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Now quarantine is a controversial topic.  People have lives to return to that might be affected by such an emergency. It may be found unnecessary, overboard exaggerated and offensive. Others might describe it as cruel and not protecting the individual being quarantined. In fact, I don’t see it as always seeking protecting me while exposure … Continue reading

Steve Nash out for the season

I saw the headline. I am in the dallas area. Whatever  and wherever his career began. But here in dallas the fans saw  nash.  – they were on the – Anyway, I’d seen a headline in 2003 or 2004 – they’d had a season not losing their first 28 games. And wow,! I thought, I … Continue reading

US Olympic USA outfits on Today show…

  The US Olympic Uniform for athletes to wear looks busy and dorky. The navy looks good-  it looks like a craft project. Not behind the fashion name Old Navy or something would pick up. I’d wear it. But in a group of people. They look like cute goofs! together. My outgoing personality fits me. I don’t like the hat. I … Continue reading

Justin Bieber – DUI – throwing eggs – Drag racing

Music Star Justin Bieber drunk driving – throwing eggs… Continue reading

Macy’s 360,588 letters

Macy’s 360,588 letters received toward Santa at Macy’s department store check Macy’s.com/believe. All the letters to Santa at Macy’s. Could they bring the price down for Christmas, Santa? believe. Santa doesn’t sell his gifts at a department store? Believe. How about God? Writing Christmas letters to God. Macy’s is taking letters. Santa Brings sale prices … Continue reading

Jp morgan…Enron

7.29.13 – monday 470 million paid here. 83 million paid there. JP morgan and energy companies reports of a scheme and no profits made until scheme crimes occurred. 500 million might be paid by JP Morgan in allegations of manipulated prices. JP Morgan reported a record profit of 65 billion. Reminds me of years ago … Continue reading

2025 – why would they promote an executive MBA?

12.19.13 2025 – why would they promote an executive MBA? a bill board sign at the longhorn university promotes this – It’s over a decade away. 2025 – red bricks in the yard. Oxford – by rosette – I speak it’s on a stick. Minature lights of a lights on flickering. Before Christmas still December. … Continue reading

response to healthcare.gov

      The news about health care.gov still speaks of technical updates and visitor ratio’s – reporting over 849,357 people on the healthcare.gov website. And less than 1 per 200 visitor error ratio. Speaking of health insurance enrollment extensions past healthcare updates and dates extended in December for the new year and other enrollment extensions between … Continue reading

ABC news van out

            Why does the abc news van local channel varies have to work so hard and be out in some news broadcasting van? They have the resources and it doesn’t look comfortable. This morning, abc news van is out and looking for whatever they were looking for. Parking and then backing out. Ridiculous, crazy, news … Continue reading

broke vehicle

This Sunday morning a girl outside. Starbucks, a vehicle didn’t  start. Maybe a ford I heard it is about 15 years old. A  1990’s vehicleand some cute hot shirtless guy came to repair it after an appeared phone call to shirtless hot. White dice over a visor. Anyway I like my snippet, still Sunday I … Continue reading

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