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Listen Hear (also on youtube)

04.10.2015 A silver car just drove by and I saw it. I will whup you with my freestyle like the words of a sentence And sit in a vehicle like I got the thing saying it. Skills – Slam to the dunk. I got the words of a sentence. Lookin at my cell phone photographs … Continue reading

I will do what today….

It is Tuesday the 15th and I am writing to make sure I have something for the 19th to publish. What will I write about. I went to a store today. I am checking something. I walked 2 miles today. I sang a song. I will do other stuff today. I applied for financial assistance … Continue reading

Writing, a composition of words.

01.23.15 A composition of words. I write for purpose of goal completions. To continue to a formal presentation toward the buyer market. A book. I want and seek to sell a book, of my writing presented well. Example like, “99 random articles on various things” writing for more monies, no. Writing since young childhood for … Continue reading

Write Something {2 of 2}

01.18.2015 Write Something {2 of 2} Keep going. World Wide Web online. I plan to charge one day for  historical publish access. I said this before within recent weeks. But it is taking money, time and effort, unexpectedly. I find a topic sometimes, writing on these topics. Like keep going. Keep effort-ing, keep goal-ing. Keep … Continue reading

Write Something (1 of 2)

01.18.2015 Write Something (1 of 2) 200 pages and 100 sheets, rulered. Royalty? Well write a story, a creative writing, or report. Some words written closer to 100. Keep going. Gotta write another something. Writing this subject/blog/category article for my need of a daily writing. Writing this topic/article for goal quantity writing. The point: 365 … Continue reading

what you writing about

01.17.2015 They say what you writing about … What you writing about Say I am writing about… Say I am writing about Response to news, art, magazine, advertisement, my own thing See, I am writing about creatively…So many things. Topic category/Genre for my own book scene Organize my book placement… Take it to a publish … Continue reading

A book. A composition book.

Saturday 01.17.2015 This is a book. A composition book. I’m writing a book. ’99 random article writings about various things’ I hope to publish it and sell copies. Responses. Original response. Original topics and pieces and original creative paragraphs. This can become books, publishing inspired by my own publishings and blogs to goal ½ a … Continue reading

Victoria secret’s pink

01.15.2015 A lady in Victoria’s Pink – a sweater with her blonde hair. Medicated on medicinal lotion on a counter. I cleaned my mouth tongue and teeth with fluoride. Something to write about, keep going. Wash hands with anti bacterial liquid soap – not solid dissolve – water drains – folded towels. Make a bed. … Continue reading

Daily article to write AGAIN.

01.14.2015 Now I don’t have to worry about my daily article to write. I am busy contemplating what I will write about. I have been trying to publish daily for reader viewing of my blogs/news and/or creative writings. My notations of scholarly efforts and so on. So far I’ve published several original categories and written … Continue reading

Write. Accomplish. Come up with something.

Write. Fill out this form. Come up with something. Something to write about, something to speak about on topic, a subject. I write for I want to do something like this but better than this. (in a complimenting way) for I’d liked what they written. Type or format may have something I’d say. I’d write … Continue reading

writing strategy stuff

02.01.15 The sun came up and it is cold windy-(ing). I am looking at… Be consistent. Talkin and yackin or talking and yacking. But why make the intentional decision to do talkin and yacking or doin and talking, instead of doing and talking or doin and yackin. If it fits. Words like windy cannot do … Continue reading

Claim you write a Blog in interest, genuine?

11.24.14 Claim you write a Blog in interest, genuine? Are ya’ll wanting to read an original news story? Interested. I’m not  interesting. No one is and definitely not writing one interesting one this time. How many they say – write extra hard such work to run a blog with ecommerce success. No Are ya’ll wanting … Continue reading

Light on Write

11.17.2014 So there are only 36 sheets in my notebook. 72 on front and back of this new one. I used to really like writing in pencil preference. It’s closer to thanksgiving on November 17th, 2014 and the cold says it is winter as well. The sun is up warmly and shoots at the unwanted … Continue reading

this isn’t the frequently asked question?!

how to invite readerss or how to invite viewers….. they are looking to charge for subscription rates. I really don’t like this presentation as wordpress would be contacted over this over and over aain. Seeking rates for book publishing pursuits and so on. To mention. I have been writing since before my childhood actively and … Continue reading

A writing to publish for viewing

What to write about for a viewing of reading for me to schedule in the future for website reading. I am publishing about a topic for readers. To meet my efforts to attempt publishing something each day. I am also making efforts to have a new 100 words each day about something. It isn’t much … Continue reading

Dashboard – what’s on my mind…

What’s on my mind? education, personal finance, plans, torture weather of too cold in Texas – winds called and referred to ice. What’s on my mind? Quick Draft! no – what’s on my mind? I care. – so I go on and speak in speaking – but this is supposed to be a quick draft … Continue reading

artistic comment-

I’m righteous and come correct. _ I Rosette, lady am perfect-y  – people as fantastic astonishingly making efforts for their deserving everythings but look suddenly shockingly I could care less whether you live that’s not as like me I’m loving – I’m better beyond perfect beyond- those aren’t words bringing you sound… That’s not like you … Continue reading

Blog:What to write?

12.05.13 9:59 and others are out on a smoke break. Breakfast was nutrition healthy cereal and vegetable. A therapist came by. She talked to others. What to write? I sit at a desk near some human being doctor, white, older, blue or grey eyed –handsome. I sit to write, well. They sometimes turn music on. … Continue reading

Reading is fun – no it’s not

12.10.13 Today is tuesday.There isn’t the most here to do. Someone reads a book. I write a page. An entertaining book can be rewarding. “For they have their reward”-holy bible Stepped outside into the cold bearing sun today. Saw blocks of ice and a slippery on cement stuck to the  ground. I’ve been here longer … Continue reading

A blog kind about the next day available

12.26.13 Thursday. The day after Christmas. Oh lately. 9:08 am . national geographic. Someone has a kind of doctorz appointment. The December 2013 issue of National Geographic looks good. Something about a cougar. ghost cats. Apple pies. A break. nothing broken. a rest. Write down to print, maybe publish 22 people subscribing might look at it. Blog. next … Continue reading

A blog I blogged, Something to read

A blog I blogged, Something to read 12.25.13 Vanilla, caramel in my coffee this morning, 1 packet of sugar. Merry Christmas. It’s Christmas today. The coffee doesn’t taste flavored vanilla or caramel. Posted an article on wordpress earlier not about coffee. Something about what to write about is it’s about something. No kids around. No … Continue reading

Something Good I wrote for Written

Something Good I wrote for Written 12.24.13      I’m at my Grandmother ‘s in San Antonio. What? It’s Christmas Eve. I’m at a restaurant and Christmas is here. Some kid not in classes since the holiday is going around. I’m at a whataburger where he sits, I am across from him while the dining … Continue reading

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