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01.16.2015 Vera bradely. Back pack, Holly has a copy of one it is spectacular highlighter flower colors bordered with a fuscia like hot pink. Doesn’t appear to carry much. But I might try to save up for one. The back pack spacing volume of what I saw as an example is smaller than other backpacks. … Continue reading

Victoria secret’s pink

01.15.2015 A lady in Victoria’s Pink – a sweater with her blonde hair. Medicated on medicinal lotion on a counter. I cleaned my mouth tongue and teeth with fluoride. Something to write about, keep going. Wash hands with anti bacterial liquid soap – not solid dissolve – water drains – folded towels. Make a bed. … Continue reading

02.01.15 about a bracelet

02.01.2015 My bracelet is less than twenty dollars but cost me less than five dollars. They want me to charge thousands for the same bracelet. Looks like a sentimental craft project.  Pink and clear – white glass crystals faceted. Really, fancy shaped transparent pieces to purchase at Michaels Craft Store. Elastic stretchable and wearable. Modest … Continue reading

high fashion comment talk

Winter 2014 You won’t buy a Michael Kohrs purse or Louis Voitton but Tommy Hillfiger or Coach – you don’t go to Starbucks. You buy it – No instead you’ve been buying something else about your victimization. You buy to be put out of pain It’s stolen. Unless you decided on that, decided to be … Continue reading

(fASHION [Purse)

This purse. I usually like the rhinestones. The last place i BOUGHT MY purse, the last one I had, Target. I didn’t find one I liked This Blue glitter not to noticeable too much, not tooo shiny the design. SImple you see… is really good, design.Pattern, not. All print. Decorated or art on. Beige – … Continue reading

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