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Response to Joel Osteen sermon yesterday

“instead of leaking…be everfilled” “Lord, thank you” “Make melody in your heart” “overcome every obstacle…defeat every enemy” ” When yiou complain you remain” – Response to these Joel Osteen quotes is below, by Rosette now i don’t have joy but I’ve been harmed. But if you can have joy, you can be resolved with wonderful … Continue reading

American Airline I_pad rant

They had to learn to fly without the I-pad originally. American Airlines pilots have an I-pad that unfortunately was described as crucial.To send flight plans to. Flight plans have been in other formats. Pilots should buy their own personal i-pad but seriously! A company issued ipad,  for flight plans, come on. The plane might crash … Continue reading

150 dollar house

I would love a home. 200 words or less sounds fabulous to obtain a home for one-hundred and fifty dollars. An opportunity like this is spectacular for people in the  position to send their essay through 150house.com The website crashed quickly, it is reported, but people have to get in their essays. That is when … Continue reading

hours in the classroom

11,000 — 1,600 age 16 — 1,600 times ten is 16,000 notes above… So I am writing in response to an inaccurate disagreed upon comment about teenagers in the classroom – time spent read was less than entertainment – no… homework/studies more this isn’t allowed truancy possible age 16 is 16,000 hours in homework studies … Continue reading

I think I feel

no, these words are not used interchangeably. I am studying and came across a leisure reading – non – requisite and I disagreed with the comment – I think isn’t interchangeable – people know what they mean when asked a question. Stated as fact. No they don’t. Oh. well they say they don’t. The understanding … Continue reading

Steve Nash out for the season

I saw the headline. I am in the dallas area. Whatever  and wherever his career began. But here in dallas the fans saw  nash.  – they were on the – Anyway, I’d seen a headline in 2003 or 2004 – they’d had a season not losing their first 28 games. And wow,! I thought, I … Continue reading

10.22.14 – Kim Kardashians Birthday

Today was Kim Kardashians Birthday. They were at singer at some game or something on ESPN at 6:50 CST . Twitter. I wonder who the oldest is. if they car around that they kept up with the Kardashians. It’s her birthday she is older than me. Kim’s is in October. My birthday was just earlier … Continue reading

red light running

assault – you made the light, something went on and now they want to hit you with a fine ticket, might or might not run up insurance. Might not… but potential accident and it was green for a short time and yellow really long and you actually really would have made that light. It doesn’t … Continue reading

response to advice, writing

the writer’s at freshly pressed are sure to offend you, a good writer in this topic. – it is titled – Bad writing advice and made freshly pressed. I don’t think that these are bad writing advices – a topic advice except for talent of writing was number 3 suggesting either outline first or just … Continue reading

ya’ll read 2000 word blogs? political

Over 2000 words on them topic of speech…on word press, a good article not what is expected from the title but 2000 words and ongoing. It is freshly pressed and about another topic. Looks like written in one of my developing writing styles recently. Hopefully, not an assignment. By the way, those styles are not … Continue reading

National Park – Apollo 7

7.12.13 National Park on the moon for the US due to Apollo 7 artificats?! The flag. – I heard about it on the news but thought – making it a national paeek? Really, it deals with taking items – not seeking something under national park stances – creating and saying – it is against the … Continue reading

Six flags death…

7.21.13 A woman was killed on a roller coaster in the last 72 hours at a local amusement park in North Texas, dallas area. Six flags at Arlington comments or not. Inspectors of the ride come in as well. It is a crazy thing. Heat in July – They regularly have local program discounts – … Continue reading

Sale or No sale?!

Stuff for sale on sale or no sales! Please go out of business conducting illegal things such as what attracts customer… the government always makes decisions based on unfair or unethical gaining customer practices. Such as attempting to attract you with a sale of 29% after mark ups of 55% . The for no reason … Continue reading

stay off the grass…

It was on ET! Literally infotainment. A main character from Glee leaves in a way not like actors leave a show. He passed away. Resting in a sleep, they’ve said. Never murdering. Murderings never allowed. One of the main male leads passed away and moved on towards a sleep. They said his real life girlfriend … Continue reading

Waterproof Phone. – Samsung

7.19.13 Samsung Galaxy s4 commercial it’s water proof. I don’t prefer the look of those phones but it can still work after being thrown into water. Water-resistant. Phone sprinklers in the fish tank pulled out, in some batter cooking in the kitchen, sprinklers went off in the lawn. Maybe its an event this summer – … Continue reading

water contaminations…

Gas sites tied to contaminated water… Water contaminated with gas or fuel sounds like drinking or not? Gasoline water Fuel water… they have those sayings, fuel your system with Gatorade or powerade drinks. Flavored waters. The sites of which the environmental writer speaks about a study at the University of Texas at Arlington came across … Continue reading

Michelle – 1st lady in her outfit…

Michele’s look in Vogue fall fashion issue. They want them to do these magazine news things for publishing’s, and broadcast airings. The comment is in Vogue magazine’s Fall Issue. “While we Americans elected her husband to run our country, we did not elect her to tell us what to eat or how much to exercise.” … Continue reading


Dreams – ways to accomplish these dreams… Not really a dream but after 135 to 199 blog postings or so, I seeked at one point a 30 day continuing feed for about 90 days at least in Emergency Disaster and Management. So a goal there would be for me to get that going again – … Continue reading

Quick press: so little postings, in the hospital.

I was in the hospital in the recent 21 days and cut off from my lap top computer, desktop and notebooks. I did have a writing notebook journal to use but no internet to post on. I have a lot of postings over the next days to get out. Written & authored by; Rosette Zacie…

Plans! Energy! Democrats! Republicans! Injuries, 19! A seawall! Crash – plane.!.!

Rick Perry, another president from Texas for the United states? Or re-election as governor? Plans announced in the Dallas Morning News cover – Rick “Perry’s plans” also announces  US citizens and other international citizens on a flight crash hitting a sea wall in California.   An international flight from Korea to San Fransico crash 19 … Continue reading

they burned puppies

one of the killers said, it was “like cremation” – I was skipping around reading articles in a section of the paper of the dallas morning news and I came across their referenc of a broadcast airing about it. They are in jail for 2 to 8 week puppies. Burining them. there burning them and … Continue reading

It’s a lifestyle blog…purchase . – publishing . – practice . – snippits 2 of 3

I am not sure I am publishing this one. It’s not my intent. Enough practice. Written by: Rosette Zacisice   My boring blog….!!! Letters to the editor. Once they have the ones they selected for the paper publishing, toss the rest? New ones come in? Oh do you get what happened at word press. They … Continue reading

Anyway, Legalizing pot?

marajuaina moms – legalized pot – things they spoke about on CNN around 8:00 p.m. Central Standard time before anderson cooper. – the other channel across the room right now is The Fox News network with Hannity – C-SPAN has also been popular. Anyway, Legalizing pot? They always said medicinal on plant – but not … Continue reading

this sucks…get it?!

this sucks, the first fresh press page report that is work reading an inkling of and I read, ” ‘are you sure u want to [finishing]  [the] previous typed word and embark on another”? Something, specific, I’d state in my sarcastic nature… Continued, something to state specifically or pre- notation…to me stating something… Anyway. It’s … Continue reading

Honda Accord, 2 of 2 – Response, NY times magazine

Response, New York Times Magazine 2 of 2 The Accord, “Like” They’ve been doing this on facebook. Honda Accord. Do you like the advertisement. One can ad sometimes it looks away they replace a pretty people think in thousands of dollars and costs when it comes to the vehichles. and sense as an assault came … Continue reading

Android Smart Phone promotions

Android Smart phone – messing up – placing round – Loyalty rewards programs, one could buy the LG Smart Phone Android – Expired 2 month offer special promotion of a FREE PHONE – 2 year monthly Wyndham hotels rewards program through the Android phone. They still have this promotion around some hotels. The flat screen … Continue reading

Response: Question about lap top use in the Spring

I use my laptops for my collegiate university coursework, watched dramatic films, played games, filled out scholarships, taken part of extra curriculars and website building and productions. Into summer, I have my laptop and I seek to purchase more. They are costly. My lap tops and computers and desktops are important for my collegiate university … Continue reading

Disaster – Practice – Development (2 of 2]–

3 days ago over 9 tornadoes damaged the north Texas area… – from CNN to yahoo news reports… This chosen area to research in disaster and emergency was as the causes of better developments to prevent such property damages. The practice of just another tornado, recently in north Texas and people left homeless and what … Continue reading

Quick Press: – Disasters Nature – 5.17.13

Traditionally, a focus on “all hazards’ – I have to say as this series begins…I haven’t enjoyed bringing in the terrorist attack into what the opens up as and thus continues within the descriptions of emergency management as disasters of occurrence with the adjective of tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, fires, etc – . Then! Bringing in … Continue reading

Emergency Management: Disaster Concepted—

By: – Rosette Median mode range mean… Basic terms, (discipline- mathematics_) (Another discipline_) – I came across this University of Texas student enrolled in Urban Economics.  Monday Massachusetts bombing In a hospital –  Blast in a Texas Plant in 2013, yesterday And between these storms of disaster, the nature of earth and the … Continue reading

Disaster: Response Emergency Preparation

  I’m Rosette and further responding to Karlene Durfey’s article once more… Karlene Durfey, (forum respondent) states within her introduction: “definition of disaster is never really decided: and will always be a continued discussion for as long as mankind has a say in the processes of the formulation the debate, debacles, and arguments” – Karlene Durgey   … Continue reading

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