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Original Artistic Piece, Writing

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A silver car just drove by and I saw it. I will whup you with my freestyle like the words of a sentence

And sit in a vehicle like I got the thing saying it. Skills – Slam to the dunk. I got the words of a sentence. Lookin at my cell phone photographs from my picture phone. upload/download from my internet. Oh I was supposed to keep going. I wasn’t paying attention. Software phone – like you care what else is on here.

famous star5I got email, itunes, text, missed calls, voicemail – video camcorder, I film my video, alarm clock. I’ll freestyle one day in a painted gold car. But I’ll whup with expense style not free like sentences of a paragraph. Listen to my next page.

Can I say one. Can I write one? Keep going. But I don’t want to talk about my cell phone. This introduction is indexed before the after of my table of contents chaptered in my intermission. So, you can see my posing. I’m faking – I write well though

draftStop wishing you could step to my artistically, my composing is pretty while. I’m good at how presenting my fronting. I’m not rapping. I’m writing. I’m producing. I’m editing – drawing. I’m coloring. I’m recording. I’m doing. I’m researching, it’s fighting. I’m learning. I’m sitting in a parking lot writing this like I’m going to be a famous star with it. You don’t step to my talent. Too bad rich stardoms not about it. So, I’ll whip with cost style not free (style) like the paragraph of pages.pick up my pen and paper

Hear my next draft article complaint. Can I say one? Can I write one. I’m going. Walk by a vehicle. Color the next one. Pick up my pen and paper. Write on to the next line through perfection of jealous when I bring it to you in pronunciation and you act as though you didn’t hear articulation. Home to the run – touch the down. I got the paragraph of a draft upload download. I wish I was this good to my hardware software. I pretend I was wish would

Engine system drive the stereo listen to the radio condition exterior seated. I’m superior. Leather cotton covers. Perpendicular parking. The fire lane alarm. Towing enforced at approved signs. Ride on byu like my why I say I buy mine writing Hi style – buyin style . Listen hear===>>>

By Rosette Antoinette Jones

right now on youTUBE playing at

Also, other videos are by username RosetteIsMyName



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