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I will do what today….

It is Tuesday the 15th and I am writing to make sure I have something for the 19th to publish. What will I write about. I went to a store today. I am checking something. I walked 2 miles today. I sang a song. I will do other stuff today. I applied for financial assistance … Continue reading

Study. Learn. Knowledge.

What will you study. Study. Learn. Continue to grow onto other better things for yourself. Work or occupied in societal contributions has great attributes. I write to accomplish something one day. Busy with studies or educations in learnings for knowledge of one’s minds, in one one mind. Having many brilliances  to stating several things towards conduct … Continue reading

Daily article to write AGAIN.

01.14.2015 Now I don’t have to worry about my daily article to write. I am busy contemplating what I will write about. I have been trying to publish daily for reader viewing of my blogs/news and/or creative writings. My notations of scholarly efforts and so on. So far I’ve published several original categories and written … Continue reading

Write. Accomplish. Come up with something.

Write. Fill out this form. Come up with something. Something to write about, something to speak about on topic, a subject. I write for I want to do something like this but better than this. (in a complimenting way) for I’d liked what they written. Type or format may have something I’d say. I’d write … Continue reading

02.01.15 about a bracelet

02.01.2015 My bracelet is less than twenty dollars but cost me less than five dollars. They want me to charge thousands for the same bracelet. Looks like a sentimental craft project.  Pink and clear – white glass crystals faceted. Really, fancy shaped transparent pieces to purchase at Michaels Craft Store. Elastic stretchable and wearable. Modest … Continue reading

Sound the round down, a green cold

The temperature getting warmer. It’s winter. It’s November. Not colder. Talking about the weather I got some bricks. I got some kicks. Check out the thing. It’s abench. Painted green. Don’t be mean. Painted green with a sheen of shine. Gleam the scene of autumns fall before winter. Temperature getting warmer, not colder in November. … Continue reading

high fashion comment talk

Winter 2014 You won’t buy a Michael Kohrs purse or Louis Voitton but Tommy Hillfiger or Coach – you don’t go to Starbucks. You buy it – No instead you’ve been buying something else about your victimization. You buy to be put out of pain It’s stolen. Unless you decided on that, decided to be … Continue reading

Ongoing Anything 11.20.14

11.20.14 Rectangle diamond standing outside meaning anything being existing  the things, the living, the doings. The ongoings. What ongoings? The fallen leafs remaining. The nailed down benches grounding. The forming concrete dry dried and adjusting. The burning cigarettes unlit littering. And everythings gonna be another great sad big small thing. Rectangle diamond. The porch light … Continue reading

Back up transit creative rhyme – original

01.31.15 -By: Rosette Antoinette Jones (zacie) I’m talking about Fare ticket costs too much Bench stop new location Fare inspector checking rounds bang bang Cigarette buds on the ground I got my ticket yack whackin yacked Play the train station Ride your car pool through directions skateboard your bicycle through vacations Dallas Area Rapid Transit, … Continue reading

quick press: much about nothing….

what’s on your mind? The question in the quick draft section in the WP Admin user tools of publishing in wordpress.. Scheduled? Do I have enough articles scheduled for publishing. It is the 30th of January and Friday and the sun is up warmly as the spring approaches. Coming up with something to write about … Continue reading


12.15.2014 A magnetic warrior bead bracelet bronze or steel, an antique type metal faceted designed stones shaped Pearl or sphere – elastic – think believe hear cheap – like you made it – You can re-fix, I suppose uh – But it’s real – Why would you want that? So, – see something else for … Continue reading

porcelain. vase

12.26.13 porcelain. iron. pretty fine poignant. I bet it’s sculpture clay-never min. The ivory. weaponic. silver. create silver. ivory. sounds eloquence. eloquence. eloquent. ribbon. pretty. transparency. metal. getting interesting. begin to be good for starting to reading. ceramic. porcelain. BY: Rosette Antoinette Zacie – j snippit artistic published 12.29.13

I – believer

 I already know about it. Studied, learned, – I study it – (What they said about?) I have I learned it – No I developed it. I founded created, preachers, saying. I don’t think they saying stuff about atheist. Preachers saying. I bought4 notebooks looking at ones for sale, one says God will always open … Continue reading

response to advice, writing

the writer’s at freshly pressed are sure to offend you, a good writer in this topic. – it is titled – Bad writing advice and made freshly pressed. I don’t think that these are bad writing advices – a topic advice except for talent of writing was number 3 suggesting either outline first or just … Continue reading

ya’ll read 2000 word blogs? political

Over 2000 words on them topic of speech…on word press, a good article not what is expected from the title but 2000 words and ongoing. It is freshly pressed and about another topic. Looks like written in one of my developing writing styles recently. Hopefully, not an assignment. By the way, those styles are not … Continue reading

News: thing such as decorative concrete.

News: thing such as decorative concrete.   blog – what I think of it…   Fire hydrine, Box down the sewer…storm drains. Storm sewer – decorative concrete supply incorporated. “Coats of chemical stain apply 1-2 coats of chemical stain” to clean, dry concrete… use a sprayer designed for corrosive liquids.   536 commercial drive, Duda, … Continue reading

Apartment complex…

I don’t want to write about an apartment complex. $99 ninety nine dollar move in. Like they are offering something…. ).00 – zero dollar mmover in… – Everyone is doing that… $696.58 a month for the other 12 months… 1 month free rent last month after paying $7,392.33 – 1 month! you pre- paid the … Continue reading

National Park – Apollo 7

7.12.13 National Park on the moon for the US due to Apollo 7 artificats?! The flag. – I heard about it on the news but thought – making it a national paeek? Really, it deals with taking items – not seeking something under national park stances – creating and saying – it is against the … Continue reading

Sale or No sale?!

Stuff for sale on sale or no sales! Please go out of business conducting illegal things such as what attracts customer… the government always makes decisions based on unfair or unethical gaining customer practices. Such as attempting to attract you with a sale of 29% after mark ups of 55% . The for no reason … Continue reading

Microsoft windows suites…

7.21.13 – Microsoft windows has a neat program Microsoft office suites and student suites are neat to utilize. Microsoft at Costco wholesale might be, available for consumer purchases. Update for every under 100.00 or $99.99 or less spent. Taxes on things over $100 even school supplies needed like laptops, but not backpacks, many clothing outfits … Continue reading

recycle gold

7.18.13 Asiana airline crash from Korea to California, USA could recycle some  electronics, – gold, copper, aluminum – other reference of scrap metal. Ft. Worth business – Reports in recycling industry increasing over a decade from millions to over 19.8 billions. There calling it a recycling boom – ad extra chances at profit. Scrap Industry, … Continue reading

politics, congress acting on….

OOOh! I like this title headline in the newspaper, “Wake me when Congress Acts” I love the title on the same opening page, Letters to the editor and editorial appears. Sit but when they do act, congress, – when congress acts tell me what happened, what congress did or will be doing for people not … Continue reading


Dreams – ways to accomplish these dreams… Not really a dream but after 135 to 199 blog postings or so, I seeked at one point a 30 day continuing feed for about 90 days at least in Emergency Disaster and Management. So a goal there would be for me to get that going again – … Continue reading

movie review of what you’ve already seen

7/16/31 Men In Black – I’ve seen it before – a dozen times… I just thought to blog a review about a film which came out years ago. Part II Men in black came on and so a review on a movie most likely already seen. They have this whole thing going on in a … Continue reading

Plans! Energy! Democrats! Republicans! Injuries, 19! A seawall! Crash – plane.!.!

Rick Perry, another president from Texas for the United states? Or re-election as governor? Plans announced in the Dallas Morning News cover – Rick “Perry’s plans” also announces  US citizens and other international citizens on a flight crash hitting a sea wall in California.   An international flight from Korea to San Fransico crash 19 … Continue reading

lamps – motel 6

  ashton kutcher is a lamp… He lights up on punk*d and makes funny jokes – but I talking about the lights in my room. Switches. There aren’t any lamps. There are really neat stuff. the lights  are dim though, a remodeled recently suite. Motel 6 website, says, check out our recently updated rooms. Hard … Continue reading

5 million stolen from USA beauty queen to donald trump!

Evil… she might have 5 million…Just, they are going to sue, a millionaire is going to sue someone else with less money for a reaction from ranging in $5.00 to $5,000… So, hopefully she would have much more and it isn’t most or well I hope she is a thousand aire then – and she … Continue reading

Starbucks~~ Where’s my tiny type.?

starbucks survey Ah come on! Where’s my tiny type! You know how it is. Star bucks has a pop up survey! I won! My price is $0.00 So! Where’s  my tiny type after my survey? Luminent skin Luminentskin.com This is a woman’s product and they women for it.       Reduction in fine lines       Reduction … Continue reading

21 ARTICLES in June – check my January, 23

21 ARTICLES in June – check my January, 23 My – august>? 32   I knew august 2012 I’d published, pressed more. face book sucks, temporarily not available website some a & W root beer codes, the vending machine is over charging about $0.95 or .75 cents

Reblog: wax candles

the photography posted on morfes site looks really good. .. any way theactively hot burning wax is something that just what hot things are and hurt is – the active hot wax and burnng fire. I am not paying attention to the danger of the models large hair throughout the pictures and so forth – … Continue reading

they burned puppies

one of the killers said, it was “like cremation” – I was skipping around reading articles in a section of the paper of the dallas morning news and I came across their referenc of a broadcast airing about it. They are in jail for 2 to 8 week puppies. Burining them. there burning them and … Continue reading

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