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American Airline I_pad rant

They had to learn to fly without the I-pad originally. American Airlines pilots have an I-pad that unfortunately was described as crucial.To send flight plans to. Flight plans have been in other formats. Pilots should buy their own personal i-pad but seriously! A company issued ipad,  for flight plans, come on. The plane might crash … Continue reading

inspired news responses irs and health care premiums.

What you going to write about today? I am going to write on  a newspaper, I plan to read. Affordable Care Act news about affordable healthcare is one topic. I say just have your check or deposit you prepay your health insurance premiums out of are not free. Stop thinking your health insurance isn’t paid, not … Continue reading

Education/Values final part

Education/Values final part There are values. There are beliefs. There are convictions. Declaring a relationship between values and beliefs doesn’t mean that it is there. And hen it is, it doesn’t mean as fact that the relationship is one thing. Is value more important than convictions of such values in critical thinking. How dare I … Continue reading

Education/Values part 3

Education/Values part 3 Where do values originate? Oh come on. Values. Feelings. Values originate from intentional inflictions of emotional distress? No. All right. I’m looking for one origination, finding it in its in the betterment? Maybe. Value. Good thing. Sorry. The origination of values. I’m going to look for it. In the trash. Nope. Unless … Continue reading

Education/Values part 2

Education/Values part 2 Education acquisitions’ of quantities change update or alter a persons values, to specifics or broadens of enlightenments to that of awareness and realizations through education. No, a person is not a stupid idiot to me. So, they have no real character and want to be understood in person or of good person … Continue reading


Education/Values It is still a good write.Its not how you formulate it. Value need – education doesn’t hide behind bad or good person in the name of value and attack the question. What are you studying? Value? Or Value origination? Your behind? No. You called yourself better looking for something hoping it could be found … Continue reading

controversy of developer sale

11.20.14 Developer doesn’t want theft/sale of property to a school district in north texas area. Healthy learning social programs like the high school diploma program won’t be. No highland park school district needs to spend more as they receive government funding. They didn’t match the number amount of what the developer paid. For what the … Continue reading

Local north texas museum in plano honors volunteers

11.20.14/11.23.14 The plano conservancy for historic preservation might not pay their volunteers but they have a small choice to be awarded out of all the volunteers. This year two did work on the children’s programming of the museum. the non profit also awarded a historic preservation award. Unsure if they are volunteers. The volunteers might … Continue reading

six sigma studies

I have been thinking about six sigma strategies. Its not a strategy. Six sigma is a strategy or method  The idea is exploitation of talent of individuals who can make or save an organization exponential monies – and not offer equivalent compensation while needing these demands wishing for more promotion and monies declining less responsibility … Continue reading

Dashboard – what’s on my mind…

What’s on my mind? education, personal finance, plans, torture weather of too cold in Texas – winds called and referred to ice. What’s on my mind? Quick Draft! no – what’s on my mind? I care. – so I go on and speak in speaking – but this is supposed to be a quick draft … Continue reading

Terrorisms becoming or no?

The evolution of terrorism What are some of the concepts in what the authors call a ‘deeper level of understanding’People are reactive to what things occur to them. Be things are working out, whether they deserve the more or less. Things aren’t but effecting goes in politics and they exaggerate anarchy and activists to insult … Continue reading

globalization transparency comment

Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative The claims of transparency isn’t the word transparency assault. Ethics politics. In academic business discipline ethics, discusses but then it is a different discipline . The historical governmental politic area. How do you fulfill the claims people state they are at me? they say they are righteous. Then in non- assaults … Continue reading

emergency research disaster perspective

This week I have focused on assigning responses in a list of things I took one part of one focus and one part of another – (this for me will focus on preparing and planning recovery post disaster studies) – i structured this posting and how I use it to write.   This week I … Continue reading

Certified Ethics Specialist Associate

Today I became a certified ethics specialist and earned a testing certification, I have been studying for, for a year. I completed college courses in business ethics study courses. And now posting an article on abortion, which I originally drafted days ago. It needs to get out. I hope you like yesterdays news response posting … Continue reading

Abortion Clinics Open

Abortion Clinics currently open in the billions and trillions of abortion clinics throughout various states. New abortion clinics will most likely build in Texas in nuisance extra cost surgical equipment regulations to a claim of standard. Standard. this appears to ask how much it cost. A you think of what their facility. It isn’t this … Continue reading

response art interrupted art piece

Originally posted on Rosetteismyname's Blog:
Some big huge building. Some small little thing. A dolphin swimming in the air outside. Birds flying in sea below. Polar Bears in deserts. cactus rainforest  artics. Who wants abuse and sedation to be called medicine?!  Swamps without algae or mold. Young ponds with a lot of sea fish.…

Jp morgan…Enron

7.29.13 – monday 470 million paid here. 83 million paid there. JP morgan and energy companies reports of a scheme and no profits made until scheme crimes occurred. 500 million might be paid by JP Morgan in allegations of manipulated prices. JP Morgan reported a record profit of 65 billion. Reminds me of years ago … Continue reading

response to healthcare.gov

      The news about health care.gov still speaks of technical updates and visitor ratio’s – reporting over 849,357 people on the healthcare.gov website. And less than 1 per 200 visitor error ratio. Speaking of health insurance enrollment extensions past healthcare updates and dates extended in December for the new year and other enrollment extensions between … Continue reading

I – believer

 I already know about it. Studied, learned, – I study it – (What they said about?) I have I learned it – No I developed it. I founded created, preachers, saying. I don’t think they saying stuff about atheist. Preachers saying. I bought4 notebooks looking at ones for sale, one says God will always open … Continue reading

the insult joke to freshly pressed

One of the worst pieces I’ve published Most likely won’t keep going like this or do this often… – one writer wrote in response to someone, “what 100 articles and 8 years and no fresh presses” – a comment response on a fresh press page – so, I published another piece of crap, sounds like … Continue reading

ya’ll read 2000 word blogs? political

Over 2000 words on them topic of speech…on word press, a good article not what is expected from the title but 2000 words and ongoing. It is freshly pressed and about another topic. Looks like written in one of my developing writing styles recently. Hopefully, not an assignment. By the way, those styles are not … Continue reading

broke vehicle

This Sunday morning a girl outside. Starbucks, a vehicle didn’t  start. Maybe a ford I heard it is about 15 years old. A  1990’s vehicleand some cute hot shirtless guy came to repair it after an appeared phone call to shirtless hot. White dice over a visor. Anyway I like my snippet, still Sunday I … Continue reading

stay off the grass…

It was on ET! Literally infotainment. A main character from Glee leaves in a way not like actors leave a show. He passed away. Resting in a sleep, they’ve said. Never murdering. Murderings never allowed. One of the main male leads passed away and moved on towards a sleep. They said his real life girlfriend … Continue reading

People might think of this as a violation

“States keeping an eye on drones” “thousands of civilian drones are expected in Us skies within oa few years ad concerns they could be used to spy on Americans are fueling legislative regulation efforts” People might think of this as a violation , others disregard it. What it’d be against us? Concerns they are for … Continue reading

politics, congress acting on….

OOOh! I like this title headline in the newspaper, “Wake me when Congress Acts” I love the title on the same opening page, Letters to the editor and editorial appears. Sit but when they do act, congress, – when congress acts tell me what happened, what congress did or will be doing for people not … Continue reading

water contaminations…

Gas sites tied to contaminated water… Water contaminated with gas or fuel sounds like drinking or not? Gasoline water Fuel water… they have those sayings, fuel your system with Gatorade or powerade drinks. Flavored waters. The sites of which the environmental writer speaks about a study at the University of Texas at Arlington came across … Continue reading

IF I SAY IT THE WRONG WAY – will you hear it,,,,


lamps – motel 6

  ashton kutcher is a lamp… He lights up on punk*d and makes funny jokes – but I talking about the lights in my room. Switches. There aren’t any lamps. There are really neat stuff. the lights  are dim though, a remodeled recently suite. Motel 6 website, says, check out our recently updated rooms. Hard … Continue reading

5 million stolen from USA beauty queen to donald trump!

Evil… she might have 5 million…Just, they are going to sue, a millionaire is going to sue someone else with less money for a reaction from ranging in $5.00 to $5,000… So, hopefully she would have much more and it isn’t most or well I hope she is a thousand aire then – and she … Continue reading

Anyway, Legalizing pot?

marajuaina moms – legalized pot – things they spoke about on CNN around 8:00 p.m. Central Standard time before anderson cooper. – the other channel across the room right now is The Fox News network with Hannity – C-SPAN has also been popular. Anyway, Legalizing pot? They always said medicinal on plant – but not … Continue reading

Quick Press: Do you think God is embarassed?

  I don’t think so. I hope. news News?! no news just God right now. And do you think he can be ?emabarassed by anything or at all? Really? all the things embarassable of embarssing you. So… No, I don’t think God is easily embarassed- A superiority complex? No. Superior is superior. God curseth – … Continue reading

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