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Starbucks ~ about what about…

  End of the month – Toward at least, August 30, 2012…. Anyway, Thursday at least and things are out and about like the typical Thursday. Road updates, construction doing its thing. And it’s sunny this Fall, late afternoon 4:13. I am just near a whole foods and like to enjoy the classical starbucks, where … Continue reading

~ Antique Infrastructure – Interior design response

  I came across a blog by Iron Compass which this blog contains an initial paragraph – Research allots for I don’t find these utilizations of these infrastructures considered antique.The vehicle isn’t antique. Older type models are considered classics. A picture of “Iron Compass” reference shows. In fact, a high technological picture, on the Freshly … Continue reading

USA Today reports a clip on itself – response…

You want some original brand new reporting! A NEWS story! Something to take a note of…A bit of ‘wow’ factor, little or the lot. Something to take you aback? Maybe it won’t, it might or might not since it would or wouldn’t. Maybe it doesn’t at all take you aback that a company. Since it … Continue reading

Response – description of rooms, broad…

“T he ground floor room has a few bright clothes, some accessories, and the tills where you pay. On the first floor, there is one room which has the changing rooms, plus many bright cushions to relax on, and another glass walled room at the front with more beachwear. On the second floor, there is … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Beyond the Warning Track:
The Astros have been eliminated after another unsurprisingly awful season in which they’ve drawn comparisons to the worst team in baseball, the Cleveland Spiders of 1899. While I am no expert at baseball history – the wealth of lore and information available on the sport is beyond my…

Reblog ~

Originally posted on The Daily Post:
Every day, 19 WordPressers are featured on the Freshly Pressed section of WordPress.com. And every day, many more wonder, “What do I have to do to get Freshly Pressed?” Well, it’s time to reveal what the folks who push the launch button are thinking. Each week, a member of…

Generally Perfect!

The perfection of precisionals generally. The fantastic brilliant quote one said, “I didn’t come here to compete, I am the competition” on a t-shirt I took a major role in designing. Along a wall in the same room, this was several years ago, about the 10th – 12th grade levels I completed. And well, along … Continue reading

Response to Letters from the Editor & Publisher at Paper City

Paper City Magazine inspired…. Style/Fashion/Social – Dallas – August 2012 Issue PartyCityMag.com Exclusive authentic and the style of the synthetics from the two addresses, (1 letter from the Editor) (1 Letter from the publisher offers exclusive insight which is inclusive to what they are saying about these days at paper city. Letter from the Editor … Continue reading

The Land Rover Advertisement Response…

So, (no, not the ad makers at Sports Authority) – The advertisement with Land Rover was found of interest on the end cover of a Vype Magazine. I was looking for something in Vype and they had sports stories of high school. A few advertsisements here and therer but lets take a look at this … Continue reading

15 year waiting list for vehicle…Summer Issue 2012, Nu Image

 Nu Image Magazine Announces, “Catalina” – An Island Escape from LA – Summer 2012 issue. Amy wrote about a “15 year waiting list for residents to be issues a permit to own a car…there are 800 oversized vehicles on the island”. ~ Says Paturel – Maybe they need a little room. They wrote about an escape … Continue reading

Staging Ideas and “Tips – Homes and Land” volume 9 – Issue 6 refercd.

Staging Tips listed in homes and Land magazine. Also reference, HOMESandLAND.com also a reference sets up 9 Staging Tips listed as east steps to help sell a house… 1. Make repairs and get organized before marketing your home in any fashion. This particular rule should apply whether you have already moved and your house is … Continue reading

Join Everyone in October Arts in the Dallas area! 30 days….

Join Everyone – Announcements in October, prizes, days of free admissions and entertainment with Art Museums and Sculpture Centers, special events and encouragements of participation like the… Art in motion, Bringing a Bike, Wagon, or other “artistically decorated” transportation vehicular type! Dance Africa – Fiesta’s, Block Parties, An Operan announcement of a Free lawn simulcast … Continue reading

Fires continue to burn after Venezuala refinery explosion!

An Explosion of a Bakery killed 39 and blasts cooked the bread, some of which, “still sits on cooling racks” “Walls and ceilings collapsed” reactions with a gas leak…something to be said of…tragic, indeed, but still…. Awkard, or weird, a bakery explosion with a fire still burining? It just seems not like where one might … Continue reading

Students react and they call it activism…

School District  of Los Angeles, has a school in which they complain of a dishwasher. The claim of a complaint deals with the idea of inability to recycle the styrofoam lunch trays. They now utilize reusable with mention of a dishwashing complaint. “a trip to a recycling facility, trays aren’t being recycled, recyclers” won’t clean them. … Continue reading

Solar tools can offer emergency and convenience –( no 33% tariff please)

Tariff – separate fee increase retroactively on something that usually allots for a larger tax break, an Oxymoron no, paradox….on Get tax write offs, go green , save the world, save the economy,, save the environment, go green! Utilization of various options including solar products which save watt usage and other various energy consumptions in … Continue reading

Ad Response: J12 Chanel Watch is Gorgeous! – Wall Street Journal Magazine, September Issue 2012, page 25

This piece just looks like it is a fun and beautiful accessory.- So I says, it just lookin like a fun & beautiful accessory… So, a Chanel advertisement of the WSJ Magazine September 2012 issue. I worked for a company in which a high end company, sells higher-like luxurious products and it appears they have … Continue reading

Responded: GM seeking more than $8 billion dollars! Response to Vol. CCLX No.47

Wall Street Journal Reported: August 25-26, 2012 –  “GM is in preliminary talks with banks to potentially double its $5 billion line of credit as it looks to shrink pension obligations.” My Response too vol. CCLX No.47 of the Wall Street Journal WSJ – below GM already a part of the $30 billion dollar acclaimed … Continue reading

Responded: US diplomats attacked/Cigarette companies crazy -Response to Vol. CCLX No.47

Wall Street Journal Reported: August 25-26, 2012 – “Two U.S. diplomats were wounded when their SUV was attacked on a rural road south of Mexico City by gunmen that included members of the Federal Police.” – “appeals court struck down requirements for graphic warning labels for cigarettes The diplomats of the United States attacked by people in … Continue reading

Starbucks Bad Customers!

So it is Sunday in the afternoon – A late print to be sent out today and this Garbage at Starbucks doesn’t understand common courtesy. Humanity is a good concept as people are encouraged to be humane and come correct. In the event of an emergency, no one expects people to go drastically out of … Continue reading

Hurricane Isaac, current goings of the Tropical Storm…

My first Original Reporting is done on the weather…. So Hurricane Isaac I am looking at it and something is just miraculous about the reference of a hurricane as a tropical storm. It sounds so pretty. Destruction sounding pretty and beautiful and tropical. Like a tropical vacation to the tropics – A HURRICANE – it … Continue reading

Reblog – on politics…not anonymous

Originally posted on Permalife: an FPS:
Photo by Enrique Dans (http://www.flickr.com/photos/edans/) The standoff between Britain and Ecuador over Julian Assange’s bid for political asylum has been making headlines around the world. For the past two months, Julian Assange, the founder of the whistleblower website Wikileaks, has been taking refuge in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London.…

Dallas Morning News reports….Ruling a boost to Texas Coal Plants

This blog is about two side “key points listed with the EPA” 1. The court’s decision spares two Texas coal-fired power plants slated for closure. 2. The EPA says the rule would have prevented 30,000 premature deaths and hundreds of thousands of diseases This is the front page of Dallas Morning Newspaper 8.22.12, also reference … Continue reading

China Unsold Product Surplus– Complains report AP NYT

Stuff and stuff and more stuff….Do they need overstock.com? Lower or increase factory productivities….Maybe if they sold the stuff or got rid of it… Maybe – well it at least appears to be something of the point to causing reporting. Looking like junk as they threw use-able things in trash bags, people are not in … Continue reading

Texas Magazine Article Issue for July/August

So what sparked my interest in this piece was the opening statement, appearing sarcastic and rather alarmed and enticed by past and current event arguments in news, politics, and other events and current affairs. The statement says: Can a money value be placed on the advantage of having a State free of professional bank stick-up … Continue reading

Where did the Water go? NY Times Reports, Drought in Midwest

Where did the water go? 100 people complaining about Well failure in area dependent on wells doesn’t exactly scream drought, or does it? with water levels  reported  dropping, and complaints of something sounding disgusting, that is ‘MILKY WATER’ as in “more complaints of water [going] milky, to spotty, to nothing” – yuck – milky water? … Continue reading

New York Times Reported: – convention event issues….

Response blog to NY Times report…Hurricane could be coming in…and the event is still planned in Florida! Umbrella Goody bags are a cute idea for a political convention…Sounds not like the typical or most likely would have been the Plan A of compliments at the reception. With the typical assigned seatings – no placecards are … Continue reading

Returning Home From Morocco: A Physics Lesson

Originally posted on International Sheanniegans:
When most, myself included, envision a study abroad experience, the picture formed is one of an epic journey, a whirlwind of exotic adventures, and a movie-style score involving lots of string instruments and orchestral percussion to accompany it all. Sometimes, it’s like that. Sometimes, it’s not. My departure from Morocco…

Reblog: What Makes a Post Freshly Press-able?

Originally posted on The Daily Post:
Every day, 19 WordPressers are featured on the Freshly Pressed section of WordPress.com. And every day, many more wonder, “What do I have to do to get Freshly Pressed?” Well, it’s time to reveal what the folks who push the launch button are thinking. Each week, a member of…

Reblog – some pictures inspired re-Blag

Originally posted on Nomadic Lens:
So, no pictures. I am just a 29, 32 year old girly gal here in the year 2012. Something sat in my old spot, not my chair but! It is like get it away – (It isn’t a site to view or anything_) no pictures to take of something that likes to colder than cold … Continue reading

National New York Times Reports: Alabama: Court Gives Mixed Rulings on Checks of Immigration Status

Reports – “Part of Alabama’s immigration law that ordered public schools to check the citizenship status of new students was ruled unconstitutional on Monday by a federal appeals court that also said the police in that state and Georgia can demand papers from criminal suspects they have detained. ” Comment response to this first part … Continue reading

Foolish ingrates at the school administration

  The only wrong doing criminal act here comes from the school, and definitely not the exemplary student they all would just be claiming they want to frown down at. They need self-esteem classes or something. One earns a diploma, handing what they earned, the  symbol or item of a typical 13 year accomplishment from … Continue reading

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