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news about what?!?! what! say definings eh..

Proofread – ‘whatever so moving forward with the news writing whihc is why I originally began writing wor press. Report! News and as I have done and conducted on such – well, it has a different tone – News and news is – news – It is simply utilized as forer reports and such. I … Continue reading

Solar tools can offer emergency and convenience –( no 33% tariff please)

Tariff – separate fee increase retroactively on something that usually allots for a larger tax break, an Oxymoron no, paradox….on Get tax write offs, go green , save the world, save the economy,, save the environment, go green! Utilization of various options including solar products which save watt usage and other various energy consumptions in … Continue reading

Ad Response: J12 Chanel Watch is Gorgeous! – Wall Street Journal Magazine, September Issue 2012, page 25

This piece just looks like it is a fun and beautiful accessory.- So I says, it just lookin like a fun & beautiful accessory… So, a Chanel advertisement of the WSJ Magazine September 2012 issue. I worked for a company in which a high end company, sells higher-like luxurious products and it appears they have … Continue reading

Responded: GM seeking more than $8 billion dollars! Response to Vol. CCLX No.47

Wall Street Journal Reported: August 25-26, 2012 –  “GM is in preliminary talks with banks to potentially double its $5 billion line of credit as it looks to shrink pension obligations.” My Response too vol. CCLX No.47 of the Wall Street Journal WSJ – below GM already a part of the $30 billion dollar acclaimed … Continue reading

Responded: US diplomats attacked/Cigarette companies crazy -Response to Vol. CCLX No.47

Wall Street Journal Reported: August 25-26, 2012 – “Two U.S. diplomats were wounded when their SUV was attacked on a rural road south of Mexico City by gunmen that included members of the Federal Police.” – “appeals court struck down requirements for graphic warning labels for cigarettes The diplomats of the United States attacked by people in … Continue reading

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