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How do you decide which six sigma process to use

04.06.2015 How do you decide what six sigma process to use? Look at the situation and analyze the situation and analyze the situation. Before you bring in measurements, did the analysis (business operations) [of the situation] decide this as part of the actional planned process or another control. I need to study control more. You … Continue reading

six sigma – commentary notation

04.06.2015 Has the new six sigma met or exceeded its goal? As a supply chain specialist was the goal six sigma? Or was it profit and lets use six sigma? But the business skip is they decided they what stuff is about and concluded their expertise they needed whether it is a match or not … Continue reading

Concept of Six Sigma from a certified white belt 2015 – – – 04.06.2015

Concept of Six Sigma from a certified white belt 2015 – – – 04.06.2015 The six sigma of an 80 calorie plain sundae [no cone] or it is more calories, 170. In lean six sigma I eliminate waste by not ordering the cone, but cup and remove wasteful categories. In efficiencies and quality, I don’t … Continue reading

The truth of basic operations.

01.27.15 The truth of basic operations. Rotation. I left the door open. It is true it works closes and opens. In operations, the door rotates and turns to the bathroom. The door may be 360, 180, 90 degrees and so on.  Locations to stop. The truth is when the door is there closed, I am … Continue reading

think better postitive remarkings

Affirmations 01.24.15 Affirmations are boring and cliché. Supposedly they can make you feel better about yourself. One can make their own positive or negative affirmations. One can use positive affirmations when copiing skills. It could decrease stress levels and effect depression. No, I was writing. Affirmations could be a way to alter or upgrade habitual … Continue reading

Knowledge Studies

  Knowledge Studies Analyzing know studies and to conclusions and resulting cause/effect summations – (as result) in knowledge studies and meanings for use of conclusive knowledge works/correlates to understandings in learnings and knowledge studies thereof. Some pieces of knowledge studies don’t include the huge percentages of learning involved. But that’s the study of knowledge. Studying … Continue reading

Declare or Use Truth

01.21.2015 Did we use something as true and then declare it truth? Or did we first declare something true, then use the truth of what it is? The truth is utilized as I flush a toilet for instance. The truth is, I might not need a plunger or plumber, but that it works. The truth … Continue reading

View of Truth

View of Truth  –categorical critical thinking The most reasonable view of truth is when at least one set of agreed laws/rules/methods or theories concept background rules correspond to or theories background corresponds to what we use as truth in at least one accepted set of 2 people or more or groups. But jumping to argument … Continue reading

Study. Learn. Knowledge.

What will you study. Study. Learn. Continue to grow onto other better things for yourself. Work or occupied in societal contributions has great attributes. I write to accomplish something one day. Busy with studies or educations in learnings for knowledge of one’s minds, in one one mind. Having many brilliances  to stating several things towards conduct … Continue reading

interested in stress education values

.02.05.15 Do you want to study a topic you don’t think you express the most interest in? Formal education isn’t examination certification. A different kind of stress. Will you be in love with what you learned from being of original interest in? Your not interested in it types of formalities of love within education sound … Continue reading

Education/Values final part

Education/Values final part There are values. There are beliefs. There are convictions. Declaring a relationship between values and beliefs doesn’t mean that it is there. And hen it is, it doesn’t mean as fact that the relationship is one thing. Is value more important than convictions of such values in critical thinking. How dare I … Continue reading

Education/Values part 3

Education/Values part 3 Where do values originate? Oh come on. Values. Feelings. Values originate from intentional inflictions of emotional distress? No. All right. I’m looking for one origination, finding it in its in the betterment? Maybe. Value. Good thing. Sorry. The origination of values. I’m going to look for it. In the trash. Nope. Unless … Continue reading

Education/Values part 2

Education/Values part 2 Education acquisitions’ of quantities change update or alter a persons values, to specifics or broadens of enlightenments to that of awareness and realizations through education. No, a person is not a stupid idiot to me. So, they have no real character and want to be understood in person or of good person … Continue reading


Education/Values It is still a good write.Its not how you formulate it. Value need – education doesn’t hide behind bad or good person in the name of value and attack the question. What are you studying? Value? Or Value origination? Your behind? No. You called yourself better looking for something hoping it could be found … Continue reading

What is truth? part 2 01.04.2015

  What is truth? part 2 01.04.2015 What is truth? Truth is the car alarm system going off. It’s noisy isn’t it. No one likes the noisy car alarms. They want the quiet ones but they don’t deter the thief as much. Responses could develop articles/books. What is fashionable to believe the truth is relative … Continue reading

What is truth?

01.04.2015 I called this book true. Seeking truth. Is it true? I read a book and this is called a book. Then the book is called a true book. Then it is called truth. Seeking true. Rejected, in ability to find or know goodness. Goodness is truth. Truth is goodness. Argue later. Summationed. No, before … Continue reading

seeing – believing – second one?

today I read a comment about believing and seeing…. I think we believe in what I see a woman in white headphones. cellphone. Feels akward fine accessories, [necklace/watch] so does her bracelet and fine accessories not matching the plainess of the bracelet I think our culture matches to a child and their attentive care toward … Continue reading

I think I feel

no, these words are not used interchangeably. I am studying and came across a leisure reading – non – requisite and I disagreed with the comment – I think isn’t interchangeable – people know what they mean when asked a question. Stated as fact. No they don’t. Oh. well they say they don’t. The understanding … Continue reading

PGA Golf response to ESPN and academic talk

PGA president of the Golf association makes a comment. What is it? Let”s change the comment again in social media. A tweet – have ya’ll gotten on twitter. You like it at me like its face book. These platforms show potential. Put sports media and tweet games twitter sports, the professional golf association is golfing … Continue reading

Terrorisms becoming or no?

The evolution of terrorism What are some of the concepts in what the authors call a ‘deeper level of understanding’People are reactive to what things occur to them. Be things are working out, whether they deserve the more or less. Things aren’t but effecting goes in politics and they exaggerate anarchy and activists to insult … Continue reading

solution Reasoning – reasonings

reasoning. solution reasoning is an idea if there is an issue to solve. Solutions and reasons = reasoning a solution- reasoning a thing or solution. They are discussing sports on ESPN and reason in their discussions of players when an NBA Television analyst speaks about the Cavaliers vs the Jazz and references their history playing … Continue reading

globalization transparency comment

Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative The claims of transparency isn’t the word transparency assault. Ethics politics. In academic business discipline ethics, discusses but then it is a different discipline . The historical governmental politic area. How do you fulfill the claims people state they are at me? they say they are righteous. Then in non- assaults … Continue reading

Big information and Social Physics at MIT – part 2 of response

response to “can be predicted by the use of deterministic equations based on data” response to ‘one general…equation…[deriving]’ response to ‘determined based on a set of data’ Part 2 of response of equations based on data No such thing as a one equation really seeking the and all answers . Specifically looking to find the … Continue reading

school guns for teachers

It’s a hot topic but I don’t think it’s a controversy. I don’t think every teacher should have a gun. On my news rss blog feed, I’d write that after a school shooting as a headline to remark on the situation response. Likewise, there are extreme headlines to obtain a reader. Every teacher might consider … Continue reading


Now quarantine is a controversial topic.  People have lives to return to that might be affected by such an emergency. It may be found unnecessary, overboard exaggerated and offensive. Others might describe it as cruel and not protecting the individual being quarantined. In fact, I don’t see it as always seeking protecting me while exposure … Continue reading

satirical theoretical philisophical entertaining academic emergency management topic

Research competition disasters. The arrival annual quickest cell phone text messenger of nationals wins $48,000. Disaster. No. I thought of conceptual disaster in regards to research management as opposed to researching a non-disaster or irony. Disaster management research I first wrote on research perspective presenting in essential concepts to disaster management. Now a non-disaster from managing … Continue reading

Essential Concepts of disaster research Management

When I rosette, say in reaction to thiinking about last weeks responses to impact what emergency management research impacts. So, when i state in regards to one research perspective leading to more effective use through critical thinking instead of more effective use of critical thinking(thinking from research perspective (critically) is using through from critical thinking … Continue reading

emergency research disaster perspective

This week I have focused on assigning responses in a list of things I took one part of one focus and one part of another – (this for me will focus on preparing and planning recovery post disaster studies) – i structured this posting and how I use it to write.   This week I … Continue reading

seeking significant impact research in emergency disaster management

I would love to impact and not be insignificant. Impacting the practice field of emergency management to such aspriationals. And even rich stardom of the science, of the science. But it is only research – thy might not act on even and especially when all the bad is dissolved to all destruction eliminated. All insurance … Continue reading

Forum week 2 – 2 of 2 responses in Research Emergency Disaster Management…

  Working in an environment – volunteers are genuinely caring and sincere and genuine. But they are not turning down money in times of disaster.Productivity. They are productive, the workers work. But as far as increasing better work. No. Do they do more? They have less to do and less stress, because they don’t hire … Continue reading

Forum week 2 – 1 of 2 responses in Emergency Disaster Management…

factors needed to be considered when incorporating an issue into disaster management? In the mentioned instance, they selected animals. It seems a nice break from something of humans while the constant distractions of humans and yourself are thought of while in the event of a disaster, the plans and factors of their management surpassing that … Continue reading

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