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7 things: Starbucks…

Write about my cinnamon dolce latte 3 in one day – morning… I miss the dulce de leche, caramel  – it was great. The cinnamon is – it isn’t like caramel or milk and cinnamon egg nog has this fall a – (the/an) about but milk and/or mixed with water. Cinnamon Dolce Latte – is … Continue reading

Starbucks: No espresso this morning – just hot fresh steamed milk [optional sweetened flavorings]

So one could flavor steamed milk as a kids hot chocolate/ or vanilla milk, toffee, hazel, caramel brulee, caramel drizzle, variation a little amongst caramel, coconut, raspberry, classic, Steamed milk with no flavor – espresso shot optional. – STARBUCKS! I was younger, not starbucks – some shop at my local College before moving forward to … Continue reading

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