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PGA Golf response to ESPN and academic talk

PGA president of the Golf association makes a comment. What is it? Let”s change the comment again in social media. A tweet – have ya’ll gotten on twitter. You like it at me like its face book. These platforms show potential. Put sports media and tweet games twitter sports, the professional golf association is golfing … Continue reading

Steve Nash out for the season

I saw the headline. I am in the dallas area. Whatever  and wherever his career began. But here in dallas the fans saw  nash.  – they were on the – Anyway, I’d seen a headline in 2003 or 2004 – they’d had a season not losing their first 28 games. And wow,! I thought, I … Continue reading

10.22.14 – Kim Kardashians Birthday

Today was Kim Kardashians Birthday. They were at singer at some game or something on ESPN at 6:50 CST . Twitter. I wonder who the oldest is. if they car around that they kept up with the Kardashians. It’s her birthday she is older than me. Kim’s is in October. My birthday was just earlier … Continue reading

Reblog: Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills

Originally posted on The Advocate Online:
By Megan Fitzsimons – Columns Editor E!’s newest reality show, “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills,” documents the lives of Dorothy Wang and Morgan Stewart, who can’t go a minute without updating their Instagram feeds and get their daily cardio from power shopping. This show is about a few overly…

Justin Bieber – DUI – throwing eggs – Drag racing

Music Star Justin Bieber drunk driving – throwing eggs… Continue reading

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