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Listen Hear (also on youtube)

04.10.2015 A silver car just drove by and I saw it. I will whup you with my freestyle like the words of a sentence And sit in a vehicle like I got the thing saying it. Skills – Slam to the dunk. I got the words of a sentence. Lookin at my cell phone photographs … Continue reading

prickly, pine tree

You’ve got the green leaves and Christmas lights too The scented of evergreens Aroma, a tall tree too The pine tree Sharp could kill you Poke! Like a stab or needle prick venom-ed injected of herbal essence healthiness poisoned through antioxidant-ation, medicinal Leafy tree scent of Christmas evergreens By: Rosette Antoinette Jones 04.28.2015

I’ve got song, I’ve got class

04.27.2015 I’ve got song, I’ve got class I’ve got movement I’ve got dance Good Morning The word boring Magic please – no gratitude Reflect an image in the glass piece mirror I’ve got words, I’ve got elegance I’ve got poise, I’ve got dance Good evening Exciting! Understanding logic Normalism content – not extra Absorb in … Continue reading

One article a day lights, mirror – hair and make up

04.17.2015 One article a day lights, mirror – hair and make up Will I look nice for you? pRETTY enough? girl enough? LLook I might wear a dress or skirt laced hot pink for me. Pleasant get skinny – fix up right get pretty – Look better. he’ll see me – you’ll see – Will … Continue reading

i am falling in love, Dear Rosette

April 2015 i am falling in love, Dear Rosette It’s not really described as no mistakes/ Not really described as no errors. Calming to OH, be mine company? will he – shall he oh how do I say to me – I shall not ruin him by my own comments, Find out for yourself One … Continue reading

to the rainforest…

Got the cozy slide Walk through here See the spider webs Is that my stir stick All right … all right To the jungle…to the rainforest To where the scary animal attacks To the algae… to the bacteria Until the mucus infects All right To the sewer, to the swamp Until the mold greens, the … Continue reading

appropriate – response to yesterday

ride without non-interest when they are scenic, pretty – a they Don’t gawk, never welcomed – don’t touch, never offered. gentle, pristine – appreciated, not a thing, better than art – the highest kinds. prude…you in, stopping – how are you doing, lately? That’s Gentle. Pristine. A wonder. untouched. Pretty. ( a sight to see) … Continue reading

take some inappropriate –

Rosette here With a little bit of interest Look at my body Lovely. sexy. lately. pretty slutty your out going – how are you doing lately my name Rosette Its time to bring the fun tick tock alarm the clock It’s hot and pretty you wish you could like me doing something – hurting you … Continue reading

All right? All right

All right, all bright I hurt my leg ow…do a dance – cheer – jeer, fake blank smile I hurt my leg, ow All right? All right. At the edge – the response to what more to say stand up straight – walk right. I will write and publish to make sense. – No No, … Continue reading

Sweet taxes… spicey money bland… – do you like jackson hewitt or H & R block.

02.19.2015 Sweet Taxes, tart. Spicy money taste bland. Paying it should be correct. Do you like Jackson Hewitt or H & R block to help you receive a refund? Didn’t receive enough money from working most likely. Complaint begin to view pricing sour/sweet. So sour tax doings. Personal or business. Neither or Both. Tangy. Tarty. … Continue reading

time and space news

03.14.2015 Operation typical used street block seems similar to regular monthly and daily functions. Boring no accidents and uneventful function and working properly signs. Also uneventful no complaints of road work since they update in this typically used section. But what’s news? The year is current digit number and trends are responded to deliberately. People … Continue reading

the boyfriends and girlfriends of time and space

03.15.2015 The boyfriends and girlfriends of time and space are going out in evenings to occupy enjoyment of time and eventful updates of onlooking organizations and businesses outlets of all kinds to onlook by viewer scenics of bore theirselves in participations of goods and services. They are happening and doing this. They are pretty though … Continue reading

My Name is Rosette

01.27.15 Lane. Yelling loud singing day. Sunlight shadows sound said louder than yells. I write like wha wha jealous – wish you didn’t say this My name is Rosette and I am beyond thinking Sane contemplating whispering quiet talking night Sane contemplating quiet whispering Nightlife news noun-(d) noised softer than whispers I write like wha … Continue reading

Promises to each other

01.26.15 Promises to each other – What does he promise me? Everything, the world. Not most likely. He is liked by me hopefully. I care whether I love home. I’d expect this – the situation. But I wish I could make a required requisite of love for me to him in some possible. It is … Continue reading

Male glamour superstar

01.22.15 Male glamour superstar will you please fall in love with me about the crazy everythings. Would you please? Dance a little bit. Move somewhat about. Do your own thing. Aerobic how you want. Pose take a picture for the photographer saying claims fans in your name – yours truly. Look at you go – … Continue reading

I’m going beginning middle, start…

01.24.15 notes: Rolling Stone magazine picture 1.24.15 The thing about the verse chorus of the bridge is the chapter paragraph of the sentence when the song turns into a book from the jingle magazine. And I’ll try to write about the next thing. Wonder things. Brilliance me. I’m going beginning, next first, – finally The … Continue reading

jump the rope… skip the hop….sound the noise….

01.20.2015 Jump the rope,  skip the hop, walk the step, sound the noise. Bring movement bout. Dance the music. Sing the instrument. Listen the lyric! Speak to hear it. I take off jogging. Not what I was going for. Look at the really cool thing. Can I do it better? The basic complaint nothings. Phenomenal … Continue reading

my righteous paths and righteous ways

01.18.2015 Continuation of my righteous paths and righteous ways. So those which pray the actual action doing of prayer forth as prayer is an action thereby in not doing of prayer. Got the transparent sprinklers watefied. Cement up below my feet, ground I’d led. Lightening See stuff rainbow, view the rainbow. Lightening as it shows … Continue reading

Write Something {2 of 2}

01.18.2015 Write Something {2 of 2} Keep going. World Wide Web online. I plan to charge one day for  historical publish access. I said this before within recent weeks. But it is taking money, time and effort, unexpectedly. I find a topic sometimes, writing on these topics. Like keep going. Keep effort-ing, keep goal-ing. Keep … Continue reading

Christian original article response

01.17.2015 Revelation 22:1 “then the angel showed me the river of water of live, bright as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the lamb” Solid white diamonds melted to a drink out through crowns of rhinestones near green emeralds and around pink sapphires sitting amongst other crowns flowing bronze from a facet … Continue reading

what you writing about

01.17.2015 They say what you writing about … What you writing about Say I am writing about… Say I am writing about Response to news, art, magazine, advertisement, my own thing See, I am writing about creatively…So many things. Topic category/Genre for my own book scene Organize my book placement… Take it to a publish … Continue reading

NOWVISKI – however you spell the maverick player

01.14.2015 Oh my gosh. Look at him. He said his name is Larry. I met him at the hospital. This patient thing it goes – Wait a minute. Medicine – make medication work please. Walk about and he introduces him to me. – Larry. Oh my gosh. Look at him. He said his name is … Continue reading

Sit. Stand. Think.

01.13.2015 Sitting on the ground. Sitting on a bench , sitting in a chair – sitting in the air. Where will you sit today? Standing over here standing over there, standing next to where. Standing in the air. Where shall one stand here? Think. What do you think of what you think? Do you sit … Continue reading

Ultra lights – I don’t smoke

01.13.2015 These are mine, cigarette ultra lights. They are 305 silver for those who don’t smoke. Lights which can hardly be there, disappearing cigarettes,  reappearing cigarettes. So light, they didn’t notice they quit smoking. Silver royalty. Silver kings. Gold royalty. The feminine 305 gold queens lights. At least lights transparent, floating in the air appearing … Continue reading

They gonna make you love them

They gonna make you love them, that’s assault so No, I won’t – No I don’t Got me saying, I could try to make you love me (but assault so) So, no I wont. No I don’tt. My lines, hit ons, pick up lines, come ons and flirtations Tryin, Makin you love to me. Will … Continue reading

Next part, Best part

01.11.2015 No  it’s the next part…No it’s the best part It isn’t how good it be…Or how bad it is either. No it’s the next part The way the thing that do, it goes You gotta see how they do sing about…You gotta see how the thing do’s, it goes You gotta buy this part…No … Continue reading

interested in stress education values

.02.05.15 Do you want to study a topic you don’t think you express the most interest in? Formal education isn’t examination certification. A different kind of stress. Will you be in love with what you learned from being of original interest in? Your not interested in it types of formalities of love within education sound … Continue reading

Sound the round down, a green cold

The temperature getting warmer. It’s winter. It’s November. Not colder. Talking about the weather I got some bricks. I got some kicks. Check out the thing. It’s abench. Painted green. Don’t be mean. Painted green with a sheen of shine. Gleam the scene of autumns fall before winter. Temperature getting warmer, not colder in November. … Continue reading

Ongoing Anything 11.20.14

11.20.14 Rectangle diamond standing outside meaning anything being existing  the things, the living, the doings. The ongoings. What ongoings? The fallen leafs remaining. The nailed down benches grounding. The forming concrete dry dried and adjusting. The burning cigarettes unlit littering. And everythings gonna be another great sad big small thing. Rectangle diamond. The porch light … Continue reading

Back up transit creative rhyme – original

01.31.15 -By: Rosette Antoinette Jones (zacie) I’m talking about Fare ticket costs too much Bench stop new location Fare inspector checking rounds bang bang Cigarette buds on the ground I got my ticket yack whackin yacked Play the train station Ride your car pool through directions skateboard your bicycle through vacations Dallas Area Rapid Transit, … Continue reading

writing my own directions

How did you find your own way> By: Rosette Antoinette zacie-j I found my way writing my own directions. Write my own initiatives – They remove and attack my instructions- Can provide just don’t take wrong – mistaken for directions – instruct proper lessons – This isn’t all the time, but attacking success (lobster crabs) … Continue reading

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