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bitcoin boom!!! or the lottery

Won’t you be upset with yourself if you are in a position to invest $100 into bitcoin and it goes up another $13,000 dollars….worth around $14,268 cst at 11:00 on Christmas it has gone up over $13,000 dollars over  the past year for one bitcoin. Imagine if you would invested in bit coin when it  … Continue reading

Assignment One…Managerial Communication affected by Management style?

Managerial communication from University of Engineering and Technology Lahore How could communication be affected by leadership style? Communication could be affected by the leader’s interpersonal style. Someone using the avoidance style might be quiet and reserved with a wait and see attitude when addressing a conflict instead of facing it head on. While someone who … Continue reading

Response to Joel Osteen sermon yesterday

“instead of leaking…be everfilled” “Lord, thank you” “Make melody in your heart” “overcome every obstacle…defeat every enemy” ” When yiou complain you remain” – Response to these Joel Osteen quotes is below, by Rosette now i don’t have joy but I’ve been harmed. But if you can have joy, you can be resolved with wonderful … Continue reading

Listen Hear (also on youtube)

04.10.2015 A silver car just drove by and I saw it. I will whup you with my freestyle like the words of a sentence And sit in a vehicle like I got the thing saying it. Skills – Slam to the dunk. I got the words of a sentence. Lookin at my cell phone photographs … Continue reading

There’s your redeemer Is it the book?

Come on God be my blanket The wire that didn’t make it Survive sounds – It’s time to sing the holy bible. Old Testament. New Testament March glory along. Fight a little hard (slice ‘nd bend a sword) Redeem your reward –  Is it God – It’s wish you had a brain of common sense. … Continue reading

American Airline I_pad rant

They had to learn to fly without the I-pad originally. American Airlines pilots have an I-pad that unfortunately was described as crucial.To send flight plans to. Flight plans have been in other formats. Pilots should buy their own personal i-pad but seriously! A company issued ipad,  for flight plans, come on. The plane might crash … Continue reading

prickly, pine tree

You’ve got the green leaves and Christmas lights too The scented of evergreens Aroma, a tall tree too The pine tree Sharp could kill you Poke! Like a stab or needle prick venom-ed injected of herbal essence healthiness poisoned through antioxidant-ation, medicinal Leafy tree scent of Christmas evergreens By: Rosette Antoinette Jones 04.28.2015

I’ve got song, I’ve got class

04.27.2015 I’ve got song, I’ve got class I’ve got movement I’ve got dance Good Morning The word boring Magic please – no gratitude Reflect an image in the glass piece mirror I’ve got words, I’ve got elegance I’ve got poise, I’ve got dance Good evening Exciting! Understanding logic Normalism content – not extra Absorb in … Continue reading

One article a day lights, mirror – hair and make up

04.17.2015 One article a day lights, mirror – hair and make up Will I look nice for you? pRETTY enough? girl enough? LLook I might wear a dress or skirt laced hot pink for me. Pleasant get skinny – fix up right get pretty – Look better. he’ll see me – you’ll see – Will … Continue reading

i am falling in love, Dear Rosette

April 2015 i am falling in love, Dear Rosette It’s not really described as no mistakes/ Not really described as no errors. Calming to OH, be mine company? will he – shall he oh how do I say to me – I shall not ruin him by my own comments, Find out for yourself One … Continue reading

random blog talk trophy

Does anyone know where it went or where it is at. I looked at it sometimes. I was waiting to speak to the help desk people but the link didn’t come up. Please comment. This has been going on. I would have liked my  for when I received. They still issue these but I cannot find … Continue reading

to the rainforest…

Got the cozy slide Walk through here See the spider webs Is that my stir stick All right … all right To the jungle…to the rainforest To where the scary animal attacks To the algae… to the bacteria Until the mucus infects All right To the sewer, to the swamp Until the mold greens, the … Continue reading

appropriate – response to yesterday

ride without non-interest when they are scenic, pretty – a they Don’t gawk, never welcomed – don’t touch, never offered. gentle, pristine – appreciated, not a thing, better than art – the highest kinds. prude…you in, stopping – how are you doing, lately? That’s Gentle. Pristine. A wonder. untouched. Pretty. ( a sight to see) … Continue reading

take some inappropriate –

Rosette here With a little bit of interest Look at my body Lovely. sexy. lately. pretty slutty your out going – how are you doing lately my name Rosette Its time to bring the fun tick tock alarm the clock It’s hot and pretty you wish you could like me doing something – hurting you … Continue reading

All right? All right

All right, all bright I hurt my leg ow…do a dance – cheer – jeer, fake blank smile I hurt my leg, ow All right? All right. At the edge – the response to what more to say stand up straight – walk right. I will write and publish to make sense. – No No, … Continue reading

Happy Sunday midday.

03.08.2015 Sunday- Church – people go to church. Read the bible. Listen to a sermon. Believe in God – preach to theirself and study the teachings and learnings in post and pre-church in bible studies – Christian and theist learnings. Time for to celebrate God on Sunday. Happy Sunday midday. Follow the almighty Godly preached … Continue reading

speak start known….

Gotta write something down studied today, read a book on business strategics and programs called six sigma. I’m tired,  my appointment got post poned till Monday. it was talking. This is writing. Up. Learning memorizing my stuff and instructing me yesterday and tomorrow listening to film off of personal unmethodical randomness or incomplete notations called … Continue reading

I will do what today….

It is Tuesday the 15th and I am writing to make sure I have something for the 19th to publish. What will I write about. I went to a store today. I am checking something. I walked 2 miles today. I sang a song. I will do other stuff today. I applied for financial assistance … Continue reading

Sweet taxes… spicey money bland… – do you like jackson hewitt or H & R block.

02.19.2015 Sweet Taxes, tart. Spicy money taste bland. Paying it should be correct. Do you like Jackson Hewitt or H & R block to help you receive a refund? Didn’t receive enough money from working most likely. Complaint begin to view pricing sour/sweet. So sour tax doings. Personal or business. Neither or Both. Tangy. Tarty. … Continue reading

How do you decide which six sigma process to use

04.06.2015 How do you decide what six sigma process to use? Look at the situation and analyze the situation and analyze the situation. Before you bring in measurements, did the analysis (business operations) [of the situation] decide this as part of the actional planned process or another control. I need to study control more. You … Continue reading

six sigma – commentary notation

04.06.2015 Has the new six sigma met or exceeded its goal? As a supply chain specialist was the goal six sigma? Or was it profit and lets use six sigma? But the business skip is they decided they what stuff is about and concluded their expertise they needed whether it is a match or not … Continue reading

Concept of Six Sigma from a certified white belt 2015 – – – 04.06.2015

Concept of Six Sigma from a certified white belt 2015 – – – 04.06.2015 The six sigma of an 80 calorie plain sundae [no cone] or it is more calories, 170. In lean six sigma I eliminate waste by not ordering the cone, but cup and remove wasteful categories. In efficiencies and quality, I don’t … Continue reading

starbucks good or bad coffee?

March and April of 2015 Starbucks isn’t gourmet coffee. I’ve spent several hundred cups fixing mine own to be close to good coffee. Might as well no pay overpriced but if you do they market gourmet as good and good coffee, it should be good, right. I’ve had a number of cups. I would know … Continue reading

time and space news

03.14.2015 Operation typical used street block seems similar to regular monthly and daily functions. Boring no accidents and uneventful function and working properly signs. Also uneventful no complaints of road work since they update in this typically used section. But what’s news? The year is current digit number and trends are responded to deliberately. People … Continue reading

the boyfriends and girlfriends of time and space

03.15.2015 The boyfriends and girlfriends of time and space are going out in evenings to occupy enjoyment of time and eventful updates of onlooking organizations and businesses outlets of all kinds to onlook by viewer scenics of bore theirselves in participations of goods and services. They are happening and doing this. They are pretty though … Continue reading

The truth of basic operations.

01.27.15 The truth of basic operations. Rotation. I left the door open. It is true it works closes and opens. In operations, the door rotates and turns to the bathroom. The door may be 360, 180, 90 degrees and so on.  Locations to stop. The truth is when the door is there closed, I am … Continue reading

My Name is Rosette

01.27.15 Lane. Yelling loud singing day. Sunlight shadows sound said louder than yells. I write like wha wha jealous – wish you didn’t say this My name is Rosette and I am beyond thinking Sane contemplating whispering quiet talking night Sane contemplating quiet whispering Nightlife news noun-(d) noised softer than whispers I write like wha … Continue reading

Company computer presentation – business

01.26.15 Company desktops or laptops are expected to be at running a successful organization now since these decisions were most likely made years ago before the employee got to the organization. Games, time utilization, organizer,, term papers, and telecommunications function better with a needed computing device. Finance is organized. Business are launched online websites and … Continue reading

Promises to each other

01.26.15 Promises to each other – What does he promise me? Everything, the world. Not most likely. He is liked by me hopefully. I care whether I love home. I’d expect this – the situation. But I wish I could make a required requisite of love for me to him in some possible. It is … Continue reading

150 dollar house

I would love a home. 200 words or less sounds fabulous to obtain a home for one-hundred and fifty dollars. An opportunity like this is spectacular for people in the  position to send their essay through 150house.com The website crashed quickly, it is reported, but people have to get in their essays. That is when … Continue reading

Male glamour superstar

01.22.15 Male glamour superstar will you please fall in love with me about the crazy everythings. Would you please? Dance a little bit. Move somewhat about. Do your own thing. Aerobic how you want. Pose take a picture for the photographer saying claims fans in your name – yours truly. Look at you go – … Continue reading

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