Disasters Nature – 5.17.13

Traditionally, a focus on “all hazards’ – I have to say as this series begins…I haven’t enjoyed bringing in the terrorist attack into what the opens up as and thus continues within the descriptions of emergency management as disasters of occurrence with the adjective of tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, fires, etc – . Then! Bringing in … Continue reading

disasters man made — nature disasters

I focus more attention on nature disasters. I state about attention being towards referenced but, many forum respondents appear to speak about the terrorist or other attacks or just accidents and such from events of occurrence. It appears a lot of attention has brought toward the other natural disasters effecting coasts, el nina, floods, storms, … Continue reading

Emergency Management Studies…Intro… to disaster series.. continued…

After 16 weeks of indepth studies and report researches. I deliver a short research brief to such professing instruction, Shana Nicholson regarding Emergency Management with main topics in Research, Practice and Development and Disaster Theory. Forum Respondents and assigned readings assisted as well as additional researches, CNN, Fox, and NBC reports in media. Prior educational … Continue reading

2013, saturday, 4th

Plano, Texas – This isn’t even dallas, just an area outside of dallas. I usually don’t get on a route that goes off route. Oh, this looks. It looks like someone made up to take it off route when I first began taking the bus routes, it was on the bus route. Alma, near the … Continue reading

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