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Starbucks Ramblings…

I picked up a bag. They grind the coffee in the event you might choose to purchase a pound or two of it. So anyway they had samples available in real shot glasses. REAL SHOT GLASSES. – sample things… In 2013, I ordered my kids hot chocolate at age 31 or so and took my … Continue reading

Emergency Managers in Natural Disasters – (Part 4 of 4)

There was a University/University Shooting, not mine in 2007, I went to class and looked around scared; it’s a Christian University. What about those graduating? What about getting the students back to their daily routines (to ignoring the new empty seat)? What they don’t have available for the people…(yet or (blank). “where for them to … Continue reading

Quick Press! Starbucks Media weird prouct gadgets available…

Typically drink cups or brewed teas or coffees and various of the sorts, typically used for consumption. However, people aren’t about to eat their mouse pad, electronic, or pen, or sticky notes, with available planner. Starbucks released a merchandise prouduct for around 33.45 and also at times release a sale after the Christmas holiday and/or … Continue reading

Emergency Managers in Natural Disasters – (Part 3 of 4)

  Emergency Managers and the teams which at times include officials and researchers of sorts have a lot of criticism surrounding the hurt of the afflicted by the natural disaster. People are impersonal across the country and don’t understand until they are affected by a disaster, even in the least. So, as such the truth … Continue reading

Starbucks – Verisimo (part 2 of 2.7–) Ready brew or Latte?

New instant coffee at starbucks, Via ready brew sold in packets of 3 to 12. It came out recently 24 months in regular flavor offerings. Starbucks promotes it as instant coffee. The various flavors don’t necessarily specifically include caramels or mocha’s yet also vanilla, columbia’s & Italian Roast. Within those times, they’ve mentioned Verisimo new … Continue reading

You Published 60 Posts! Part 2 – Reacting to in Part 1….

This isn’t light it is my first assignment for a course and up to 148 reading page materials assigned which of two documents, one 25 pages and the other 124-37 pages which altered in my face after ticked off at 25 page read, the 117 pages. Nonetheless! The best style… I was in elementary school … Continue reading

Emergency Managers in Natural Disasters – (Part 2 of 4)

The implication of the alteration of the Emergency Manager’s role is what else occurred with the other positions effecting the Emergency Manager role of former outputs and what they’ve done or do and such in the daily tasks assigned due to society national and at a global effect from different points of the environment and … Continue reading

You Published 60 Posts! {Part 1 of 2}

tiny thing to read quickly} Disclosure: The best style is the style you notice and can appreciate where some piece of sh*t doesn’t make up some evil bull crap with  only additional intent to hurt one.   So this pathetic pissed off criminal attempt – {interrupted me}   No one that is shoving it in … Continue reading

Emergency Managers in Natural Disasters – (Part 1 of 4)

Altering the Emergency Managers role in situations as recent as Hurricane Sandy (2012), Rita (2005), & Andrew (1992) would do many things as far as recovery efforts and the Emergency response efforts for the individual(s) which fulfill these roles. The things brought up of which has been traditionally and historically used as a tool of … Continue reading

Starbucks – Drinkware or Mug?

They have this new cup design which shows the oz an the tall, venti, or grande cup size and the fluid oz associated with the number of oz. A sandy hurricane went through and a president election went on. The cups are resembling the mug size they a white and look breakable. Drinkware is what … Continue reading

Response to Starbucks News Room Press Release…

Response to Starbucks News Room Press Release: Response to Fall 2012 Starbucks Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts… Starbucks released “immediately they would send out half a million dollars, which is over 498,879.33 between the way and American Red Cross, Starbucks can also find optimal ways to utilize profits after they’ve lowered tax due to sales and … Continue reading

Starbucks – Verisimo

Starbucks Verisimo 1.23.12 They have a new Verismo machine which came out in the recent 12 months. For just over/under 199.87 one can own a machine which could offer the typical latte which most people order, or other various combinations, espresso and/or so forths. It isn’t like the also recent (via coffee for Starbucks weird, … Continue reading

Hillary Clinton this morning…Live!

Hillary on Benghazi “4 dead Americans” This morning of Fox News Hillary Clinton said, not a major attack on this country prior to twelve years ago since Pearl Harbor… Usually to see or view – usually reference made to 1992… prior 2001… Interagency processes brought up…. Robert casey – democrat – PA – foreign relations … Continue reading

Starbucks – Vanilla Blonde( part 3_)

The Veranda Blonde they have a brewed mix to make the vanilla blonde with the mixture flavor, the different thing about it. Latte, not $3.00 to $4.00 compared to a 1.11 soda – the espresso is a coffee bean grown and later grindings. One could classify  the healthy aspects of the fruit or vegetable which … Continue reading

Starbucks – Vanilla Blonde (part 2)

Not the typical Starbucks spender? In the event of Starbucks latte’s and the Veranda Blonde the new Vanilla Spice – it isn’t your soft drink or soda – no! It has closed out over 588 of its stores in around 2008 which are Starbucks owned, they have partnerships, and flagship stores; they don’t have a … Continue reading

Starbucks~ Vanilla Blonde (part 1)

Starbucks at a Jupiter Location  located at the … They placed The female Barista at a local Starbucks brought out samples of one of the New coffees. They are calling it, the New Vanilla Blonde in January 2013. They have in the past put up artistically drawn pictures with chalk on a board which they … Continue reading

Academic Literary Notationals

http://sociologification.wordpress.com/2012/12/12/hail-to-hegels-dialectical-explosive-synthesis/ In response to a blog on a title, “Sociologification” – Hail to Hegel’s Dialectical Explosive Synthesis – out in early December….A blogging individual – No! not any student of mine whatsoever in any of these academic capacities had a topic which sparked additional interest. 1 “””The next sentence is false. The previous sentence is true. … Continue reading

Malice as…not righteousness but falsehood…

The thing about Voltaire is just as… Voltaire and others and not commentary as false, but statements; not statements as falsehoods or wrongings, but commented about. Not viewable to all as false hoods or evils are – or even of the matter of one’s intent to claim abilities making what isn’t to be viewed. With … Continue reading

Late Merry Christmas! [boring-sorry!]

So this Christmas, the stores ended up different in the seldom Texas Snow, out here in the North, well; the north of the south, Dallas, Texas area at least, so to speak since it doesn’t snow constantly or typically a rain to snow but at least it didn’t go to ice. The snow did. This … Continue reading

You published 48 posts! (part 2 to a response)

Easy reading is Damn hard writing – Nathaniel Hawthorne I written on this quote recently. Congratulations 44 posts! this one [same quote] shown Congratulations 48 posts! and man I remember, the talent behind pieces which are either difficult or more simple to write and the entertaiment or when it comes to just reading a news … Continue reading

You published 46 posts! (part 1…)

you have made this letter longer, because I have not had the time to make it shorter – Blaise Pascal Sincerely, Written by: Rosette this letter longer without time to shorten it. what this piece is really been about and what it stating to the reader of a quote simple. Letter referenced as how it … Continue reading

short post, truck passes by… just about the advertisement, notations for boring the reader….

Notations for boring the reader…It is just me talking about stuff here and there for CNN, Fox, or CNBC or the news paper. (WB/CW). My stuff is original with reference and credit to the reference author & publisher. Anyway, auto painting silver line windows, design at work in millions of houses, a home. A manufacturer … Continue reading

Happy New Year on the 2nd!

So I flipped in Texas where out here closer to the southern equator and potential for desert like weathers, stands, 32 degrees, high potential or regular for it to be colder here than up there in New York where they were out inthis present time, in an evil blue. Wrong and misbehaving  (it’s 2013) [Carson Daly hosts … Continue reading

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