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emergency research disaster perspective

This week I have focused on assigning responses in a list of things I took one part of one focus and one part of another – (this for me will focus on preparing and planning recovery post disaster studies) – i structured this posting and how I use it to write.


This week I have focused on assigning responses in a list of things I took one part of one focus and on part of another: research perspective in emergency management

. Does a emergency management perspective…. Emergency and disaster management perspectives are different from the victims perspective of those affected by disaster [It is also a different perspective from outsiders who pretend care and is there critical thinking from anyone other than those of real concern] And do they claim more critical thinking of emergency management to those caring about their-self from nature or intentional disasters?

They don’t classify the Oklahoma city bomber as a terrorist as much in the government/office building bombing. College student shooters aren’t either. But that is a point of view or perspective. So do the emergency managers say their critical thinking is just more correct based on general complained management practice of the established management from general perspective? One question.

The use of different critical thinking – more effective in disaster management. I think it is obvious that those affected by disaster negatively doing seeking and working to improve managing a disaster might not only have a different research perspective but since they seek optimal(ism) for the specifics, even if tit didn’t include others, was wrong to others – and (wrong to disaster research management) – Then on the specified focus – self research – would most likely be more effective to those specifics. Not in general unless they seeked this.

So, if they are capable an the workers research perspective ranges with or without concern doing beyond, just enough, less than enough more than enough and so on. it is a different effective seeking research disaster perspective. Purpose is definitely different, motivation of financial need and/or seeking more out in the potential situation of community purpose finding. Purpose for one affected might include goals seeked to do something better for them.. Essential concepts of research to work in the different worker research disaster perspeective of compensations of essential need. Then the topics of essential concepts of research to personal interaction to a disaster management ongoings from essential personal solutions to the damages from the disaster.


Some thoughts partial part of two assignments, as I said. This is an intiative for oth

er book writing aspirations and I can reference my material here, but it couldn’t be turned in like this as it isn’t the assignment, but I can use some of my work here for my assignment.

Response to what I just wrote….

Does it lead to more effective use through – does one perspective lead to more effective use through essential concepts effective their perspective and the concerns of social logic thinking in research management? I think it depends on what they don’t do with their research more than what they do with their research in regards to effective  disaster research management

By: Rosette Antoinette Zaciery J



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    Patients wants medicine for purpose medicine is not working for the same goals incentives as the patient. Purpose is why to get better, medicine – works they have to be insentsitive to various costs and the equipment should just get they say – Purpose of medical emrgency to an patient on the financial emrgency in perspective of their purpose might focus closer to their diagnosis – not emergency effect specific to them . It’s un read – In patients their research perspective what is the patient focuses on ? Analyze what might be their focus….. A thing many or getting better. Will they ask the doctor questions? Wasn’t maybe and is that all of their research.
    By: Rosette Antoinette Jones zacie –

    Posted by rosetteismyname | November 1, 2014, 12:06 am

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